Monday, November 28, 2011 is going

I am not ready

too fast and I am not ready for this holiday season shit. I mean was it just not summer?  SLAM before I know it we get hit by Thanksgiving still feeling fat and bloated from turkey day then BAM Xmas you ol dog you - your just around the corner. I am just not ready! I am not ready to deal with the crazy crowds, decorating my casa and getting a tree. Every year hubby and I promise ourselves that we will get in the full ass spirit of the holidays and every year we get so wiped out from Thanksgiving all we feel like doing for the next couple of weeks is a big fat nothing! After hearing all the reports of crazy ass shoppers, crowded malls and parking lot robberies my ass will be doing all our Xmas shopping on line. That is right on line, from the comfort of my home, in my fuzzy slippers and Snapple Raspberry Diet Tea - which I am totally addicted to.  This year I will be cruising the toy sights more than anything we do not have a huge family here in the states so Xmas shopping has always been pretty mellow however it has been kinda of tough because we are ALL picky and since we are all types of fashionista  -  clothes are usually out of the question for adults - we all have our very unique style ad w have gotten many ugly sweaters throughout the years to keep the clothes buying to our own.  Hubby and I booked our Xmas present yesterday. A long weekend in Napa's Wine Country at a fabulous spa and hotel.  This particular spot in Napa is known for their super top restaurants  in a square block and half you have some of the best restaurants in the world - most of the chefs in the area have been featured on Top Chef Masters and when your are foodies like us that area is like a wet dream...I apologize for the bluntness but ehhh that is me.
Serenity and wine
I am super excited we have not been up in the wine country since last year and we are ready. Hubby and I used to go up there all the time since we live super close but since LDG came into our life wine tasting has taken a back burner to poop, vomit and everything LDG. We are bringing the little one with us.  I love to expose her to hotels, different type of foods and just the surroundings.  My daughter has seen her fair share of  lodging/spa and has done quite a bit if traveling in her 22 months she is one lucky girl. My ass will be at the gym first thing in the morning need to work off the thousands of calories I consumed this weekend and then I will be concentrating on decking  the friggin halls, getting into the jolly season and decorating the shit out of my house......Yo Ho Ho.....Happy Monday folks!


Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Wine tasting? Ooooh, how exciting Darling! xoxo

Cyn said...

now that is a nice gift -- wine tasting & fine dining? oh and hotel & spa? yes! the gift that keeps on giving!

i am a bad mommy & would have to leave our kids at home... heh!

Michael Ann said...

Right there with you my friend! I have come to dread the holidays. All the shopping and decorating and on and on and it all really isn't that much fun for us adults. Christmas really is for children. I do love the baking though :-) Your weekend in Napa sounds like HEAVEN!!! Good for you guys!

KERRY said...

So what time should I arrive in Napa for check-in?
Arh!!!! Jealous :(
It sounds fabulous though, what a great combined gift!!
I agree, we don't even have Thanksgiving but geez the holidays are coming around so fast!! I still haven't hung up my winter clothes yet lol and now it's nearing summer!!
Great idea shopping online :)

Mommy2¢ said...

Can I come?! ;^)

Jessica @ TheCrazyChaoticHouse said...

After I have baby #3 Napa Valley is on the list. We have never been thee and we only live like an hour away. I miss my nightly glass of wine or two so I will be so looking forward to do some wine tasting. I can't wait to see and read all about your trip. I have only passed through that area and its beautiful!

Misadventures in Motherhood said...

Hehe... um, yeah, you're not the only one who feels like Christmas is barreling down upon you like Santa on crack. I'm already getting frantic calls from my family asking me "why the bloody hell I haven't provided them with my Christmas list already!!!" I think I'll inform them that if they'd like to come clean poop out of my carpets for the day I'd be happy to spend the time I would normally be spending cleaning up said poop making my Christmas list. LOL

Loving your blog! New follower! Stop over and visit me at Misadventures in Motherhoodif you need a laugh!

Smiles, Jenn

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