Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shit that should

never be seen again. Going through some old photos again I feel like I am always organizing them are finally getting them into the photos albums I purchased ...and let me tell you I have a shit load. I am sooo glad that when we were partying our balls off their was no FB, Twitter and any other social media that we now have and for some reason cannot live without. As I go through some of the photos I am shocked at the outfits/trends that I once left the house with....hello pleather anyone? Hey you are only young once so why not....but at some point you grow up and realize the trend was over and you got rid of the evidence and moved on.  I guess the below items have not gotten the memo because I still see the shit wandering the streets. Can someone one please make these items go away...please...just go away trend heaven never to be seen again...
*I am proud to say that most of the below trends have never entered my closet*

  • The trucker hat - never liked this trend it was stupid and you know it was. Only jerk offs like Ashton Kutcher could carry this hat trend out. Can we please let Snooki know that she looks like a complete a**hole wearing the dumb hat.......but then again the gang from Jersey Shore is not known for their stylish apparel. 
  • On my most hated list for me personally - the f*ckin Juicy velour Elvis Presley tracksuit {fancy name for sweats} and/or the offensive bedazzled housewife tracksuit. WHO the f*ck made this tracksuit popular oh yeah the queen of sleaze Paris Hilton and about 1/2 the population of SCal followed. This trend was not a huge trend in Nocal sorry but those are the facts so don't friggin come at me with guns blazing. Add ugg boots and stir for a completely sloppy ass look.  Addidas track suit cool  the below not so much
  • The Ed Hardy anything.....For f*ck sake the calling card of the douchebag. The hats, the BUTT ugly t shirts, the jackets the friggin dorky jeans all of the Ed Hardy needs to forever go away.  It is hard to believe that an awesome tatooo artist work {from SF} is now splashed on bezazzled jeans - make sure you know who you sell your marketing and manufacturing rights to or you can end up on Jon Gosslins ass one day.
  • The Ugg boot. OK I admit I have a pair however the pair is used for peeing the dog when it's cold outside and I once bought a pair because my back went out and it was the only kind of shoe/coot I could slip on easily {this was before the cute ballet slip on invasion} and I refuse to wear tennis shoes out unless I am working out. These are house slippers in Australia here I have seen people wear them everywhere and I do mean everywhere.  When you are  at a cocktail event the Ugg is not the shoe you should be sportin'...just saying. Oh and what the f*uck is up wearing this shit in 90 degree weather? 

  • Crocs yes the unbelievably U-G-L-Y croc. Most people know how I feel about Crocs I have not been shy with my hatred for this pile of plastic ugliness.  I can't even go by the store without cringing.  I know that their are people out there that swear this is the most comfortable piece of plastic ever but come on folks this has got to be one the ugliest thing {because this is NOT a shoe}ever made. And no I don't like them for kids either. I don't care how "easy" they are to take care of. When you have a moment take a really hard look at them and then tell me if you still think these hideous shoe is cute. Comfy possibly cute nope not a chance. 
Offensive period 
  • The hippie kinda sorta  headband - this accessories does not look good on anyone. You look stupid the friggin 60's are over move the f*ck on.  
also on the list this what is this contraption and why do people feel the need to wear it on their heads?
  • Bedazzaled ugly jeans I blame this rhinestone nightmare trend to Ed Hardy they all sucked off of each other tackiness bad alone the chicks wore them even worse that dudes were sporting them also nothing says tough guy like rhinestones on your ass

  • Once upon a time Beiber hair on dudes WTF .... Seriously what is this haircut called the jerk off?

  • Acid wash anything I don't give a shit who says it's cool it is not there is a reason why this shit should have stayed in the 80's - it sucked then and it sucks now

  • Leaving the house in house slippers and PJ bottom enuff' said 

So gang tell me what fashion trend you wished would just go away?


Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

I think you got most of them here...lol!!

I'll add
1)snuggies - for humans and pets!

2)the stupid adult onsie (yeah, I'd really go on a romantic date in one and drink my wine, well according to the commercial one could, lol!)

3)the dumb-ass pajama jeans, which now are available for men as well. Please do not wear these out of your bedroom!!

CROCS......ugh!! I saw a man wearing red crocs and a snuggie in Target. He should have been arrested for that ish!

joeh said...

White shoes, white belts, bell bottoms, huge collars and flowered shirts, and the sansabelt..but you're not old enough for these losers!

oh and earth shoes!!

Cranky old man

Im A Silly Mami said...

this was hysterical! I hate hate crocs - not cute at all! I do like my uggs, don't get wearing slippers and pajamas out, agree with the trucker. They say styles have a way of coming back and I hope that most of this stuff NEVER does!

Andrea said...

Jeggings! And I kind of wish the form fitting shirt no matter what your form would go away!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

LOL Oh Darling, dying over here on every point! xoxo

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...

I LOVE MY JUICY TRACKSUITS and you can't shame me for it! Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah!

Anonymous said...

God bless you. You nailed it. Babies are cute in crocs, that's about it. I remember when the velvet sweatsuit fad hit and I just wanted to set them on fire....The trucker hats...Just ugh...

My current least favorite fashion trend is really hot women wearing ugly glasses. And as always, Uggs with mini skirts are just bad.

And it's not terrible, but it's like it's a Goddamn uniform here in my college town that all women wear skinny jeans tucked into their boots.

KERRY said...

Hahaha I LOVED this funny as ever post ;) You have a way with words my friend and you say it like it is. I can't look at crocs without thinking about gardening, there is so much wrong with everything you mentioned. I'm despising the long at the back short at the front skirts the young'ins are sporting these days with those flat as paper shoes that go up the back of the ankle. UGH!! Oh and over here right now, the fashion is apparently cut off to the crotch jeans with the pockets hanging out the leg holes...noice!!

KERRY said...

Oh btw, I saw a woman this afternoon at the shops wearing flip flops with plastic grapes on them!!! Hahaha, gotta find you some of those to send over ;)

Feeling the love......