Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yeah so it's a kinda

Not a happy LDG

 of a wordless Wednesday day or not.  This is just to let all the new and not so new mommy's out there that we can strive to do are very best to be a little perfect but non of us are. This is a picture of my LDG's face after she took a header on the sidewalk with her 15 pound orbit stroller/car seat combo on top of her. The one day I decide not to got gym and decided to take a walk instead. Long story short. LDG was I believe 13 months at this time.


  • Mommy tired 
  • Mommy did not attach car seat properly on friggin stroller base 
  • Mommy took long walk to and from location because it was a beautiful day it was perfect see that damn word again
  • Wooo haaaaa look coffee house across the street Mommy needs a decaf latte {yeah decaf}
  • Mommy rolls stroller off of sidewalk dip 
  • Oh shit baby car seat detaches and baby falls over with heavy ass car seat attached to her body upside down - baby face meet cement. All this is happening in movie slow motion
  • Mommy f*ckin loses it in the middle of downtown area at 9:00 in the morning no one helps obviously freaked out mommy except for one awesome couple
  • Mommy and LDG crying their asses off
  • Mommy then calls pediatrician too make appt to make sure baby is ok and does not need future plastic surgery 
  • Baby is all good 
  • Mommy than takes embarrassing photos to torture child in the future 
  • Mommy felt like shit for the rest of the day because of this and bought baby forgive me toys - yes I did -  bad mommy

Happy Humpy Day 


Jen said...

Thank you for posting this! I think too many people try to put on a facade that everything is always perfect. Mistakes happen. Thanks for being real :)

Andrea said...

Oh yes, I remember being at toys r us with a two year old who had the biggest goose egg I had ever seen on his forehead...doing a little shopping!

Party Of Four said...

BEEN THERE! It sucks, but it happens. Thanks for being real!

cyn said...

omgosh there isn't a mother on the planet who doesn't have a story like this.
i snapped my then 3 month old son's finger in her carseat & it took me minutes to figure out why he was screaming bloody murder. i freed his poor baby finger & then i screamed bloody murder & still feel like the worst mother ever for it!

i can't believe you drink decaf?!?!

KERRY said...

Oh you make me smile :)
Aside from the fall/injury which I am sure LDG forgives you for now (and would never know about if it weren't for the photos lol)
We all make horrible mistakes, no harm done in the long run. I can understand why you'd be upset though but honestly don't beat yourself up over it.
You're doing a great job, she's adorable!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

I think mommy should buy herself a "forgive me" toy also to remind herself that these things happen and you're still a rockin' mom!

Feeling the love......