Friday, August 5, 2011

What used to be....

What stares at me while shaving legs

my little slice of heaven... My very own mini spa bathroom, my little heavenly cloud of happiness has now being over run by my 18 month years old's "stuff." I am talking so many damn bath toys and things that I feel like I am talking showers with some very perverted duckies and dolphins.  What used to be a place for me to go and take a bath, relax and catch up with a good book is now a reahb center for toys gone bad....I miss the  way I was able to hang out with a face mask and not get interrupted..... ahhh those days are SO over.  My hubby heard me bitch and complain the other day and he is like - "Mama we have a master bathroom over here you can move in anytime you want".
Yes.... I do have a master bathroom {which we just had remodeled} but since my little bathroom has become my oasis of  the only alone space in the house I just don't what to give it that so wrong? Also their are some things that I do as a woman that I just do not want my man to see or know know whatta mean? However I must accept the fact that once LDG hits the old 2yr old mark and I will be redecorating her bedroom/bathroom I will be permanently kicked to the curb and my tiny oasis  will be forever gone......*dislike*



Toy Rehab

Redrum Redrum

don't you love the toilet seat guard
 for baby so special looking


the Mrs. said...

Lol! We have the same bath toys/holder thingy for our 14 month old overtaking our tub! We only have 1 bathroom in our little home by the beach so as soon as she hits the 2 year old mark we have to upgrade...probably sooner =)

CIao Mama said...

I am telling you girl it is one "glam" world we mama's live in...Happy Friday

Random Mommy said...

Totally get it. My little guy is still in one of those baby tubs. It feels like I have to take it out each shower (along with the toys) or it's sitting in the way in the bathroom. We really need a second bathroom.

Ciao Mama's - MJB said...

ahhh the baby tub....memories and that used to be really crazy I thought it would chill out with all the stuff but she keeps getting more

Feeling the love......