Monday, November 14, 2011

Bitch Slap Monday......

This week I will be sending out a bitch slap salute out to anyone who works a customer service job that so obviously does not give a shit about customer service and/or you can tell just does not want to be there. What has happened to good ol' customer service?  I am not saying that you need to roll out the f*ucken red carpet but come one people a friggin smile when a customer steps into a store or a polite acknowledgement when I reach the register would be great. I mean I would think in today's economy that businesses would do their very best to keep the customers they do have somewhat happy. I have completely stopped shopping at Macy's for myself and my little one.  They have become a joke a joke I tell you in the last few years. My hubby will shop the men's but only in a drastic emergency and the mens side seems to have better customer service...mmmm go figure. Hello...the last time I was there I was going to drop some mula on an outfit in their designer section {what a joke} and I could not find a living soul to help me out. I looked hard no one. And when is it  OK to charge those prices and not have a sales person? All they have now are  some random round ugly looking register islands in the middle of the selling floor?  I am sorry but when I am purchasing what I was purchasing I require a little bit of ass kissing- is that too much to ask for?   I mean I get more customer service from my local Ross store than some of these so called "department stores". Home depot another huge ass joke...I am now willing to pay a few extra cents to go to a local hardware store and get someone who knows that the hell they are talking about so when I stubble in the store with a confused look on my face they know I need help.

Shit.....the registers thanks me
Let's not even get into Target  - I love, love me some Target - awesome stuff and I cannot never roll out of there without something fun but it pains me to give them my money when I usually only get acknowledged with a grunt at the register before he/she slams my shit into a plastic bag and on to the next.  What happened to good morning/afternoon how abut a friggin hello how the hell are you?.... Because I can be a little jokester I make sure I go out of my way to be over cheerleader cheerful just to bug the shit out of them and make their day super special *thumbs up*......A few weeks ago I had to go into Best Buy - Let me tell you I would rather have my teeth drilled  to Chiclets  than to go into this store. I have had to go and purchase items from this particular Best Buy store for my computer/printer and every time I have gone in there I could probably walk out with a flat screen and no one would notice.....their customer service is that bad. I know that working retail sucks {sometimes}...believe you me I know I worked/managed for many, many years in this field. Long hours, no life, rude customers it is not for everyone so if you know that this is not your cup of tea why put yourself through the slow torture? Do everyone a favor and get an office job were you have little to no interaction with people. I am a believer that when doing a job - any job -  you need to give it your all or get the f*ck out.

My Five pet peeves of rude cashiers/customer service

  • No eye contact - drives me completely batty total ignore and or acknowledgment I do not trust people who do not look me in the eye - shifty and shady and I am handing you my credit card info?
  • Walking past me without asking for help - dude if you took the time to look at me you could tell from the expression on my confused face that I need HELP....
  • The point, do not look up from whatever paperwork you are doing and saying the item is over there. Over where you dumb ass if I knew were it was I wouldn't be asking you!
Is this just me????


joeh said...

I agree, CS sucks. I say piss tham off right back:

Ask to see their cash register licience.

Let them ring something up then say wait, i'll be right back and don't.

When they give you change, insist that the pennies are counterfiet.

Insist that the register added up the purchases incorrectly. Make them do the math.

Cranky Old Man

Mariebop said...

I rarely run into poor customer service... Then again I do most of my shopping online and if I really can't find something, I convince myself that I don't really need it. LOL!!

Lets not forget the problem at department stores where you're near a register and can't find a single person to ring you up no mattter how hard you try.

Mariebop said...
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Michael Ann said...

Yes, I think we can all agree poor CS is the shits. I think it goes along with the lack of good manners in our culture now days. I have to say, our Target has awesome customer service. Always friendly cashiers. Our Best Buy is good too. And our local Nugget is ALWAYS awesome.

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

MB Darling,
You're in the Bay area right? THAT'S IT!! Come on down to sunny SoCal and get outstanding customer service... no... get the best... umm, okay maybe not the best... get a smile? Hmmm... never mind, stay where you are, CS is pretty bad down here too! lol Blowing kisses... xoxo

Fifi said... always have me cracking up!! I love your page!

Great post, thank you for sharing! I always enjoy reading your posts. I'm gladly awarding you the "Getting to know you" Award. You can visit my page if you'd like to participate! Enjoy your day.

Ronni said...

In Chicago, the default is crappy customer service. If you get someone good, it's a miracle. There are a few stores where the service is always good and you can count on it being good (The Disney Store, Macy's, Kohl's) but for the most part, you're lucky to get a grunt. It's very inconsistent.

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Time to start online shopping sistah! I have awarded you the Liebster Blog Award over at Come check it out!

The Belly Dancer said...

New follower from blog hop.

Feeling the love......