Friday, August 15, 2014

Nomands what a crock of.....

BULLSHIT! Yes in my opinion bullshit. I have openly admitted that I am a reality show whore. I make no apologies for it.  I love great dramas, crime ect...but their are days when you want to turn off the brain and watch stupid shit on the brain cell remover, and last night is exactly what I did. I watches the train wreck which is Extreme Guide to Parenting on the always thumbs up programming on Bravo TV. Knowing that some people should NOT be allowed to breed this show proves it. I have not checked out the first episode but after this second one I need to check out what other joy of a parent will be featured. Now I have no issues with the Nomand lifestyle if your ass is SINGLE and or coupled off and both parties agree to do this "wandering" thing. Well to me it is a whole different effin story when your totting two kids around with you. I come from the old school mentality that when  you have kids it is NOT all about you anymore but those kids. Maybe I am wrong and maybe it will not work out for me in the end but Gdammit I was given this child to raise and I am going to do whatever I need to do in order to make that child into a productive, self sufficient effin adult.  I watched this show and I see that mom's head is in the clouds and dad just strikes me as one tick bite away from starting is own tree hugging hippy commune. A brief description of the episode.

Three years ago, Wendy and Tyler got rid of everything they owned and became nomads living out of their SUV. Now that their kids are older, life on the road has lost its charm. While Wendy and the kids long for a place to call home, Tyler fears any change could lead straight back his greatest fear. . .a "normal life."

NOT NORMAL life god help us with the "normal" life. Go my little red headed beard man stick it to the man...whatever asshole.....BTW the vehicle is not even close to being a SUV it looks like some cramped up Volvo.   Kids do not have any privacy which becomes a problem the older you get...These kids will be tweens soon..... do you really want to be sharing a tent with your mom and dad. Can you imagine little johnny first woody trying to take care of business with mom/dad/sis near by. How about the first PMS breakdown of your soon to be teen age daughter...Hello she has no door to slam what is she to do!!!!  I feel bad for these kids...because they look like great kids but you just feel bad for them.  They seem tired of the traveling and all they want is their own little area so they can decorate - and a dog and friends and fresh food and privacy and a bed and not a tent and a not public restroom and legos and the list goes on and on.....I heard a lot of I....I....I....I....I from the dad and last time I checked when you have a child/children it becomes more about we and sometimes a whole lot of them. Yes they have traveled the world and yes you get to enjoy extreme closeness to your  family but at what cost?

Dad comes off selfish and quite frankly a prick..... I just want to reach into the TV and punch him in his face. He lives in a fucking fantasy land of rainbow and unicorns- mom just goes with what daddy says and to me it is one big cluster fuck...  The kids get home schooled {barely} so let's see what the future holds for these little kiddos.  At one point the assholes  parents bring their kids into a toy store and basically tell them that they cannot get a toy unless they get rid of one. Now I see doing a purge every year and donating toys to shelters but these kids are on minim amount of shit already cuz their parents decided to fuck the establishment  for the wandering lifestyle...Hey douches this is a choice your asses made not a choice your kids made. Why the fuck would you dangle the carrot then take it back??? Hopefully the kids will get a chance to break free -soon.Towards the end the 'father" finally agrees to at least get an RV so the family has a bit of elbow room. It still goes to show me that the parents are a couple of assholes.   This is definitely a how to show on how NOT to raise your kids. People what ever happened to balance?

nomad (Greekνομάςnomas, plural νομάδες, nomades; meaning one roaming about for pasture, pastoral tribe), is a member of a community of people who live from one place to another. Among the various ways Nomads relate to their environment, one can distinguish the hunter-gatherer, the pastoral nomad owning livestock, or the "modern" peripatetic nomad.

Feeling the love......