Friday, October 7, 2011

WTF Friday Week Numero 8........

Ba ba bababababababababab It is Friday oh yeah......and based on the blubbering at the beginning of this post you can tell that mommy needs some venting and bitching on the end of this week. I am over some major shit and I will definitely  share with all my peeps...Yo.....Thank goodness we are having a happy hour couple play date with neighbors this evening little bit of cheese and a little a whole lot of wine :0)
So let's do tis'.

  • OMG what is it can't can't I have a gray hair growing out of my nose.......nooooooo
  •  Some ass*hole bumped my car in the parking lot now I have a nice little dent in my nice new note....nuting. Bastards!
      • Heelllooooo.....gentlemen were have your manners gone? You slamming the door in the poor old ladies face was not cool that is why your received the wrath of mommy bags you douche...oh yes I let the little skater boy have it - No apologies will be made either!
      • WTF and STFU in a good way Beavis and Butthead is back woot woot
        • I am WTFing myself I was so gloomy weathered bored yesterday that I gave my dogs a little bit of peanut butter....OK so I might be wrong but it was funny and it made me laugh - hard!
        • A asshole marketing company based out of San Francisco *shaking head* tried to trade mark/lock down the name Casey Anthony I am just sickened by this. WHY would you want your company associated with that woman  piece of trash.  Whatever your thoughts are on the verdict this is the same person who was partying while her child was "supposedly" missing. What a POS.
        • OK I am not pushing drugs folks so let's not get our panties in a bunch but damn California leave the friggin medical marijuana peeps alone. It is a herb I know friggin drug companies that are pushing pills that are way more dangerous than pot is. My mom went through cancer and the little she did use helped her get through some really heavy days. Why don't you put your time and energy on going after the child molesters, rapists and murderers that are running around in the streets.

        • WTF man no wonder they call us the "Ugly Americans" when we travel can that garbage pit Snooki been any more classless during the wine tour.  And yes I am watching the Jersey Shore so sue me
        • Destination Truth Channel says there is a flying devil creature in the New Jersey woods mmmmm sounds allot like they let Theresa for RHONJ out of her cage
        • Yep other peeps were probably saying WTF when they saw my little toddler girl sitting at the bar chugging her cranberry juice it not a big deal. Hanging out before our table was called at a place were I know the peeps - put the phone down no need to dial CPS.

        • No explanation needed?!! Really..really do people actually leave the house like this I believe in a jlo glo but did this dude swim in the shit? and why would his friends not tell him he looked like this..OH yeah because they look like this.
        • At last but certainly not least....this is good....a fart fetish group - Uhhhh yeah a fart fetish group wants to...oh geeze...license the rights to Nancy Grace's infamous fart tooting on DWTS. They want to buy the footage for their website for people who are into this kinda of thing. Now I heard of kinky but this is just plain gross. Hey for a $100.00 they can come over my house and film my hubby and dogs farting away after a night of Mexican Food. WTF?

         Happy Friday Gang!


            joeh said...

            I am at a loss of words. Very funny!

            It is going to take several hours to make me cranky again...oh yeah, the Yankees lost! Still

            The Cranky Old Man

            joeh said...

            I had to share this on Facebook.

            insomnia said...

            Wow. Just when you think snookie hits rock bottom, there is always a further down!
            Love your WTF list!

            SoCal Sweetheart said...

            hahhahahahahahahahahahaa great post mommmy~ this was too funny!!!! Douchebags around the world unite because they certainly hold up to the name, we experienced some of those yesterday at the costume store they dont know what a line is.. I dont like nancy grace i think shes a female Dr Phil everybody toooots! sometimes... lol

            Genia said...

            Great post - this sure made me laugh!! I am a new follower and would love a follow back :)


            KERRY said...

            I seriously need to watch reality tv or the news or something lol
            And yep, those 'tanned' boys look hideous!!

            Kelly Marie said...

            Nice venting! Very funny. I would have crossed out "woman" and left "piece of trash". ;) Have a great weekend.

            Babaloo said...

            That gray nose hair comment cracked me up. I find them in my eye brows. I like your writing... glad I found your blog. I'll be back for more!

            Michael Ann said...

            Oh, are those boys TANNED? I read the comments and that is what someone said. I was wondering what was WRONG with them. And that is supposed to be some new look? Gross. Sorry about the ding in your car. And if Cranky Guy thinks your blog is funny, you have hit the jack pot! :-)

            Mommy Bags said...

            Wooohooo I love Friday...countdown 1 hour before we have wine play date - note we are neighbors no cars will be

            Mommy2¢ said...

            LOL! Girl you never disappoint! I love those over-the-top guido wannabes and their colic lookin faces! There is no better word to describe them other than DOUCHE! It's truly the perfect word!

            Julie said...

            Such a funny post! I loved it.

            New follower from MBC

            Ronni said...


            Your posts are hilarious!

            Katie Norris said...

            Thanks for joining my site! I love yours too and am a new follower! :-)

            Yona said...

            LOL...hilarious post and I LOVE the "no seriously" dog icon - that face is priceless.

            I'm stopping by from Say Hi Sunday.

            I am now a new Google Connect Friend and would love if you stop by my blog.

            Feeling the love......