Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bad Award Mommy........

I have been a bad bad award doing mama. It has been a hell of a month and half. Been dealing with quite a bit of stress in regards to my hubby's job/company but now all that fun stuff has been rectified and we can breath again it is time to get reorganized and refreshed.  Before I know it the damn holidays will be bitch slapping me in the face and the fun ride will begin again. With this being said I need to really get caught up on responding to all the super awesome awards I have been bestowed upon me from some groovy bloggers.  As you can tell from my blog I am not one to follow the rules and I not overly PC so with that being said I am going to give a shout to my girls who were kind enough to think of my blog when passing out these awards. Now if I happen to forget someone please please give me a shout slap back and let me know because it seems to me that with my old age the  memory will be the first thing to take a shit on me.

  •  I received the Kreative Blogger Award from my fellow Italian Stallionette Michael Ann at she is a rock star and her writing always calm me down and  makes me get in touch with my inner peace/self. And with my tude' sometimes it is needed.

  • I received the Tell Me About Yourself Award from Ms. Melissa from part of the accepting of this award it obvi to tell you guys something about myself which I will do at the end of this entry...wooot woot 

  • Last but certainly not least I got my second, second tell me about yourself award from the MILfaliciouse Mama at What more can I say this  mama tells it how it his that is why I heart her blog. 
Now I believe I got everyone once again if I forgot anyone please let me know. Now I know that there are all these rules to accepting these awards but since I consider myself a non rule following "biatch" and peeps out there in bloggland are busy getting ready for turkey day and the remainder of the holidays coming up I am going to break the rules ad make it easy. 

I am going to pass the Liebster award to 5 blogs that I have been following/they can tell us 5 things about themselves and if they want to they can pass it along in a Kreative way they choose. If they feel like doing it or not totally up to them no pressure. Does this sound like a

Here are 5 things about me
  • This might be a shocker now..... I have a bit of an attitude....Don't get me wrong I am a nice person until you bite me once you bite me you are screwed and I do not trust very many people I have seen allot of shady shit and people in my life.
  • I was married a first time many years ago I got married way to young. I am currently married to the love of my life and soul mate. He was the one I was waiting for
  • I wear black 95 percent of the time the other 4 percent grey/pewter and once and a while I will use my 1 percent for a dash of color usually in my huge ass handbags and  shoes. City girl through and through
  • I speak,write and read Italian 
  • I have three tattoos, 17 scars {told you totally clumsy}and I love all things travel. I have been to some amazing places and now wish to explore the good ol USA
The 5 blogs you need to go and check out because they are cool

Have an awesome night


Sheri said...

Wow, thanks so much for thinking of me! I just popped for the smile I usually get when over here and there I was! You rock!

17 scars? I thought I was clumsy but you might have me on that. Like the time I was running under the bleachers at school and hit the crossbeams (no, I am not even a blond) and knocked myself out, yeah that...

Mariebop said...

Thanks for the award!

I thought I was clumsy... I don't have 17 scars to prove it though. I just trip over carpet and up the stairs. :P

Tessa said...

Congrats on your blog awards...I passed one on to you, too!!

Check it out!



Anonymous said...

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Feeling the love......