Saturday, August 20, 2011


Wasss uppp!

If you read Friday's post you all know that my usually independent sassy ass little toddler has been a big -  needy, drooling, no sleep MESS. She has been going through her teething spurts and this is the worst I have ever seen. I mean people,  I tried to take a pic of the drool that I have now classified as Niagara Falls just so you can see what I am talking about. It is hard to believe that that much spit and saliva is coming out of my child...I know..... I am using my child's misery to entertain the public...bad mommy.

Well....yesterday afternoon after almost an all day crying marathon I decided it was time to call the pediatrician to see if she could recommend another way to take away the pain and make it all better. At this point I had tried every type of medicine/drop and teething apparatus out there and I just could not stand to see her in that type of pain for another day. They told us to come in, they wanted to make sure that nothing was amiss especially if she had been in that much pain for 3 days.  Let's get this going and see what we can do to make sure my little baby is all good. We loaded up the car and got rolling.

We arrive at the pediatrician all disheveled and looking like crap from the lack of sleep hubby and I have had for the last three nights.  Pediatrician comes in checks all her vitals and finally gets to do the one thing we have been unable to do for three days get LDG to open her mouth so we can see what the hell is going on in there. Now I was expecting the pediatrician to tell us that her gums were swollen,  but I never expected her to tell us that besides the first prize of 2 huge molars and canines that were tearing through my babies gums but we had a consolation prize of the foot, hand, mouth virus. What the hell....what is that? I already had started to hyperventilate {Italians just worry...period..we make everything  out to be worse than it is}.... OMG my baby....

The pediatrician reassures me that this is nooooo big deal and most babies/toddlers get this at least once in their life time. If you do not know what this is it is a virus that causes painful sores in the mouth. Were could my baby gotten this type of gross virus...I have slight OCD with cleaning - I wipe everything down with Lysol clothes, I clean/dust everyday, sheets are changed once a week -  I take care and take pride in my home so of course I am mentally going through the list of where we had been in the past week. The pediatrician explains to me that this could have come from anywhere. The grocery cart, playing with other kids at her baby gym, the swimming pool this past Sunday -  which based on the time frame - I believe the pool is guilty - Damn you *shaking fist* cesspool of germs that made my baby sick!

I always forget that toddlers immune systems are not as strong as adults and they carry germs from one little snot to another {and I mean snot in the nice mommy way} and that if I take my child out to as many social functions that I do it is expected that she is going to get sick or in this case carry home an icky ass virus that has made her so miserable for the last few days.

Unfortunately there is nothing we can do but let her ride it out - there is not magic shot for this. We were told that the she should be better in the next couple of days.  I ran home right after the appt. and seriously began disinfecting every surface, every toy, bottle, sippy cup in my line of fire. Last night LDG slept with us something that is a big no no in our home but with the way she looked and was feeling we decided last night would be an exception. She tossed and turned in pain most of the night - at about 4 in the morning we moved her to her crib and she is now sleeping peacefully. I slept until 6 {which is sleeping in for me} got up..... looked at myself in the mirror and decided today I look more like a walking dead zombie than the creature from the black lagoon.

Exxxxccceeelllentt *two thumbs up*

Happy Saturday!


Angela said...

HO-LY SMOKES! That is the last thing I expected you to say! Good for you for taking her to the doc. More proof that you're a great Mommy :)
Thank you for saying Italian are explains a lot about me, lol!
Hold on tight for all the sickness to come. No matter how much I clean or how well my kids eat, it doesn't stop other peoples snot nosed kids from getting my babies sick! For us, winter is just the 'sick months' Last year was pretty good. They Didn't get sick until the end of the season, but it went around the house twice.
I hope you get some rest this weekend :)

emma ponce said...

Awwww, well good for you that you took your baby to the pediatrician. I did the same with my one year old a few months back. It was also the first time I heard of this virus because neither of my other two kids ever had it. I am also a germ free eliminator in my home and basically most places we go to. But then again those nasty little germs are everywhere. I hope you and baby get some rest. And everything will look better soon. Keep us updated :)

Anonymous said...

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Amy said...

Oh no! Sorry your baby girl is sick. I hope she feels better soon! I have a 4th month old and have struggled on and off with taking her to the pool this summer with the worry of her getting sick being so small! Darn germs!

Donna said...

Even though my girls are 28 and 32, I still remember those doctor days and looking disheveled. Bless you. I am a new follower via WBHop. Hope you will stop over at my blog for a follow. I am giving away two good books this week also. Thanks. Donna

Ciao Mama's said...

Thanks for all the well wishes for my little one. Hopefully we will get a whole nights sleep tonight....auuugghhh

Chef in Training said...

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