Thursday, February 2, 2012


kill!  I wanna know what the hell is going on with people now a days. Has the stupid meter taken it's toll and have people completely lost their ever friggin minds?  I wanna know when it has become acceptable to become a "doctor" prescribed medication junkie?  Another poor soul has been taken because of this epidemic - I am sure you heard that Nick's Carter sister was found dead at the young age of 25 from prescription meds. What is sad about this story besides her own demise is that she leaves behind a 10 month year old daughter.  Add her to the list of so many that have gone that route in the last few years. I am under the impression that some people think that just because the medicine has been prescribed by the "doctor" it is code for a friggin free for all on the damn pills. Do people not read the caution and possible side effect book that is given to you when you pick the shit up at the pharmacy? I do know that some of the people taking this shit have addiction problems but if that is the case should the doctors reconsider when giving such addictive meds out to their patients? Their are people who can handle them and then some people who cannot.

We live in a society were kids are now getting their drugs from the parents medicine cabinets instead of a random corner in Somewhere, USA. Oxy is this new generations Cocaine. And let me tell you something in my opinion Oxy and many of the many other pills out now are way more dangerous than pot.  Think about it? Why is that these dangerous pills are legal and pot is not? I have never heard of anyone dying from a pot over dose? Right unless I missed something but does this not seem odd?

Take a trip to Mexico and you can get whatever your little heart desires without a script. Your kid is a little high strung let's get you some Ritalin.  I have past friends of mine that used to pop so much prescription shit they made the chicks from Valley of the Dolls look like saints. You have a problem and the drug companies have a pill for you. Sometimes their are so many damn drug commercials on TV with it's 800 side effects all you want to do is to crawl into a corner and suck your thumb.

I now hate taking pills. I am trying to work around never needing to take a pill for a headache, minor stomach cramps or the dreaded PMS - BTW I actually have found some awesome homeopathic drops that have worked wonders*thumbs up*.    Not to sound like some Calif. weirdo but I am thinking I am going to go the homeopathic route for all my needs -  I have also have worked  hard and have succeeded in not taking my Xanax for my anxiety attacks -which tapped my ass up about 5 years ago.  I have always been super charged with energy but this was something different. My anxiety got super bad when my mom was diagnosed and then passed away from cancer. I do not take Xanax everyday I only take half of one of the lowest dose possible when I feel an anxiety attack coming on....and*knock on wood*I have not had one in a long ass time. Why...... because I am finding other ways to cope with it. With the following below changes I have pretty much deleted this nuisance from my life.

  • Got ride of drama causing friends - believe it or not this caused allot of stress in my life. 
  • Stopped partying my balls off 
  • Stopped smoking 
  • Started working out - daily not just good for the booty but good for the mind 
  • HELLO essential oils these rock they have helped my life immensely 
  • Pretty clean eating - no fast food or junk once in awhile we get a treat but not on a daily basis 
  • Reevaluated my career path 
  • Was blessed with my daughter 

Now I know that their are some folks out there that need their medications I get that. I however think their are allot of peeps that don't and I believe doctors need to look into other ways to treat certain issues/illnesses.

A drugged nation is not  a healthy nation.


Vanessa Scott said...

It is really scary what docs will prescribe and the way people handle the drugs. I think there should be some sort of screening process before these drugs are handed out and that a person should have weekly check in's with their doc or nurse while on the drugs. That may seem a little extreme, but it needs to be better controlled.

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

Prescription drugs are going to be a much bigger problem for our country than illegal drugs ever were. The problem is poor people use crack, so the government will continue to go after them. Wealthy white people abuse prescription drugs, so they will be left alone. We don't need a war on pot. We need doctors to stop giving out these scripts like candy.

Andrea said...

Sometimes it is tough to be a medicine phone and a mom, but we muddle along! Love that you found additional ways to bust the stress!

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

P.S. I loved Valley of the Dolls. The book, not the movie.

Anonymous said...

Good post MB. It really is scary how quickly meds are prescribed, especially for depression. That shit scares me.

I have to ask though what is so much better about "natural" remedies? They are all drugs. Just sayin'. But I get your point and I think it's great that you have your anxiety under control and are eating naturally etc.... !!

Mommy2¢ said...

Wow, I hadn't heard about Nick Carter's sister. I've been in a fog lately. So sad. :(

Michael Ann said...

Oops! I did it again! I am not anonymous, it's me Michael Ann. Sorry, hit the publish button too fast.

Mommy Bags said...

@ Michael Ann I think if Dr's are prescribing shit that is worse than pot than legalize it. I do not know why as a country we are so anal about pot but think it is ok to pop pills like nobodies business. BTW I am not a "pothead" this is just something that I find kind of hypocritical. girl how have you been?

rebecca said...

This is a very good post. People really need to start waking up to everything. A co-worker of mine just came to work the other day saying her doctor told her that she doesn't need anti-biotics but they're gonna have her take them anyway. I told her to really look into this. She got pissed and took them anyway. Saying I was just trying to hurt her by telling her not to take them. I said, no. If they told you that you really don't need them, why the hell would you put it in your body then?

Krista said...

its ridiculous. and even with all the prescription addicts doctors are still handing out scripts like candy.
when i needed my wisdom teeth out in september i asked my dentist for a prescription of 800 mg ibuprofen and she gave me frigging vicodin... seriously?

Jeremy Bates said...

I'd rather take an alternate herbal medicines. its scary to take medicines prescribed by the doctor sometimes. they also had mistakes in prescribing medicines to their patients

Carli Alice said...

Some doctors just throw things at you because you ask but others are more careful. Sadly, it's up to the patient to make sure they have a good doc.

I'm coming by from Blog Hop 'til You Drop and following via GFC and email.

cyn said...

amen to this!

and while i do not smoke pot -- it makes me STUPID -- it is in fact an herb, created by nature & a far cry from the franken-meds created in a lab!

i barely take an advil but definitely need my low dose happy pills. and my vitamins!
and i fully agree that homeopathic remedies is the way to go!!!

i would be utilizing some herbs for my depression but it takes about six months to really kick in & wellbutrin worked practically overnight.

and so sad about the carter girl...

excellent post!

Prescriptions said...

I have a whole life that I don't mention in this blog. If I'm ever thin, I might stop writing, or I might write from a different perspective. I'm a published author under my real name. This is not my entire life.

Susan said...

Have you seen Food Matters? I think you would really find it interesting. It's very much about the addiction to rx drugs in this country. Let me know what you think of it if you watch it!

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