Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Because this is.....

how my brain works. The other day I was waiting for LDG's pediatrician and while she was tooling around and I was chilling in the waiting room my brain started to wander. It does that when I am bored. I have not hidden or made excuses for my love of really bad reality TV.  I admit I have a little bit of a problem but at least you know were you stand with me.  Better than getting that person who goes "Oh no I would never subject myself to that garbage blah blah and then the next day around the water cooler those bitches are the first ones to know who the f*ck got the rose and who was voted off the damn island. So any ways as I was sitting in the waiting room mentally checking off my ongoing to do list I was also thinking if  high school was like reality TV show who would be part of the year book list. I added of few of my own so here we go - I told you I was bored....

Prom Queen & King 
Ice T and Coco love this couple they keep it real and the actually look like they love each other imagine that

Best Dressed 
Scott and Kourtney K. As much as I despise these two MoFo's they  know how to dress

Cutest Couple
Lamar and Khloe because they are the only one from the K group that I can stomach and look at them they are cute 

 Most likely to slam your ass into a locker and to be smoking in the bathroom
The crew from the Mob Wives 

Most Athletic Jillian Michaels

Most likely to throw down in the cafeteria the crew fro the RHOA

Most likely to get plastic surgery before the age of 18 RHOBV
 Jersey Shore Crew Most likely to GTL and drop the F Bomb every other word 

Kim K most likely to do, date and videotape  football, basketball and baseball teams oh and soccer and swimming you get the picture

Paris Hilton least likely to succeed because no one gives a shit anymore  

TC and PR most likely to succeed because the peeps on these shows actually have talent 

Bad Girls Club most likely to end up in jail in a remote foreign country {hopefully}

Heidi Montag most likely to melt or spontaneous combust  if to close to the sun

Yeah I know I know I have issues. Happy Tuesday......


joeh said...

Entertaining as always!!

Reality TV junkies come out of the closet!! Someone is bringing in those ratings. I admit it, I watch them all. Coming soon is a Cranky Old Man post on "Stupid Things said on Reality TV"

Cranky Old Man

artsavesyou said...

This gave me a good laugh! Thanks .

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

Love it! I'm a big fan of Ice and Coco. They look like they are madly in love, which is too rare these days. They also look like they just don't give a fuck, which I can always appreciate. As much as I hate the Kardashian clan, Kourtney is the only one I can stomach. While the rest would sell their man down the river for some more camera time, she is a ride or die chick (can you tell I'm married to a black dude?).

Annie@Letters to Mo said...

Oh wait, I mean KHLOE! I can't keep those stupid bitches apart. Is that even how you spell it? Damn K names.

Jo said...

LOVE this. Oh, and I soooo agree that Khloe and Lamar are ridiculously cute. I think they love each other a lot. :)

Monologues of a Mommy said...

This seems like a safe place to admit my obsession for reality tv!! I'm glad I could get it off my chest :) I love Khloe & Lamar, can't wait for their show to start up again. I also love Kourtney & Scott (sorry!) but Kim, oh forget it, I can't stand her; especially after this whole 72 day marriage thing.

Mommy Bags said...
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Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

AHAHAHA! I love this post!! You are so funny.

krystimarie said...

Hello, found you on a blog hop
Love the blog!
could you follow me back?

Mommy Bags said...

Hey ladies an gents please feel free to wave your freak and reality flag here. I totally love this shit and make no excuses for it. I also love my regular dramas like Grimm, American Horror Story, Law and Order and Criminal Minds..

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

OMG...this made me laugh, thanks for sharing. I didn't realize heidi's boobies were that big...WOW! And do Ice t and CoCo still have their show? Haven't seen it in awhile.

Feeling the love......