Friday, August 26, 2011

WTF Friday.....

Well gang it is the 2nd week of my WTF the Friday list. I got quite a few comments on the one last week so why not do it again.  We live in a world were their is a WTF moment every few seconds. I am sure more will be added as the days goes by...... cuz that is the way I roll...:0)
  • OK are they now starving the mannequins this is just wrong! 

  • I can see you pick your nose...your in a car..which has windows....Hello!
      • Really it is not bad enough your remaking Footloose but now Hollywood is going after the holy grail of dance movies - Dirty Dancing. Nooooooooo!
      • 5.9 earthquake rattles Virginia and East Coast - Now that is scary and I am now totally re obsessing about the whole world is going to blow up in 2012 thing.
      • You are having a hard time driving and your texting....that just deserves a bitch slap!
      • 75 year old gets breast implants  - at that point in life who really cares?
      • Student ban lifted on skinny jeans in PA..Why would their be a ban on skinny jeans? 
      • I know that your legs look incredible in high heels but is it really necessary to sport 4 inch stilettos at the pool?
      • Pick up your dog crap.....How friggin hard is that people! You know those little blue bags the parks supply for FREE use them. And don't think that you pretending to be on your phone is an excuse because I will interrupt that conversation with yourself .....quickly if your dogs shit is not picked up! 
      • 8.99 for a friggin watermelon and it sucked!


        Lisa said...

        lol the high heels at the pool thing is sooo true.. i love heels but come one this isnt a photoshoot lol.

        Maribel said...

        Yeh the 75 year old getting breast implants is just outrageous? I would be more worried about staying alive then the way my boobs looked! I didn't hear about them remaking Dirty Dancing! Nothing beats the original! Love that movie!

        insomnia said...

        lol...skinny jeans. Have you ever seen a skinny person in skinny jeans?

        Jaime said...

        Your post is too funny! FOllowing back from Blog Hop! Thanks for the follow!

        Frazzled Mama said...

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        Have a great weekend.

        Ola said...

        New follower from the YOu Like Me Friday BLog HOp!

        I'm really loving your WTF Friday... can't wait for these every friday!!


        Emily said...


        Thanks so much for linking up with our Feed Me Friday hop. There are several wonderful blogs participating again this week, you're certain to find a few new favorites!

        I look forward to reading more from you!

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        Mary said...

        OMG thanks for the laughs and all of those are exactly what I would think.. lol
        Great post below it to, it happened to me to except it was a lil boy gigglin in the middle of the rack what a brat I really wanted to throttle him!

        Lindsay Elizabeth said...

        i love this post haha it literally made my entire night. that mannequin scared the crap out of my.. it's leg is the width of my entire arm!

        anyways i'm your newest follower! hope you can stop by my blog and maybe follow back

        Love, Lindsay @

        Angela said...

        I love WTF Friday.

        Krafty Max Originals said...

        Hop'in by from 'Feed Me Friday Blog Hop'. I'm following your blog now, wont you please come and follow me back?? ~KM

        Krafty Max Originals

        KERRY said...

        Try $13 for a bunch of bananas over here in Australia at the moment because the cyclone in January wiped out alot of farms!
        I love your WTF Friday posts :)

        Ciao Mama's said...

        Lovely ladies I am digging that your are liking the WTF Friday's I think this will become a staple on my blog. Now to hit the world with my camera for more WTF moments.

        rebecca said...

        I am a new follower and I adore this post. I think they put a ban on skinny jeans because they are the most god awful looking things on earth. No man or woman should ever wear them. yuck! And sorry to hear about your watermelon. Where the crap did you go to purchase a $9 watermelon. And the fact that it sucked, well, thats horrible. I would have been pissed off completely!

        Feeling the love......