Friday, February 17, 2012

WTF Fridayaroo.....

gang. So sorry for the late post I am a little exhausted this morning.  All day yesterday we had painting going on, taking apart putting together and playing f*ckin musical chairs with furniture. The room is almost ready but not quite their yet. We are still waiting for a headboard and a few other pieces to make it complete. My poor LDG kinda was wondering were her crib was going  last night when it was picked up by the couple who really needed it because they could not afford to purchase one. I gave them the whole baby bedroom set including all the bedding and other trimmings.  LDG had a look on her face that said it all ......Mmmmm mom were the hell am I sleeping tonight?   Her new bed did not get delivered until 7:30 last night by the time we figured were to out place it and make the bed it was time for sleepy time. However because the paint fumes were still a little strong we decided to have LDG sleep with us....Now we do not sleep with our toddler and we never have. She has got her bed and we have ours we have never made an exception to that rule until last night and that will never ever happen again. How the hell do people sleep with their kids all the time? My daughter did not stop moving around once last night and we have a super size king bed. By 2:00 am we were done and we moved her into her new bed {the paint smell had gotten allot better} it is now 12:46 Cali time and she is sound asleep taking a nap in her new twin bed no railings just chillin like a villain. Anyways let's roll some out some shit, keep in mind I am tired and sore from the massive amounts of heavy lifting I did yesterday so the list might not be too long.

  • Why do I always misspell Wesndday  Wednesday?

  • OK when did my daughter turn into the below...What the hell?

  • WTF it is not just the poor unfortunate death of Whitney but all of these stars who are dropping like flies with prescription meds and alcohol lethal combo...Just because the doctor gives you a script it does not mean that they have no harmful side effects...DAMN!  What happened?

  • When did I become an "organized hoarder" of decorative throw pillows? Hi my name is MB and I have a throw pillow problem. I did not realize how big of a problem I had until I started moving shit around yesterday. 
  • When did my tea cupboard become like a visit to a therapist office? 
  • So this woman was sent to anger management classes well to help her manage her anger. During the class the woman in question went after another student in the class with a knife after arguing over a Dr. Phil tape.  Come one...really now over Dr. Phil? Maybe Jerry but Dr. Phil...Pftttt
  • OK WTF...CNN producer wins 1 million dollar lottery after 3 month previous winning 100,000 F*CK! Maybe I should go run her for good luck?
  • How about this for a little Valentines Day role Playing - A couple was arrested in Portland, OR after a bondage game went wrong. Maybe the chickie was over roses.......?
  • Sorry guys but I am going to say this and I will probably get slammed for it but I really dislike blogs that make out that everything is perfect all the friggin time oh and blogs that don't blog...I thought a blog was supposed to be about
  • I am sooo tired of boring ass people who think they are not boring...
  • Maybe it is just me but WTF do people see in Jennifer Aninston ? SHE is not cute..sorry but she is not
  • People who brag about their kids constantly and I mean constantly....I am sure Junior/Juniarita  will be driving a car at a mere 3 years old yeah we get it. 
Happy Friday Gang 


Annie@Letters to Mo said...

I have never understood the appeal of Jenn Aniston. She walks around like she has a stick up her ass. No bueno.

joeh said...

As usual I have to respond to your WTF's

Me too, YES! I DK, I DK, I agree,Lucky Bitch, WTF!!Yes YES YES!! she is friking HOT!
and finally

Cranky Old Man

Knocked Up in Bama said...

Eat those donuts with pride girlfriend!! Viva la SNACKCAKES!! :)

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

Your daughter is awesome.

Susan said...

I LOVE the picture of your kiddo. She really is too fabulous!

Jen Aniston, no thank you, but my roommate would walk on hot coals for her. As you would say, pfft! lol

Just so you know, my kid wasn't doing advanced physics until 4th grade....:D She's 12 and I'm lucky I can get her to do math, but I had to do it! lol

Hope you can find a hot tub to get rid of the sore muscles. Have a great week MB!

Feeling the love......