Saturday, November 5, 2011 I back in

high school? That is exactly what thoughts ran through my head as I walked in the gym yesterday morning. Let me explain.  I have found another activity to keep my little speed monster busy - it is called Jump something or another a gym full of toys, play and jumpy houses. I am on a mission to find as many activities throughout the day for LDG so
  1. I can keep what little sanity I have left 
  2. Run my little one ragged so she naps in the afternoon in turn making me keep what little hair I have left on my head and some time to decompress = cleaning and catching up
I must remember that I do these things for my daughter and yes it helps to have other mothers to talk to but when you got shot the stick eye that I got shot when I walked through the doors, a person with less balls would have run back squirming to their car.....I on the other hand don't give a shit and I thought..... Yeah more stuff to bitch about on my blog...Yipeeeeeee *twirling in circles*
Could it be that I came off as a little intimidating when I walked in wearing all black with awesome riding boots{cold} and my kick ass aviator shades...Mmmmm could be but,  eh you know not my problem. I decided to get it together {leave the house with some make up and clothes that are not yoga pants} a few months ago and this is now how I roll. 

I pay my $5.00 walk past the obvi mean moms of the group {huddled on the gym stairs by the stage} all were in the 40's,  except for one that you can just tell from the look on her face is just a miserable human being  - *btw dear mean mom #1 make sure when you shooting daggers in my direction that you do it a little bit more stealth like because next time you will see the one finger salute headed into your direction. LDG is skipping off having a ball so I proceed to sit my ass on one of the gym step/chair thingy's right by the annoying, loud children music. I get myself settled.  I loved were I was sitting because I had a view of all the action. I sit back and relax and notice the different groups
  1. The Nanny/Au pair group - The only ones that greeted me with a smile 
  2. The sporty group - women who seem to know a whole lotta about sports and know how to handle a bball - 
  3. The mean unfriendly stick up their ass moms 
  4. The sweet grandma group 
  5. The daddy group - total of 2 dudes
  6. Newbies - which was me and another very very quite girl she seemed shy so we smiled at one and other and that was that
I have been told that I look a little mean at times,  but come on I have a smile on my face most of the time,  what more do you f8cken need...I mean, I have introduced myself on countless occasions to other mommies only to get shot down with some half assed limp hand shake {which I despise} and the once over. What else am I supposed to do..whistle zippidity doo dah out of my ass in order to get accepted. I should think NOT! You either like me or ya don't I am not going to go out of my way to kiss your ass. I am too old, to stubborn and not in HS anymore. What I would LOVE to know is why this animosity towards new mommy's?  Weren't you once a new mommy too, so what is the deal? Was someone mean to you?  If so why would you do the same thing to someone else...or mmmm lets see is it that you were always just a bit of a bitch?  

I ask myself this question every time I attend an activity for my little one do I need to go through this crap again. If these are the type of shenanigans that  happen at toddler activities like Jump what do I have in store for me when she starts preschool...or god how about high school...Lord help me because I am going to need all the patience I can get.

Happy Saturday.....


Brenda said...

LMAO OMG! Sounds like an exciting day at the gym!

Cyn said...

ackkk -- i hate other mommy's... lol! seriously; why can't all the mommy's at playgroups, library, dance, & JUMP be cool like all the bloggy mom's i meet in the blogosphere -- aka us!

SoCal Sweetheart said...

I hate other moms out there, they dont know how to function and i feel bad for them cause they make themselves look CRAZY!
i feel ya on that Lets take a shot!

KERRY said...

Tell them you have over 500 friends in the blogosphere that will give them something to biartch about! Seriously, no you don't need that cr*p and they don't need to be that way. They have issues, anger issues, image issues, insecurities and they see you walk in in your black boots and aviator shades and their defence mechanism aka brick wall goes up around them because they WISH they had what you had. Confidence!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

LOL! Okay Darling, it's not THAT bad... okay, maybe it is! Mommys like that need a hard swift kick to their rumps and what the heck? Can't stand the limp hand shake.. Eeew!

Seriously, to answer the question of always being a b*tch... yep, they were and still are! So there you have it... it is what it is, it ain't what it ain't and my Cup is Up to you my Dear! xoxo

Feeling the love......