Sunday, November 20, 2011

Sugar Pop.......

This is what the kids looked like after a few hours of  "S"
Yesterday was a super hectic day it was my nephews birthday party and it was a day of activities, party and the dreaded kid drug "S" - SUGAR! My little one and I think every other kid at that party has very limited exposure to massive amounts of sugar. They don't do fast food, certain type of juices not happening and forget about regular candy...I know we are weird but living in CA you can't help but get on the healthy train with your kiddos it is much better for them in the future not to be exposed to junk food on a daily basis....We keep that for special occasions only. So with that being said yesterday was a junkies dream. I have never seen so many hyped children in one place...remember I am a newbie with the whole kid thing and before I had my little one I just could not be around a massive amount of kids without unlimited amounts of liquor. Now that I am a mommy things obviously have changed like many others before me we learn to assimilate and deal....with unlimited amounts of liquor.

It was a good day...saw allot of peeps I had not see in a bit and it was fun catching up. Made some goodies for the party and my first time make of cheesecake cupcakes were a HUGE hit. I mean huge hit and I am patting myself on the back because I take pride in my baking. I also made some cupcakes {these were from a mix} yes I know shame on me - I do not EVER use mixes {all my cakes, cookies, pies, tarts are from scratch}.   However for some unknown reason I cannot get my cupcake batter to do what it needs to do....anyone out there have a easy full proof one please let me know.

Below is a list of the "S" consumed by my darling daughter yesterday

  • The Devil Juice - Capri Sun - 2x
  • Plain M&M's thank you Dad {yes being sarcastic}
  • Half a piece of cheese pizza 
  • I think hubby might have given her a half a hot dog
  • Peanut M&M's
  • Bday Cake 
  • Unlimited amounts of Pirate Booty 
  • And did I mention the devil juice?

So after that massive amount of shitty food, we release the bugged eye sugar cracked out toddlers to the one place that has more germs than a gas station floor - the bouncy house. Yes the beloved bouncy house. The place were you can leave the kids for a bit while the parents take a break and have themselves several glasses of vino. I shudder at the amount of snot that I saw bounce up in down and projectile onto other kids in the god forsaken bouncy castle yesterday, not amount of Purell could ever take care of that much snot. F*ck I just got myself and LDG well...damn.

LDG finally came crashing down at about 5:30 and boy did she crash...she was done..finito, cooked. She had a great time but it was time to go home. The weather is rainy,cold and gross today so I see a fire some cozy sweats and some time with the family. All in all a pretty fantastic weekend. Need to rest up and get ready for the massive cooking we all have coming up in the next few days. Gobble...gobble!


Sara said...

My son loves devil juice. Bouncy houses are really gross.

Cyn said...

i am fully against the devil juice -- i swear tha stuff is the worst!
but everything else is fair game within reason... heh!
have i mentioned my daughter is the biggest picky eater EVER & sometimes i am happy just to get a teddy graham down her throat?
bouncy houses -- ewwww but how do ya say no? they are quie fun!

April said...

haha I love your blog, it's hilarious! Just following you from the blog hop :) I love your sense of humor!

Mommy Bags said...

Thanks and I do have a sick sense of humor that has not made it- fully out of the closet yet

Veronica said...

Awesome. fun day for her.

Love you blog. Thanks for stopping by

Mariebop said...

Ewww!! The part about the snot is sooooo going on the "Reason's to not have children" List. LOL!

Alexandra Rose said...

Haha. I was the same before I had kids, didn't enjoy their company. You should have seen the looks on my friends faces when I ordered wine at their 2 year old's birthday party. Duhhh!!! It had been 2 hours already. And this is when I HAD a child. A room full of kids and sugar, no thanks! I'd rather take the day off. Oops, I forgot, us mama's don't have days off *sigh* battle on.

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

My boys are so picky. Last time I tried to give the devil juice at a party they refused, the just like plain old apple juice. And they really dont like much candy or sweet treats, I know weird kids. Sounds like lots of fun!

Fifi said...

Well yesterday I was at the worst place on earth where everything in there is the devil!! "CHUCK-E-CHEESE" Gawd!!!! I hate that place! I've promised myself and hubby we'd never, ever have anything there when we have kids!! I tell my family, I will go to "1" birthday party there, just 1!!! If they decide to have all the parties there...fine, but we're not going!! I love my nieces and nephews, but I cant' take that place!

Sounds like your daughter had a fantastic time!! Enjoy your week, and have a great Thanksgiving!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Was she sick, seeing as she is not use to those kinds of good? Looks like she had fun! I one your liquor comment about being around!

Susan said...

The evil sugar high and crash gets worse as they get older. I hope I'm not the first person to tell you that. My daughter is 12. When she drinks the devil juice (LOVE IT) or something like it, we don't even need the rest of it. Halloween was like super hell this year. By November 2nd, my kid was passed out on her bed looking like they rejected her from Celebrity Rehab.

LOL Just noticed what your leave a comment says. Awesome. Love duct tape!

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