Friday, November 18, 2011

Yep once again WTF Friday......

and the weekend is just around the corner.  I need to add an extra punch this week just in case we will be without  WTF next week...I do not know in what condition I will be in the day after Turkey Day - usually two things happen.
So hungover from the pre turkey prep wine drinking that I cannot get myself out of bed or I am in such a food coma that I cannot think  - nuff said
So here we go chicas and chico's another week of the weird, the twisted and the plain WTF?????
  • Who the hell gave this dumb biatch another dog? This is the same little spoiled brat Farrah who gave up a dog last season on Teen Mom with out batting an eye and she went out and get another poor animal. Ahhhhh has this world gone insane - don't you love the way I took a pic off my magazine so classy.....

  • Who the f*ck was the brilliant mind who came up with these tanks they call grocery carts....BTW they do not keep the kids busy all they do is make it impossible to move around the aisles and makes other shoppers want to shank us with a turkey baster. It also make it easy for kiddie hands to grasp glass jars of pickle - not a good thing *clean up aisle 7*. My daughter wanted out after only 10 minutes.....Thank God!

  • Can someone please explain to me how vacations attack? 

  • Ok I am all down for you protesting  - do your thing....However their is no EXCUSE for you being filthy dirty asses and not picking up after yourselves. Pick up your garbage and clean up.... respect your fellow humans. And by the way if you are going to protests own and don't cover your cowards
  • We get, we get it your cutting edge and trendy but can you please try and toe down some of the weird outfits . Such a pretty girl with talent her outfits just distract from that
  • Kat Von D awwww really you just discovered the 19th chick that Jesse James cheated on you while you guys were "engaged" but WTF did you expect woman! Once a douche bag always a douche bag. I guess love is blind!
  • Their is no word for the dumb a**hole who called 911 because his cell phone was not working...were you high or just plain stupid. Someone should be allowed to beat you over the head with your phone maybe it will knock some common sense in yer" ass.
  • Dear Life and Style magazine I will not be renewing my subscription with your mag - I received this headline mag almost a month too late WTF dudes this head line is long and gone

  • Why...Why must toys be packaged in 75 different types of plastic thingys it takes me a friggin hour to unwrap one of my kids toys - STOP it is so frustrating

  • How do you show up for an interview in a pair of jeans and flip flops - are you insane?
  • OK can someone explain to me what the hell the below is all about - pull your f*cken pants up this is not cute or sexy just makes us wonder if you shit your pants

  • I know that peeps are always trying to watch their waist lines and shit me included....but when you are out at a very nice french restaurant try and not ask the waiter to switch the whole entree to low fat, no carb, no butter HELLO french cuisine *notice the stick eye from waiter* your not allergic to anything and one night of amazing food is not going to wreck your diet...quite frankly you look like kinda of an ass when you do this just get to the gym and work it out

  • To the dumb t*at who said the following "Although divorce is often sad I do somewhat feel "vendicated". Did those words just come out of your hooker mouth Ms. Brittney Jones? knew perfectly well when you boffed Mr. Ashton Kutcher that he was married once again another hooker using the same ol lame ass excuse I did not know. If you fell for the open marriage line than besides being a whore your also stupid.  Take resposibility for your actions you piece of garbage. I am sorry for the harsh words peeps but I have no patience for little girls who go out there looking for this kind of drama, claim wide eye innocent I did not know ___________________*place excuse here* and then proceed to shout from the roof tops what they did with __________________*place celebrity/sport star/politician name here*. I feel bad for Demi - BTW based on Ms.Jones pics on the internet/sex tape this chick was looking for something like this in order to become in her simple little mind the next Kim K. 
  • OK when the hell did thanksgiving sneak up on me???????
Happy Friday Gang......


joeh said...

Shanked by a turkey baster!
O fn uch!!

Here is the WTF's of yours that I totally disagree with:

The Cranky Old Man

joeh said...

OK, I was going to say here is a list of ... so it should be here ARE the WTF's.

It was this attention to detail that got me a perannial C- in English class.

The Cranky Old MAn

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Crotchless Panties for teens??!!! WTF!!! I'll be right there with you MB Darling beating up the Mommys who purchase these with my Gucci heels!! Who's bright idea in the industry to even make these?? I'd better check my lipstick, it's been getting quite smudged lately... xoxo

Mariebop said...

Another lovely WTF Friday!

Honestly, I'd like to see what one would look like when you're in a food and alcohol induced coma. :P

Mommy Bags said...

Mariebop food coma not good even worse with alcohol added to the mix

Michael Ann said...

Crotchless panties for pre-teens ranks ALMOST up there with those little shorts that have words on their behinds. I would NEVER let a daughter of mine wear words on their ass. I laughed out loud at the dudes with their boxers hanging down...that is the WORST!!!

Fifi said...

Love it!!

Have a great weekend!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I am so tired of seeing those protesters. I don't care and think its good your protesting but yes please pickup after yourselves....GROSS! Its the few bad ones that ruin it for the good ones.
And I am so not looking forward to opening all those gosh darn toys. Both my boys' birthdays are right before Christmas so we have double of all that shit to open.
Once again love your WTF:)

Cyn said...

i will be laughing for decades over *shank us with a turkey baster* -- bwahahahaha!

seriously i adore wtf friday!!!

and i TOTALLY agree that it is assanine to go to a restaurant & expect them to revamp a dish just for you! life is just too freakin' short for that shit & as a former waitress -- we loatheeeeee people who do that!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Oh bags, I am waving my finger in the air to Kat Von D sayin' I told you so. What is it with Jesse, like 19 women, who are these women? Are they blind? I mean that literally.

Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN said...

I am a new follower! I cannot wait to ready your posts!

Mommy2¢ said...

OMG I hate those f*cking carts - they're the worst!!

Amen on Rihanna, and don't even get me started on Lady Gaga

Kat Von D - What goes around comes around biatch! I'm sure Sandra's sleeping well these days!

Totally with you on the low riding pants. It can't be comfortable and judging by the way they walk just to keep their pants from falling to the ground, I would swear they had something crammed up their assholes.

And on the inappropriate children's skivvies, I also wrote a little somethin-somethin similar to that same topic back in early Sept. here:

I do agree with you on these little fame seeking ho-bags... but apparently Demi was no angle herself. Rumor has it she was having a cup of coffee with some young (barely out of college) piece of man-meet named Ben Hollingsworth. This may have been in retaliation to Ashton's cheating, idk. But two wrongs don't make a right - it just makes things more messier.

As always -- Great list!! Have a fabulous Turkey Day! xoxo

Feeling the love......