Thursday, October 27, 2011

What did you just say????

Here is a typical day for me here at Casa Crazy once you go through this list the post title will make sense.
Get up 5:30 in the am that gives me some me time before LDG gets up screaming for her mama and her baba. Get my tea on,  while water for tea is brewing I do the following . I do this every morning because I am weird and remember I have a slight OCD issue everything has a place and everything in it's place.
  • Dust dinning room furniture 
  • Dust living room furniture 
  • Straighten out the couch from the massive jumping session from the night before with LDG
  • Pick up all the toys - dog and child 
  • Feed the dogs 
  • Woo hooo water is finally ready drop tea bag while tea is brewing I run upstairs
  • Make the bed 
  • Pick up more friggin toys 
  • Get LDG's diaper bag ready for the day 
  • Load a load in the washer fold the shit in the dryer 
  • Take a quick wake up shower - YES I take a shower before I go to the gym because I am {one} kooky that way {2} it wakes me the f*ck up
  • Go downstairs finally drink tea...ahhhhh so good
  • Check email, twitter, fb, blog  - start new post
  • Start breakfast while bf is cooking, go upstairs wake up LDG, change her diaper, make up her crib, pick out outfit for the day {outside}
  • Pick up more damn toys
  • Eat breakfast while I give LDG her bottle - she is not a huge eater in the morning no time to argue with 21 month yr old
  • Get us both dressed
  • Tell the dogs to get the f*ck out of my way for the 5th time - hand them their 10th treat because I feel like shit telling them to get the f*ck out of  my way for the 5th time.
  • Get LDG and I out the door so I can make it to 8:30 work out so I can get ready for the rest of the day
  • Get my sweat on for about an hour on the elliptical -make lists for the next day on my Cozi Calender which rocks
  • Based on which day you can insert ________________ here what I will be doing. Grocery shopping, running massive amounts of errands, bring LDG to her electives/park ect....
  • Get home, take shower {again}ewww from gym - do not shower at gym because just nasty
  • Change LDG in her play clothes, get lunch ready for LDG 
  • Play wrestling with LDG as I place her down for a nap {which has been a struggle but I am bigger so I always win} this can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 2 hours
  • Ahhhh sit down for about an hour work on blog,bills,ebay store ect,,,
  • Whatever special project I have going for the next month it will be purging my house of shit
  • LDG is up from nap, change diaper and get snack ready 
  • Go outside and play with dogs and LDG - LDG goes to play room and we hang out 
  • Get dinner started - while prepping I usually bake something not everyday but a good portion of the days I do- hubby takes to work for the sales staff because the bad, bad baked goodness are not allowed in my house. I love baking but baking does not love my ass!
  • Set table, get shit together.  Between the hours of 4-5 the damn witching hour in this house were LDG is crabby, pain in the ass and once again attempting to ride the dogs. During this time she has called mama, mom,mommy, maaaaaaaaaaa for the 100th time.
  • Hubby comes home we sit down for dinner - 5:30 he looks at me and says 

So what did you do all day today?????  Oh you know I sat on my ass and ate Bon Bon all day. Are you friggin kidding me!!! Did you just say that out loud! Oh damn!*Snap. My neck just busted a Linda Blair around the world.

*No harm was caused to my hubby when he made this comment...He had had a very bad day and it was not meant to come out that way....Or so he says....Mmmmm


    Pounds4Pennies said...

    I just sit on the couch and eat bon bons all day too, according to my husband. I keep threatening that one day I am going to do that ALL day. Just to see if he notices. he he

    Andrea said...

    What an exhausting 12 hours! Do you go to bed at 8:30?! I am new here,and have to admit that until mentioned otherwise, I thought you were a single mom with all of that on your morning plate...then I saw the light and also reflected on what goes on here before the husband even throws the sheets off himself! I get the opposite (sort of) "what are you going to do today?" Oh, you know nails, facial, wherever the wind blows...did you want clean underwear for tomorrow, cuz I'll factor that in!

    Jennifer said...

    Ack. And I thought my days were rough... you deserve those bon bons woman! LOL

    Mariebop said...

    My response would've been less Linda Blair and more angry truck driver with the look of death thrown in for effect. LOL!!

    You do more before I wake than I'll do all day. I think you deserve a day at the spa.

    Mommy Bags said...

    I have a great hubby and he does help but I think this particular night he as kind of over it and stressed from work so he was not thinking clearly. :0)

    KERRY said...

    I am exhausted just reading this list!! Are you serious you get all that stuff done BEFORE your cup of tea? Holy moly you are one busy mama doing all that AND a post a day. I am lacking some serious drive and enthusiasm, your day is my week lol
    But it was fun to read about your day!!

    Cyn said...

    sounds about like my day but subtract the furbabies & add two teenagers & the fact that i hit the gym @ night.
    and on occasion bri has the balls to ask what i did too -- that is the night he eats frozen burritos. :)

    also...i shower before & after the gym too & neverrrrrrrrrr @ the gym --ew ew ew!

    Ronni said...

    OK I hadn't realized you were a SAHM. When I first started reading your list, I was like "OH MY GOD SHE MUST WAKE UP AT 3AM TO GET ALL THAT DONE BEFORE GOING TO WORK."

    You are insanely busy, woman. :)

    Skylar Magazine said...

    People don't realize how hard being a stay at home mom really is. I'm not a mom yet, but I know it's not easy. Anyway, I'm Sarah, I just started following your blog from the Blog Hop till You Drop hop and I wanted to invite to stop by mine and follow back.


    Tania B said...

    Hahaha! I can relate - I seem to have mild OCD myself and I can totally relate to your reaction to his comment! Ah well, it's a good thing they love us, right?

    Feeling the love......