Friday, October 28, 2011

WTF Friday.......Week Numero 11

Wooot...Wooot it is finally Friday and to boot it is Halloween weekend. I love, love this time of year. This year LDG is going to be little red riding hood...get ready for some cute pics to come your way. So this weeks list is a little short not too much bugged the shit out of me but eh who knows things can change in a night......

  • OK Justin Bieber and Heidi "I am a dumb ass" Montage {chick from the Hills who went through 10 plastic surgeries and still looks like a truck ran over her face} are writing memoirs  - dude Justin aren't you like 12 and Heidi your 25 don't you have to live {and do something useful} with your lives before you decide to right a memoir? Are you going to have enough life experience to fill up pages. I guess your memoirs will look more like comic book.  Who the F8ck wants to read your shit anyways

  • No shit really your telling me that Amy Winehouse passed away with complications related to alcohol. No friggin way..don't believe it....really you don't say. Man I could have given you that information a month ago Mr. Coroner

  • The other day I read an article that more that a few couples admitted to doing the wild thing in bed while their child was sleeping in that same bed.....OK...I know that with kids you need to get it when you can...but ewww that is just plain WRONG.
  • Netflix you got your ass handed to should have listened to your loyal customers 800,000 and counting...greedy assholes

  •  My poor little Steven Tyler he passed out in the shower and the below is the results. I love you Steven but WTF did you hit on your way down?
  •  Dear Courtney Stodden if you had shown up at my Pumpkin Patch dressed like a skank around children I would have kicked your ass out to. Did your mama drop you on your head when you were a child? By the way your hubby is a deviant child molester I do not give a shit how you   want to paint the picture. Your 17 and he is 51 - We know your a media whore but have some self respect around kids you piece of #%^T*))(
  • Whhhhyyyyyy is my child not going to sleep like she used to damn!
  • On day 7 of all zombie, vampire, slasher fest at Casa Crazy. WTF is wrong with me....I mean when people call all they hear is the background is chainsaws and females screaming...God I love Halloween*no my child is not with me when I watch the really bad ones - she can live with Jaws being on.

  • WTF did you think was going to happen - rumors are that the double K duo are already having marriage trouble. Gosh darnit that sure is a shocker!  I thought they would be together 4Ever....Mwahhhhhh
  • This one is awesome. Colorado Springs police say a man's girlfriend unexpectedly came home just before another woman was due to visit, so he called police to report his new acquaintance as a burglar. WTF I would f*ck his shit up if this ever happened to me. He would get such a beating man he would be seeing double for the rest of his life. What a loser!

 Peace and Happy Friday


    Mariebop said...

    I was watching the Kardashian wedding special on Bravo (?) and they were "discussing" (more like arguing) her moving to Minnesota... Well that's something you talk about before you get engaged dumbass.

    Mommy Bags said...

    Mariebop totally right what a waste of millions of dollars on a wedding. He should have thought long and hard before marrying into that female controlled family

    Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

    My ass he fell in the shower? Love your WTF? posts:)

    joeh said...

    I like your posts, but they would be even better if you learned to be opinionated.

    Cranky Old Man

    SoCal Sweetheart said...

    Heidie and Justin really.... -_- they will literally do ne thing for a buck!
    Amy Winehouse isnt a shocker to me alcohol is the number one killer. i hope lady gaga is next :D :D
    EWWWW she showed up to the pumpkin patch like that?!!!? i bet a lot of moms and wives were angry about that. she too will do ne thing for a buck -minus the B ahhahahaha.
    Love this!!! <3

    Nicole said...

    your frigging funny! hope you dont mind me adding your button on my blog?

    Andrea said...

    When are you starting your autobiography? I don't see why we shouldn't as we have at lest demonstrated that we can string more than three sentences together! UGH, Heidi (woman of the plastic and wife of whatever that piece of poop is) and the Beebs?

    Hope you've seen the parody of that teen bride on the Soup...although I get the sense she is a bigger boob in real life than they are even mocking!

    Thanks for the giggles!

    Polka Dot Elephant Boutique said...

    Great blog! Following from Blog Hop! Hope you can check out my page!

    Polka Dot Elephant

    Lindsay said...

    I can't believe Heidi Montag and Justin Beiber are actually qualified in life to write a memoir. That is just too funny! JB isn't even old enough to drink! LOL.

    Barbie said...

    OMG your freakin hilarious!!! Im your new follower! And the colorado springs guy..if i was that girl I would shove my foot up his @$$ the way you said there was no follow widget on my page, for some reason its not working..but at the very top theres the follow, the share, report abuse buttons..
    -barbie @ Life as a Mrs.

    Jo said...

    I used to follow celeb gossip like CRAZY, but haven't had time lately, so I LOVED this post of yours. It made me go hunt down some good dirt on Kim K and stuff. Thanks for keeping me in the loop. lol. And OMG STEVEN TYLER WHATTTT


    Melissa Sugar said...

    As always you have amused me. Really, what could JB put in his memoir? The story of his kindergarten girlfriend dumping him that inspired his lyrics?

    Love the Pics. Especially the bong (really drugs and alcohol in my system??) and the boobs. Yea, that sounded wrong, didn't it? Bongs & Boobs.

    becca said...

    haha and that pic of stephen tyler priceless

    Mommy2¢ said...

    F*ckin Heidi makes me wanna hurl! Her face looks like it's in rigor mortis.

    I swear to you if I ran into Justin Bieber in the street I'd junk punch him as hard as I could! I hate that little f*ck!

    Steven Tyler had to be shit-faced when that happened. On what?... I don't know. But def wasn't sober!

    Feeling the love......