Sunday, November 13, 2011

We have a meltdown....meltdown

Don't you wish sometimes your toddlers could
fix themselves a drink alla Stewie 

holy f*cken meltdown alert! Yesterday was the mothers of all days...hubby and I had never seen her lose her shit like she did yesterday. I know you hear this from parents ALL the time but if your a reader of my blog you know I don't play the pc card so you know that I am pretty much too the point, no bulls shit here so if my daughter was a big old shit head I would let you know. My daughter is pretty mellow she can be a little a** sometimes but who's kids aren't?  She does not freak out she very much has my hubby's personality - calm....TG because if she was hyper like me my kid would already need medication. I also discipline my child the ol fashioned way so she knows if she steps out of line their will be repercussions, so to say the least so far *knock on wood* so good.

Because I have been sick mama the last week stuff has not been taken care of around the house so I got up Saturday morning still a little weak in the knees but I needed to get stuff done.  I cleaned up, laundry, groceries  la di da di da blah blah. After that was done we needed to head to the gulp Apple Store which I hate hate going to. I do not know about all your particular areas but the Apple store in my area is a f*cken mad house all day every day! My clumsy ass busted the glass case on my Iphone  - yep if you are keeping count that will be three phones I have gone through this year. Their is a line to get into the store, but since I was crafty I made an appt so I did not have to wait. Hubby decided to wait outside with LDG .  This is when shit hit the fan

Tired hungry toddler +  mommy disappearing  in store w/o her = MASSIVE breakdown hell.  I mean crying, turning red, snot running down her face melt down I had never seen anything like was AMAzing. I am sure the people around us were like "WTF? shut that kid up". It was torture for me because I was in the store trying to get my phone fixed and info transferred and all I saw when looking outside was my toddler having a shit fit and my hubby trying to calm her down with no luck. If I had a camera I would have loved to take a pic of my hubby's face...priceless. When I was finally done, I go outside took the baby from my exhausted hubby and she calmed down and was back to her old self pointing out the birds and chatting away.  What the hell? Toddlers mystify  me sometimes.

*totally off the subject I had a little bit of a mini melt down myself {mmm wonder were my daughter gets it from} when I got back home, I heard a crack from downstairs and an Oh..oh  - my hubby had killed my lovable Mr. Swifty. Ahhh f*ck my life. 


Angela said...

I'm too tired to formulate words this morning...but- Get an otter box for your phone!! AND...Sounds like separation anxiety with LDG. I know she was tired too, so that didn't help. I would start separating yourself from her more often when you're with the hubby so she gets used to it. School will NOT be fun if she melts down every time you leave. And you can forget leaving her with a babysitter, lol.
Good luck, Mama. Hope you're feeling better.

Mommy Bags said...

Angela I think what she saw was me heading into the Ipad world so she was like Mommy Ipad = freak out. I go with her to day care each morning when I work out and she has no melt down. We have left her with my dad and my SIL no problem. I think she just wanted in that store cuz do leave her with James quite a bit with James when I do my chick things. Who knows little ones are so hit and miss everyday it is like an adventure :0)

Michael Ann said...

What an adventure! And not of the good variety. Hope you got a nice new phone at least ;)

Jo said...

hahahaha that picture of Stewie! LOVE. Plus, don't you sometimes wish you had a video camera and could record their tantrums? No? That's just me? Oh. ;)


becca said...

What an adventure!! And not the good kind. Hope you got a new phone at least

Alex aka WHOA MUMMA! said...

I'm having a toddler free morning here today because they've done my head in all weekend. Too. Much. Effort.

KERRY said...

Hehehe RIP Mr Swifty...did you have a snot covered face during your meltdown too? LOL
Must love her mummy a heap!!

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

I was trying to picture your hubby's face while trying to calm the little one.....haha. That didn't sound like a fun outing.
My little guy used to scream bloody murder every time I would leave him. Even if it was just to garage to do laundry. He is much better now thank goodness.

Feeling the love......