Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ohhh how much do I love you

I worship Jeffy

Jeff Lewis.  I have loved this man from the first time hm and his crazy team have hit the Bravo's airways{Flipping Out} almost 5 years ago. Is it his quirky sense of style with his black and white chucks or is it that I can relate to his OCD ways. Is it that he tries to be hard ass but deep inside he is a big ol" softy. I love his homes so sterile and neat. His esthetics's are amazing I love his combination of brutal honesty, impeccable designs and sometimes a little TMI especially when it comes to his employees!
I look forward to the weekly craziness that is his life. I do love me some reality TV but I can miss a few episodes and be fine. With Flipping Out I must see on the night the new episodes come out and yes I will watch the re runs over and over again. ......I am that much in love with this show. I have now heard through the gossip hot line is that he will be premiering a new show on...of course....Bravo called Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis. Jeff and Jenni will go into peoples homes and do what Jeff does best - redesign and take care of business without crossing the line...yeah right!  I heard Zoila will also be along for the ride. This is going to be one crazy ass ride..... - can't wait so excited.


Simply Me said...

haha I love him :) he makes me feel like what I do and how I act is not crazy and is justified!

I also love your new signature Lady MB!

Ciao Mama's said...

Yep...but I do not think no one is has crazy as he is. He is off the charts OCS. But he has gotten better in the last few years.

Feeling the love......