Sunday, August 7, 2011

What chocolate did to me child.....

Getting ready to get my bake on

So yesterday was a lovely Saturday at casa crazy. Between the shopping and prepping for making most of the food at my lovely nieces baby naming ceremony making the day fairly hectic. I am also trying to fight off this damn cold so I took some NyQuil the night before and it took me a little bit to get the motors revved up. I also bake everything from scratch {such a stress reliever for me} but you need to be really accurate as not too mess up the recipe. So I was baking away like Martha Stewart on crack { per request of many members of the crew} -I was asked to make my black one shot truffles - this is what I call them. You only need one,  these things are so decadent. Ahhhh chocolate...Oops sorry got a little distracted...
Anyway between the truffles and the 50 plus chocolate chip pecan squares I was all over the place. LDG my lovely toddler was in a mood yesterday just super clingy and just wanted to be with mommy. I understood were she was coming from since I had been running all day I had very little time to spend with her.....bad mommy :0(

So I did something...... I should have not done or will ever do again.....Yes..... I bribed my darling little 18 month year old with chocolate.... Have hit a new low people...!???? I handed her a full chocolate chunk of heaven  and it came back to bit me in the ass - note my daughter gets very little sugar.  Within 2.5 seconds I had the terror train im my lovely already packed kitchen. I mean I had heard of the sugar "high" but I had never experienced it at this level.... It is almost like when you give peanut butter to dogs {no judging I am sure everyone has done it once in their life time}you cannot help but watch...and that is exactly what I did...oh and I also did laugh...ALLOT. During this "high" time I watched my lovely 18 month yr old daughter
  • Take out and put back every measring cup in the cupboards
  • Speed race down the halls a few hundred times screaming WEEEEEEEEE
  • Ride the dogs as ponies {auuughhhhh} my poor dogs
  • Say mom, mom, mommy,ma, ma, mommy too many times
  • Bonzai from the couch to the couch pillows that at this time had been tossed on the floor by LDG
She finally crashed about an hour later and when she came down she came down hard and the Tasmanian Devil decided it was nap time. Thank goodness.
Woof what a ride..I now know that my little one cannot handle that much sugar and she will never be getting that much again....But sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

Ghirardelli Chocolate Ohhhh Yeahhhh

Not too pretty yet but dang
they are soo good


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Hello Mary,
Just added myslef to your blog as a new follower. This truffles are pretty redic.

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