Friday, October 21, 2011

WTF Friday Week Numero 10....

guys we are on our 10th week of WTF and do you see the little kitty flipping off whatever that is what I feel like this morning. I am tired.  I started this post last night but between the exorcist possession of LDG who REFUSED to go to bed at 8 like she normally does but instead decided to run up and down the hall for two hours like a maniac,  while  mommy was trying to watch Project Runway - Dammit!
Add to the mix that we shook, rattled and rolled last night at around 8 with our second earthquake of the day - first one happened at 4 and totally did not feel it could be because LDG was jumping on the couch.

Nothing major I mean I lived here my whole life last night was just a 4.0 which didn't even get hubby and I off the bed..we kind of looked at each other and shrugged our shoulders. What worries me is that when we have little tremors like this it means that the next one is going to be a jolt. And with the weather being as mild as it has been reminds me of the years before the 89" when the pattern was just like this before we shook at 7.1.

Anywhoo, I am freaking out because I am telling you gang time is wizzing by...I mean friggin jolly time is around the corner. I used to work as a retail manager many moons ago and to this day I am not fond of red, fat men with a white beards and annoying Christmas music. So with that little Scrooge moment let's get down to some bness'.

  • What were you thinking when you thought to come that close to my baby daughter and tell me how beautiful she was and then attempting to touch her face with your creepy hand weirdo looking man. You are lucky security spotted you because you were about to lose your nut sack. I fear what I would do to the person that would ever harm my child. I saw red today...I saw nothing but red and it scared me.
  • I am going to double WTF are you kidding me...are you f*ckin kidding me it is October and the Christmas music has already started. I am not ready for this shit yet.

    • Lovely Mommy in Kansas City admits that she was drunk when baby was taken from house. OK I love to get my vino on once in awhile but lady are you fo reals? How friggin drunk were you and why did you get that drunk not to hear someone bashing in your window and taking your baby...why do I have a feeling much more shit will surface regarding this case?
    •  $25,000 for a pair of sunglasses, - $39,000 dollar back pack from The Row sells out...WTF I guess the recession does not hit people who can spend this much on luxury shit.  OK....ok I am just pissed puppy because I am on a damn budget!

    •  I read that some "people"are actually calling Halloween stores looking for the Casey Antony costume. OK did we all just go insane. who would even want to pretend to be this POS human being.
    •  WTF is up with shitty bad Old Navy commercials....God they suck
    •  How the hell did all those exotic,engendered and beautiful animals get into this country let alone Ohio with out anyone stopping the madness. Someone is going to have allot of explaining to do and hopefully will get their heads bashed in. This was wrong on sooo many levels.
    • Here is another WTF doozy - 39 year old dad charged with child abuse after having his 9 year old daughter...that would be 9 year old daughter drive his happy drunk ass home. The professor was smart enough to stop at a gas station to fill up with gas or gets cigs not sure which -  this was so awesome because it made it possible the gas stations security cameras to take in all the action....Oh he also for slurredd to the attendant that his 9 year old drove him there....Brilliant just brilliant. I thought Homer Simpson was a cartoon character I guess not!
    Father of the Year
    • Dang can we have one week were not one of our produce is infected by some kind of damn salmonella 
    • How can you tell me that you did not know you were pregnant????. Every time I see tid bits of this show I shake my head in amazement. How the f*ck can that be possible? I mean I felt something was up right away!
    •  WTF was I thinking when I left my child alone with the play doh and the fur monkeys...I guess play doh taste good because fur monkey 2 ate all of the blue and half the red. Have I not learned anything from the "Marshmallow Incident."

     Happy Friday!


      Babaloo said...

      FYI Casey Anthony's title of "mom" has been revoked (by me anyway)... I'm thinking of having her label of "human being" revoked as well.

      I love your WTF's. Great stuff!

      Michael Ann said...

      Homer Simpson, for sure! Doh! Heard about the quakes. Just stay safe today!

      Hey, another award is coming your way-- just writing it up! ;-))

      Sarah @ It's a Vol said...

      Along with that, " Random parents in target: PLEASE! For the love of God, restrain your 6 year old from patting my child's face with his grubby disgusting hand. Seriously. Who does that? She's 7 months old. I'm sure she's got bubonic plague from the local school now. Sure of it." Shuders...

      ana said...

      Bahahaha! I always enjoy your Friday rants and agree w/them all! I used to work in stores during the Holiday too... and I STILL can't stand Christmas music. It makes me angry lol.

      Sara said...

      I could not stop laughing at your rants this week. I felt the same way about every single one.

      especially the 25k glasses. Im struggling with putting food on the table and she is spending it on sunglasses.

      Give me the money I can put it to some good use!

      Isa said...

      Ahahaha! You made me have some great laughs:) Thanks

      Following you back :)

      Hope your safe from quackes:)

      Brooke said...

      I am with you on that I didn't know I was pregnant show -- the last one I saw a bit of they took a test and it was inconclusive so they decided just to not take another. Really? I think it is more of a matter of not wanting to know!

      Thanks for stopping by my blog ... I am here to follow yours too! And I got a good little laugh :)

      Cyn said...

      HAHAHAHA i ♥ u -- i needed this laugh today!!!

      Jennifer @Miss Maggie's Place said...

      Thanks for stopping my blog. I'm following you too.

      becca said...

      i agree what's with christmas music in october seriously i want screaming witches and ghost moans.

      as for weird guy i'll hold him you remove nut sack that would have had me seeing red to

      Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

      LOL on so many levels!! Oh my Darling, you should see my expression when I even come near the TV nowadays... the idiot pregnant women... REALLY? They're gonna be a Mommy? Please God, help us! Ah well, more fun stuff for us to post... gotta fix my lipstick as I think it's a bit smudged... xoxo

      BREN said...

      LMAO OMG am I glad I'm returning the fly by from the Chunky Goddess! The first blog I read and you crack me up! Your blog has actually inspired me to go ahead and spunk mine up! I've been hesitant to rant & get raunchy. The more I read, the more I gotta do it! Thank you!

      p.s. I've returned the follow! ;-)


      Jo said...

      "Dang can we have one week were not one of our produce is infected by some kind of damn salmonella"

      I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?

      That is why I fucking stick to eating potato chips and bagels. Fuck this fresh food thing and its E.Coli and its salmonella and such. Got-damn. I SAID GOT-DAMN!


      Nona said...

      I'm with Jo up there [waves to Jo...hi new bestie!]. When was the last time you heard of chocolate infected with salmonella? Never, that's when. At least junk food kills me slowly.

      And, even if I had all the f*ck-you money in the world, I would never pay $25k for a pair of sunglasses. What a crazy bish.

      vanyelmoon said...

      I think it should be illegal for stores to start pushing Christmas until after Thanksgiving. I think a month of hell is plenty.
      It is so sad there are parents out there who care so little for their children. When a child has to be the "adult" in the family, you know our society is on a downward slide.

      Mommy2¢ said...

      LOL! Have you read my post dedicated to that shit show I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant?? I laughed when I read that one! I swear you and I were separated at birth! Hope all is well in da hood with the trimmers. I haven't heard about any devastation, but then again they don't usually report shit like that on Nickelodeon. Oh, and I love the bird flipping cat!

      KERRY said...

      It's funny how many WTF's you can come up with in a week lol What am I doing? I need more WTF moments :)

      Feeling the love......