Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Ohhh ohhhh those are not sounds you want to hear coming from your toddlers bedroom late at night. Walked in last night and....let me seee mmmm.... yep just what I thought...the cold LDG has been trying to fight off for the last week has finally bitten her in the butt. She sounds like an aardvark and her eyes are all puffy, sure sign she is not feeling well.  I  gave her some water and decided to place the humidifier in her room to help her breath last night. I awoke this morning to a still puffy but a little less congested toddler. She definitely is running a small fever and is super needy which is not my usual  independent girl. I also did not jump out of bed with my usual pep in my step this a.m., I am feeling a little run down so it could be this summer bug that is making the rounds at all the little ones activities {Man.....these little ones just bring home whatever little germ is hanging around}!
And the one thing I dislike more in life is being sick. It sucks! I get nothing done and I feel non productive and super lazy which I am not.

But I need to make sure we are both 100 percent for I am planning an event this weekend, I am part of a name ceremony and godparent to my new niece. This will be the second time around hubby and I were bestowed this honor..So looking forward to it.

Top it all off this lovely weirdo out of schedule Tuesday morning - I was making an egg white scramble with yellow bell peppers and completely cut through my fingernail with my awesome chef knife. I knew these puppies were sharp...... but damn it hurt! It is throbbing like crazy..so this morning I am down one mommy, one toddler and a finger.

OK mommies I am going to try and make it a great day!


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