Monday, August 15, 2011

Wowazzza folks what a weekend...

Friday making truffles
with mom 

it was non stop for us here at Casa Crazy. This was the last weekend of a super packed month and let me tell you everyone I am kinda glad that there is the pipeline for next weekend....Keep fingers crossed because we need a hubby, me and LDG chill weekend.

Friday night we spent it with some new awesome neighbors in the "cul de sac hood" LDG and her little girl played and just hung out while the mommy's and daddy's had a little bit of wine with the cheese and crackers. It was much needed let me tell you...I love wine,  however I always try to stick to one kind and that is Pinot Grigio I have learned my lesson from many years ago not to mix wine/liquor.

Wellllll...let's just say that did not happen Friday night and I highly paid for it on Saturday morning. I felt like shit and basically had to lie on the couch the first part of the day...which I do not do often. So with feeling like crap comes the eating like crap.  And I am not OK with that because I pride on the fact that our family eats well and does not eat fast food. But there are times when a burger is just what is needed in order to get the big "hangover" under control...and BOY.....drool..... it  was worth it.....the last time I had a FF burger was almost 2 years ago.

Saturday afternoon it was getting the supplies prepped for a huge yearly Italian American Picnic that I have not attended since I was too scared to get in the swimming pool because my feathered hair might get wet.....So it took allot of prep both mentally and physically. As much as I love my Italian heritage some of the older "ladies" can be harsh and they can make you feel like shit in 0 seconds flat. So it was a big dog and pony show most of Sunday...add some major sun and a pool {LDG loves the water}and by the time 5 o'clock rolled around...we were super pooped. The drive home was me asleep drooling in the front seat...which my hubby said was not a pretty pic and LDG passed out in her car seat...good times!
Mondays  is my catch up day from the weekend. I pay bills, tidy up from the weekend, make a menu for the week's dinner you know all the fun stuff mommy's get to do on a regular basis.
Today will be a home body kind of day...tomorrow we are back to the grind I need to work off the absurd amount of calories I consumed this weekend!

Happy Monday Gang!


Steph said...

I'm your newest GFC follower! Your little one is TOO cute! Stop by when you get a chance!

Rosa at My Very Own Mommy Blog said...

Thanks for following and joining in on the Silly Sunday Hop! I'm following you back. :)

Mare said...

Hi! new followr from making friends monday

Alison said...

Oh my god, our lives do seem to have been in sync lately! Hectic, yet you're still able to keep up with your blog! I'm jealous... I will admit, of course there are times I could have been updating but man, after this week, I just want to sleep for days!

I look forward to keeping up with your posts :)

Ciao Mama's said...

Totally I swear between parties, events and everything in between it has been craziness.

Feeling the love......