Friday, February 10, 2012


Man is it Friday already? God how fast do these weeks whiz by?  I am also wondering if I will be continuing with this weekly segment,  it has become harder and harder to keep up with this blogging schedule since LDG and I have become more active with daily activities.  We are always on the go and we like it that way.
I have stopped the dog walking service we used because things have gotten easier * believe it or not*since LDG has turned 2.  She has become even more independent and a super walking machine with the weather being so kick ass it is nice for us to get out and do it ourselves.  More exercise for us and we are saving 120.00 a month  - this money goes right into the new house in the burbs fund.  I am also trying to get myself set up so when LDG starts preschool I will have a goal to works towards. I want to go back to doing some type of work but definitely not going to go back to the stressful full time grind that I came from. So I am going to see how the next few weeks go and take it from there. But for now let's get some nuts crackin"

  • OK is it just me or does Prince Harry look nothing like Prince Charles or God bless her soul Princess Di? I am sorry to say this but he looks allot like her old body guard. Don't slap me it is just something I have noticed and I am sure others have as well. He looks nothing like Prince Charles.  Hellloooo check out the red hair? 
  • This might just be wrong but I was hypnotized by Toddler and Tiaras the other day* hanging head in shame* and have you ever noticed that the MC who announces the little girls on stage sound exactly like the DJ's who announce the acts at a strip club before their sets?  And yes I know this for a fact because I have been  too many strip clubs.....And next on the stage we have..........
  • WTF is going on with the Ken Doll?
  • I found an old Shaun Cassidy poster and was wondering WTF I was thinking?

  • Once again Giselle Bundchen places her size 10 foot into her big mouth. Chick it's ok to console you hubby after the super bowl but try and keep your comments on his tea mates to yourself....He has to play in the sand box with these fellows the next day. STFU and look pretty. 
  • Why is it when you are carrying a crap load of stuff and have a toddler who is about to hit a nap crash  your keys get all mangled on your key chain and their is no way that friggin key is going to open the damn lock and then you have to just chuck all your shit on the floor in order to get inside the house. Dogs run you over and damn toddler wakes up from power nap in your arms.  Hate when this happens!
  • Whyyyyyyy is it that my toddler has the knack of hiding my Iphone were I cannot find it while the ring tone is turned off. Whyyyyyyyyy
  • What is up with the increased hit and runs...I am not talking about cars hitting cars I am talking about cars hitting people then taking off...WTF people do you not have any conscience?
  • I am going to say this again and again and again. What were they thinking when they decided to make Sex and The City 2....So bad so bad
  • World Guinness Record holders for longest tongue go head to head...I bet the ladies love these bad boys. Just saying!

  • 15.5 pound baby Chun Chun was born in China via C section no really. WTF how does a baby get that big before birth. That is friggin unbelievable.

  • I am sure you heard about the news anchor that was bit in the face by the Argentine Mastiff - I feel really bad for what happened to her but once again do not STICK your face into the face of any dog no matter what the breed. This dog had just been through a traumatic rescue you bring him on a show throw some hot lights, loud noises, stick an news anchor face in the dogs grill and you have a quick recipe for disaster. All this is going to do is make people fear this breed of dog which no one should. I had a mastiff for many years before my current dogs and he was a wonderful and docile dog. I am sick and tired of people making these type of dogs  out to be the "bad" dogs. Sometimes people are just plain stupid when it comes to being around animals.

Woof Woof and Happy Friday Gang 


joeh said...

I have to comment on your WTF's in order
He also drools when he anounces them the freeking pedi.
you what?

MamaBear13 said...

Every time I see Toddlers & Tiaras, i hear the stripper announcer. Awkward!
My uncle was 14lbs at birth in the 40s... My grandma was a tiny little lady, no one know how it happened haha (then again, at 5'2, i had a 10lb baby which i still can't wrap my head around). She had a certificate saying he was the biggest baby born in the province (we're in Canada) until 03.
And I'm with you on the dog front. My heart breaks for these dogs that do things out of fear, misguidance, situational error. Every time I see dogs on shows with large audiences, intense environments, mass confusion, I wonder what they expect the outcome to be. I hate to say it, but that seemed like a very logical outcome given the facts.
I love your blog :) especially Fridays. You are the source of many a dinner table conversatio! (well, your topics, not necessarily you haha)

Amanda said...

This is great! So true on all them- WTF?

Ixy said...

Awesome post!

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Noooooooooooooooooooooooo! If your WTF's don't deliver themselves every Friday I have no reason to go on.

Mommy Bags said...

I am going to try and keep this going I swear I will try

juli said...

Um... what is up with that keychain??? I might have a solution for that one... ;)

Unknown said...

Yay for walking the dog with your kiddo. I love some $$ saved and time together!

Can't say I disagree on the Prince Harry front.

I refuse to watch Toddlers/Tiaras. Not because it's disgusting (which it is!) but because I'll become hooked! LOL I am not as open about my reality TV needs as you are! lol Dance Moms is another one that I won't watch because I know I will become addicted! :D

The news anchor deserved to get bit. She acted like an idiot. As a person, I'd probably have bit her if she had been that close to me too!

Do what you have to but warning, without WTF Friday (even when I'm a bit behind on my blogs! lol); I could become even more of a bitch. Are you willing to bear that responsibility? :D *muah* You know I love your blog but in all seriousness, if you've got to take a break, you should. Maybe make it once a month or something?

I'm babbling...I do that you know. A lot.

Feeling the love......