Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Teenage Dream Queen............

I am not stunned at all because sometimes the stupidity of some people make me slam my head against my palm on a daily basis. What year are we in....2013 and some of you little girls out there have not figured out that if you post naked photos and/or make a friggin sex video and your even a bit in the public eye the shit will come out eventually.... I don't know how some of these half wits have no figured it out. Unless they have figured out and they know that the fastest way to fame is releasing a sex tape...can you blame these young people for thinking this way? I mean come on look at Kim K look what she got by releasing her sex video. But let's not forget that Kim K's family was already pretty well know and on the D list of fame this type of fame does not happen to everyone...{Hellllllo Mr.  Laurence Fishburne's daughter}....Their Mom just did what she had to do too make her way up to the A list something that social climbing media whore always wanted for her family. She now has it but at what looks too me like her family is falling apart day by day....What is it with fame that some people will do anything to be a part of then bitch about it when they finally arrive there?

Another one bits the dust 
Once again we are on a heel of another "beauty queen" having to step down from her duties because "allegedly" a sex video has surfaced on the Internet of our miss goody 2 shoe Ms. Delaware Teen USA doing the dirty deed done not...this has become part  the resume of some of these so called "beauty queens". From Ms. USA to random pageants throughout the country more and more of these girls are getting caught with their pants down...hardy har har. Have we not learned that one way or another as soon as you reach some level of accomplishment in your life there is always a piece of shit lurking in the background waiting and willing to make a buck on your past indiscretions.  In this day of constant almost psychotic flow of social media and constant news 24/7 you know the shit will hit the fan if you have done anything wrong. I however do not sympathize with many of these lovelies because DUDE come on you should not better. Now I hate to be DD(debbie downer) but Ms. Teen Queen says that the "young lady" on the video is not her...but...she stepped down from her duties. If in your right mind you knew that this was not you on the video why would you give up your crown. As a Teen Queen who has fought her way through the pageant circle would you not fight for what is right? It is sad to me that some of these young ladies are supposed to be "role models" for other young is quite sad if you think about it.

Looks like besides speaking to me daughter about the birds and the bees earlier than I ever found out about them I am going to have to include what not to do with social media......

Stay Fierce and Love

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Been gone for a bit....

Right outside our house 
I did not notice until this am that I have not posted since Monday...What the hell happened to Tuesday through Friday? Time is going by waaay to fast and sometimes I feel that I am on the Speed bus without brakes minus Sandra and Keenu or however he spells his name. It could be that my daughter has been getting up to pee at 2:00 am since Tuesday and I am just a tad bit sleepy. I love that she gets up to tell us she needs to tinkle but it is hard for someone like me for when I get woken up it takes me another 2 hours to get to sleep and with a 5:30 internal alarm it is hard to catch up on sleep and a cranky mommy equals a bitchy mommy. Their has been allot going on as usual and the days are turning into nights before I realize it. Spring is hitting us early in these parts and the trees are blooming like crazy my hood looks like one big pink cotton candy machine exploded because of all the beautiful trees that are sprouting their buds. I love walking around this time of year even though the pollen is killing me and turning our cars into yellow machines. I have hosed down the front of the house about 10 times this week just to get the pollen off. But you know what it is worth every single drop because the trees are so beautiful. I mean check these bitches out.

I call this cotton candy row 

I think I am also in the process of possibly changing my blog up a bit. As you all know I love to cook and bake and I get asked on a daily basis fro my recipes and I am thinking on starting to add some of them to the blog in a creative way = hopefully I have also been asked when my cook book is coming together and I just might place all the pages together and bound the book up who knows anything is possible...right?.....We are still looking at homes but the inventory in our area is so low that all their is out there right now is shit...that is what happens when you live in an area where people flood to thinking the streets are paved with gold. The new flow of techies and tech companies are making this once again the promised land. Our real estate market  has never suffered that much compared to the rest of the country but right  now it is pretty ridic. one of the pros and cons of living in Northern California.  

Getting ourselves ready for a vacation and I am hoping that this time around it is actually going to be a vacation. The last week long vacation we took we went to NC for my husbands brothers wedding and even though the wedding was great the whole week was pretty bad. GG got really sick there and I spent most of my time in a hotel room with a humidifier and a very sick toddler. It was beyond relaxing and I was even more tense when I got back then when I left. I feel vacations are for sitting around in a phat ass resort, around water and sun sipping on frothy drinks while GG plays in the pool until her little fingers prune. We are headed to Florida to visit with my awesome MIL and to GASP HURT ME PLEASE I THINK I AM GOING TO HURL go to DinseyHell with the little one.....It is a total surprise and keeping it under wraps until a few days before hand. With the help of much advise from Disney enthusiasts I am getting some fast passes and getting my crap organized on this side of the my world. One thing I do not like is waiting in line...Yes call me a big spoiled brat but you know what then it is what it is. I am also looking at Princesses events and all that jazz that comes with Disney. I was thinking about staying on Disney property but the Ritz and the Omni are calling my name.So that is still up in the air.  I like the resorts on Disney property but having Mickey shit stare at  me all day might just send me over the edge.  This will be the only time I will go here so I will make it count and make it extra special for my little one. If we get a "jonz' to go again I will just go to the one here in California. Or hell France would work for me to...Have not been there in a bit and I can always go to Paris.....Shit just thinking about the plane ride to FL is making me antsy I hate flying with toddlers. She is 3 now and hoping that she will be a little bit more stable this time around because the last plane trip was a f*ckin nightmare during take off and landing only. Could have been that she was starting to get sick and she was having a tough time with her ears. I also will not be "druggin" her with cold medicine (yeh I don't want to hear it -it was done and back fired for us) but I will be bringing with my some melatonin just in case. 

Overall stuff is good and I am loving life right now......OH BTW I am also in the process of getting the second floor painted and I am going to Feng Shui the shit out of my house...OH yeah baby California it's best

Monday, February 18, 2013

Toddler words 101

I promised myself that I would curb my truck driver mouth. I need to.....I have to.....It needs to be done  Everything that comes out of my mouth is now being repeating by my 3 year old which I sometimes forget is always two steps behind me. I was sitting in the car this morning and it went something like this:

Mommy Bags: Ok honey let's get the car and get ready to go to your ballet class let's hurry so mom can go and get her decaf non fat latte { I know sounds totally douchy but I cut out real coffee out of my diet years ago not good for the ol anxiety attacks}

GG: OK mommy I am so happy to go and dance yeah mommy.......

Mommy Bags driving along forgot it was a holiday so no traffic....yeah for us it is going to be a good day.....Until stupid dumb ass POS semi almost side swiped my car the opera of choice words that were about to come out through my mouth would be no doubt an instant classic....OH shit here it comes....must stop...need to show some restrain.....little innocent toddler brain in car....bite can do this.......

From my rear view mirror...I see a small fist raised and just one thing heard.

Mommy what a douchebag  

Mommy Bags: Head hanging down......OH fuck

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oh no he didn't.............

I could not believe when I read the story could NOT believe it but it did happen and I am telling you one thing if this happened to me the MoFo would have his teeth handed to him and it would have been on like on like Donkey Kong.  Now we all  know that toddlers do not make the best travelers they are toddlers and they suck at it we all know this. But sometimes people need to get on a plane and they have their children it is part of life so people who have a hard time with children flying need to get the f*ck over it. A plane is one big ass overprices bus. You buy a ticket like everyone else and you fly.  I do not know when some people decided that airplane travel was reserved for the over 21 set. Yes their might be some parents that have a hard time controlling their kids and just don't give a shit but you also have parents like myself who go out of their way to make sure we do not bother other passengers when we fly. You want to slap your own kid none of my business a stranger walks up and slaps my 2 year old your friggin head is going to roll and believe you me I don't f*ck around when it comes to shit like that. I have thrown down before I had kids and I will throw down now if anyone ever touches my kid.  Who the f*ck does this man think he is? Beside slapping the poor kid{who was probably having ear issues as most kids do when plane is taking/landing} he threw a few racial slurs in the mix. Really??/Reallyy???? No matter what you feel like when it comes to kids traveling NO ONE has the right to place a hand on YOUR child......This man crossed the line period...their is no justification for this none whatsoever.

A man is facing simple assault charges after he allegedly slapped a 19-month-old toddler across the face while calling the child the n-word.

The incident took place Feb. 8 aboard Delta Air Lines Flight 721, en route from Minneapolis to Atlanta, when Joe Rickey Hundley, 60, is said to have slapped the child, named Jonah, who was traveling with his mother, Jessica Bennett, the Smoking Gun reports. 

FBI Agent Daron Cheney said Hundley was sitting in seat 28A while Bennet and her son sat in seat 28B, during the two-hour flight.

According to the Smoking Gun, Bennett told investigators that Jonah began to cry as the plane changed altitude in its final descent to Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, and that she attempted to comfort him when Hundley, who was sitting next to her on the flight, turned around and slapped her son with an open hand, saying “shut that [n*****] baby up.”

Bennet said the slap caused Jonah to scream even louder, and that it also “caused a scratch below [the child’s] right eye.”

Hundley reportedly denies striking the child or using the racial slur; however, he does say he “asked the mother to quiet the child.” 

According to the Smoking Gun, Hundley, the president of an aircraft parts manufacturer in Hayden, Idaho, was traveling to Atlanta to visit a hospitalized relative, whose illness made him “distraught.” He says he consumed one alcoholic beverage during the flight. 

But several witnesses who assisted Bennet after the attack say otherwise. Todd Wooten, who was in seat 16C, said that he “heard derogatory language coming from the rear of the aircraft” and saw Hundley hit the child when he got up to investigate.  

Bennet said Hundley had drunk several double vodkas during the flight and had previously complained that her son was too big to be a “lap baby.” She added that she believed he was intoxicated when he boarded the plane, and that he “reeked of alcohol” and was “stumbling around wasted.”

Apprehended when the flight landed, Hundley faces up to a year in prison if convicted of the misdemeanor count. In addition, he was charged with public intoxication and carrying a concealed weapon; the "weapon" he claims, was a wine corkscrew.

Hundley apparently has history of violence, having been arrested in 2007 for having a fight with his girlfriend.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Might be to much

Not quite here but this is what I get to look forward to
TMI for some people so if women's "stuff" bugs you move on. Now I know it was bound to happen I am after all 43 and no matter how young you might feel and think you may look sometimes your body has other plans for you and you are SOL. Based on the long list I just checked off a few minutes ago and the way my body has been acting weird and what I feel like. I have been on a PMS roller coaster for 3 weeks now it might be a possibility that I MIGHT have started the peri menopausal bitch ride and I am f*ckin freaking OUT!  Being a woman has many wonderful qualities this is one of the definite cons.

Now I am to the T kind of girl with my monthly always have been the only other time that I have been late is when I found out I was pregnant with GG. Now I know I am not preggo because let's just say I know. I have been going through some weird things like being slightly above temperature at times*I have already purchased ice packs that I keep in the freezer for moments like this* , I am prone to anxiety but the last few months it has been crazy even with me working out. Super tired, irritable, moody as hell and just not feeling like myself. I work out, I am eating right but I believe that it is time to overall everything in my life which means following a very strict food intake that is supposed to help with symptoms of this peri menopausal shit.   I have already started adding Chia and Flax seed to most of my foods for an extra boost.

Mind you while I am going through all of this I am trying to keep my shit together because I have a little girl to raise and I do not want her to see me go through The Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde Show so my bathroom has become my new sanctuary  to bring myself back down to planet earth.  I started reading this book about 6 months ago and I really hope it helps me get through this little phase without killing someone. I also need to sit my poor husband down here in a bit to explain all this fun crap. He is going to have to hear it from me that is somewhat "normal" wifey is going to be turning into the werewolf with spouting fangs whenever the hormones decide to take my body for a joy ride. Where the hell did I sign up for this? I mean I did not think it would the PRE would start this early but after reading a bunch of info on line I am at the "date". I don't know how to deal with this I am such a control freak that something that is so going to be probably so out of wacko is going to make me loopy.  I am sharing this with you all because when I started this blog I promised to be 100 percent honest and me.....And I also love the many awesome comments of reassurance that I receive when I blog about something so personal. I am not scared of this I am scared of the unknown and this is a def. unknown. Augh WTF.....Any advice and home remedies to make this process a little less annoying will be appreciated!

PS- to all the youngish peeps that are snickering.... You too one day will get older and you too will go through the very same exact process...Remember

Monday, February 11, 2013

Free dammit... finally free....

It is party time here @ Casa Crazy.....As of 2 months ago.  With hardcore I am taking your pull up away so it is time to deal and it is time to put your big girl panties to the test.  We are now fully fully potty trained including no diaper for night. She has been holding and going just like a big girl and we are uber proud.  So far*knock on wood* no night accidents and she has been getting up on her own to pee if she does have to go through the night. Now I know this might be a pretty weird ass post but damn I feel like I have been buying diapers forEVA......With the many diapers, came the wipes and the expensive ass liners for my Drakor Diaper thing.   Going out has been awesome no totting around a diaper bag full of pun intended....We go out to eat and she does her thing it makes going out so much nicer and easier. I am really proud of her to becasue once I told her her diapers were going to be GONE she did what she had to do. Of course she had a few accidents when we first took her diapers away but once she felt what it would feel like to be wet she did not like so much and it just clicked. We chose a rainy weekend and stayed close to home and within the weekend she was on her way. It was friggin AWEsome and man on man does it feel great!

Besides being on her ass 24/7 I also used some good ol fashioned bribery. I know that some of you so perfect mommies out there are going to tisk tisk about this but you know what IT worked and it worked very well. Go to the potty get a quarter for your piggy bank. When your piggy bank is full we take the money from the pig  - some in savings{she was going allot there for a bit} and she could take about 3.00 then go to the dollar store to get herself a prize. She loves going o the store to spend "her" PB money.

I am now diaper free alleluia!!!!! I am so f*ckin happy.....

Sunday, February 10, 2013


Rut. Hey guys I know that most everyone out in bloggy land has gone through this but I am in a RuT with blogging and I cannot seem to snap the f*ck out of it.......It is not that I am running out of things to say is me for hell's bells but I am in a rut when it comes to what the hell I need to do in order to get some more visitors to my site. I mean the hits are still OK but not what they used to be. Now I know some of that is because I have not had the time to go out there and do my trolling thing. I thought that with GG in preschool part part time I could do more but I have found myself busier becasue I am involved with her class and I am doing some volunteer work. I also have noticed though that the blog hops are not s active as they used to be and I am sorry to say but most of the blog hops have become weak and no one seems to actually write anymore.

Most of these blogs have become like big old advertisement and posts about merchandise..What happened I thought when you had a blog you were supposed to write or did I miss the blog memo??? Now a little bit of contests/giveaways are fun but when the whole damn thing becomes one big advertisement I don't see the point.

What I want to know is what do you guys do to get some more traffic over to your site that does not requires selling your soul to the giveaway devils?????

Stay fierce and much love your very discouraged Mommy Bags

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Does this judge look like someone you would mess with?
The look on the girls face is priceless but you know what tough shit you deserved it 

which their is very little of late in this society of ours. Yes the last few posts have been about the lack of respect, manners and overall empathy that some people no longer have. That is why when this awesome Miami judge did what he did to that disrespectful  little girl the country cheered. I believe that many of us are quite sick and tired of the attitude of some of the youth of today. Yes I am going to sound like an old friggin fart right now but this shit was not happening when I was young and bitches I am not that old. I had respect for my parents, members of the community and my elders. Today I see none of this. I believe we are also missing some good old fashioned discipline. I was raised the Italian old fashioned way...One false or asshole move when we were out and I got the warning "look"  if I chose to ignore the "look"  I got the raised eyebrow with the "look" and if I really wanted to live on the edge and ignore both my ass better speed race up to my room when I got home because shit was going to hit the fan and I am talking a smack down none of this time out crap {I believe TO is OK for certain things but not a fix all for all things}. My parents never beat me but when I got out of line their was a few smacks here and there to set me straight. Every single one of my friends were raised this way and we are all fine.  I think we have become a little to caring on what others people think and what would they say kind of parent raising and that in my opinion has lead the way to some completely disrespectful little turds.

Some people might say that I am on my daughters ass way too much but you know what I am because I do not want to end out bailing my kids ass out of jail one day.

Below is the story for your viewing pleasure:

MIAMI — A Miami woman has been jailed on contempt charges after flipping off a judge during a drug possession hearing.

Miami television station NBC 6 reported that 18-year-old Penelope Soto laughed Monday when Circuit Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat asked how much her jewelry was worth as he inquired about her financial assets.

The judge told Soto to be serious and Soto said she was being serious.

He set Soto's bond at $5,000 and said bye-bye. Soto laughed again and replied, "adios." He summoned her back and reset her bond at $10,000.

Soto asked whether the judge was serious and he said, "I am serious. Adios."

Soto flipped him off and blurted an expletive as she walked away.

The judge summoned her again and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Where have all the real men.....

gone? That is what my brain was humming the other day when I asked myself what the f*ck happened to all the men? Now as a general rule I do not like to lump all men in one blob but as of late I have noticed that this new crop of young "men" that are being sprouted have the manners of shit and have become such annoying little assholes. They are little turds with no respect for pregnant,  elderly and women in general. Most of the time I would like to take their white ear piece headphones and shove them and their Iphones up their Justin Bieber skinny jean wearing asses. It is an epidemic bad manners in general but I have notice this especially in the men. I mean 2 weeks ago I was bringing my little one to the pediatrician the asshole saw me heading to the elevator toddler in tow.  I got to the elevator and I had to physically keep the doors open with my back in order to get my child on board ..and little little boy BITCH in the elevator with his I am to cool for school pretend reading glasses did nothing. I swear to God the look I gave him made my thoughts come through loud and clear and let me tell you if I could have said something I would have...but I had to remind myself that I was in the presence of a toddler or I would have verbally bitch slapped the little maggot.

Now I don't know how things are in the rest of the US but I can tell you here in California the chivalry has gone out the window. They just did a test here in San Francisco I believe in April (and our asses should be flat out ashamed) where a reporter brought her very pregnant sister on crowded muni buses to see how many men would give up their seats and let's just say the results were awful and I do mean embarrassingly AWFUL...let's just say she did not find many....So sad!  What has happened to guys? Can someone please enlighten me.  I mean what the F*ck is going on? Are parents not teaching their kids manners or are they and they are just not sticking. I am sick of this shit it is embarrassing I swear guys I am going to end up bashing one of these little f*ckers in the face...I know that sounds harsh but you do not see what I see everyday and it is getting worse everyday. I remember clearly being at DMV at the end of my 8th month and miserable I was so swollen I looked like a zit ready to burst. During the whole hour that I was there and standing not one MOFO male or female for that matter was kind enough to give me their seats.  When did the young men of today lose their ability top open car doors for a woman no matter what age? How about a please and a thank you instead of a grunt, pull out a chair,  help her off her coat.  Where has all the respect gone.....and are we able to ever get it back? What kind of f*cked up society are we going to be in 10 years.....

Friday, February 1, 2013

Back from HELL.....

So I have been gone for the last four days...WHY you ask...WHY because my whole damn family has been hit by this damn flu from HELL....Since Monday night hubby and I have been down and I do mean D-O-W-N! My husband stayed home from work for two days in bed and for him to do that you know that he totally had to feel like shit in order for him to do that my husband never stays home from school. I am telling you now folks if you have not gotten this bug please please make sure you can do whatever you need to do in order not to get it because this one is a doozy. The fever was not high but the body aches, the congestion the stomach problems and the cough are just plain f*ckin awful.   

Today is the first day that I have been able to leave our bed and make my way to the couch to be able to even put together some thoughts. We have been all holed up in this house for a week and we are all about to go insane in the membrane.....Dogs are going nuts, I am about ready to punch myself in the face and my child is crawling the walls. My hubby went into work for a half day and now he is back to take our little one to the pediatrician while I finally get my ass to the shower and try to get our life back in some kind of order.  For now I am going to be sitting here taking down some more theraflu, dayquil and watching Rosemary's Baby for the 25th time because I do love that friggin movie.....

I hope to be back on track by Monday........

Feeling the love......