Monday, August 22, 2011

Virus Day 5......

Double chuggin'
some drinks

today I was able to leave the house with my LDG...even though it was just for a very few minutes it felt good. I had to pick her up some items at the grocery store as well as some Pediasure since she has been unable to eat solid foods for now going on 41/2 days which is a long time. I feel for her because she wants to eat but because of the little sores in her mouth she is unable to. It is torture for any mommy to see her child suffer and be in such pain.

The drool has backed off a little bit more like a babbling brook instead of Niagara Falls....but it is still pretty bad. The drool is a good thing for I know she is not dehydrated. Today we played with some play doh..What the hell was I thinking....Play doh...really....I love the dogs fur not so much.
LDG is no sitting on the couch watching Shrek...God I love that movie I never get tired watching it....I think it is  the 99th time I have watched the movie. She has chocolate Pediasure in one hand and water in the other....I just re organized my DVD drawer and I am wondering what I am going to do with all these 100"s of movies. We have cable HD channels so we pretty much get same day movie releases through our network. Mmmmmm what to do?

I am off to get some din din ready I picked up some fresh salmon at the market this morning {My little one LOVES salmon...believe it folks}. I am going to try and get some solid in my little monkey tonight. Keep your fingers crossed that this will work.

Wish me luck..... Happy Monday!


Angie said...

I Hope she get better! My lil one was sick too and I'm the one sick now! :/

Good luck! Have a lovely day!


Ciao Mama's said...

Thank you so much Angie....One day at a time!

Brenda H said...

Sick children make us all feel sad and wishing that we could do anything to make them feel better!

I hope that tomorrow brings a child that wants to eat, play, and feels great!

Haute Mom said...

Si sad for your little one. Isn;t it horrible to watch them in pain? You think "I can juggle 5 meetings in a day and still ook good but can't make my baby feel better!" Ugh. Hang in there!

The Nummy Little Blog said...

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Thanks! -Jilly-

Lioness said...

I feel it for her. Hope she gets better soon.

I catching up on my reading of your posts. Is it weird to say i am enjoying the process.


Ciao Mama's said...

I am loving that your enjoying my blog more twisted adventures to

jessicaclarke said...

Hope your little one is feeling better, thanks for stopping by my blog following u back

Feeling the love......