Monday, January 28, 2013

In the dumps....

so I do not know what the hell is going on with me but I have cannot get out of this damn funk that I have been in for the last few weeks. I do not know if it is because I have been running ragged for the last few months and I finally have had a break in my hectic schedule and I am finally getting a chance to breath that everything seems so blah right now. I have been working out but I really have not been into as much as I usually am which means it is time to step it up a notch or change up my program.  My toddler is driving me crazy my dogs are getting on my nerves and generally I have been foul lately.  I cannot even blame this mood on the weather because we have had some pretty nice spring like weather...A little chilly but nice and sunny. So what the hell am I going through right now I have no idea but I really do hope that I snap out of this soon because I do not do well when I am in this mood. I have started doing some volunteer work with Soldier Angels and I am writing letters and sending care packages to our awesome armed forces.  Also now that things have slowed down I am finally getting a chance to look over some business ventures. I have decided which roue to go. I am in the process of coming up with a name, getting a logo done and applying for a re sellers license.   I am excited but I have made a pledge to myself that GG will come first. This is something for me to get started now so once GG is in school full time I can devote more time to it. I have only one little one and I want to make sure I am there for her every step of the way. I used to work in such a creative atmosphere that right now not having this in my life is rotting my brain cells. I need an outlet and I think this little business of mine could be just the ticket I need in order to refresh the creative brain waves.

I know I should STFU because I have a great life, family and awesome friends so really nothing is ever that bad. I just need to snap the f*ck out of it.

Anyone else feeling the same right now?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oh Beyonce......

I am going to make this one short and sweet......I think she has talent that has been proven but I also think the following:

  • You were not moving around and not dancing so you had plenty of breath to do your singing thing 
  • You were snug as a bug in your Dior{ is that mink coat - which would be a whole other post on how wrong that is}and long sleeve Pucci dress if you were that cold that your voice would be affected you should have not removed your coat an worn a scarf 
  • You were hired because you had chops girl and what you showed the world is that you were not that confident in your ability because you used a prerecorded track...NOT COOL this is not a concert were you have a million back up dancers in your way and sweating balls off while you dance around the stage. This was you and a mic this should have been your moment to do your singing organically 
  • We know that it is your voice on the prerecorded tract however you made it seemed that the awesome way it was sung was done by you on that day not at a recording studio that can fix all the things that are not just right. Oh and removing the ear piece real dramatic there
  • We all know others have done it but you know what you should have been different and done your thing like you have been doing all along
  • Dissapointed might sound silly but I was 
  • The most important point - OUR National Anthem should NEVER be lip synced
The End 

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Being a single......

parent is tough man.....My husband was away last week for 7 days at a trade show and I got to play single parent and let me tell you it is not fun at all. I give props to the women and men who do this everyday.  15 hours straight a day of toddler fun and I am super done. I have extreme attitude {yep worse than usual}, I broke down becasue I had the lack of the sleep and just no help and yes I might be whining about this but hubby and I are a great team and one of the players is down it is hard for the other one that is just the way it works ....You know what my problem is I need to learn how to relax and tell myself that I do not need to be super mom. I try to do too much and set such high expectations for myself that sometimes I just stress myself out.  Overall my daughter would rather me play with her than worry about something completely trivial but I am just hard wired that way and I am really trying to chill a little.

So ya all know I am paranoid so when my hubby is out of town dial the paranoia up to 300. Every little sound woke me and every car door slamming jolted me from bed.  I had weapons set throughout the whole house, booby traps and just being my usually overly cautious self. I also have a super duper alarm system and special sturdy New York style locks for my door and 2 dogs that might look nice but one if them will tear your head off if you even get near me and GG. This is from years of living in the city and watching way to much damn news.  You become super paranoid and you just watch your back at all times. Since having my little GG it has become even worse. Yes I know this is no way to live but you know what with the many freaks and assholes wandering our streets even in the safest neighborhoods the days of not locking your door are long gone especially to this little lady...I see it everyday people walking the street completely clueless to what is going on around them. Put your damn cell phones down people and be aware of your surroundings.

OK so let me get back on track......It has been uber busy between doing my thing as a mommy.  We are in the beginning beginning stages of looking for a new home which to tell you the truth is really not making me happy. Low inventory, overly inflated home prices and just shit on the market makes the process no fun. That is why I watch Home Hunters and sometimes wish I did not live in this expensive ass state of California.  So my little GG is turning 3 tomorrow and I am wondering where the time has gone.   It was just yesterday that she was in my belly and now she is throwing her covers over her head and telling me that she does not want to wake up and to please get out of her room...WHAT!?! the F8ck....She wanted to get her ears pierced for her birthday so we went and did that on Sunday and not one damn tear shed she did her thing and she was good to go. We are not having anything humongo this year. We are having some close friends over and just doing our relax thing for her bday... She is still continuing with her ballet even though the last 2 weeks she has made it impossible to go because she just does not want to go. I have enrolled her in karate and she is liking it allot.  I think she likes the part were she can kick and punch. And I am happy because she is learning the way to properly drop a dude if she needs to. We are looking into going on vacation here soon and we have surprise for Ms. GG on where we might be headed but we are still on the works for this one. Let's just say this mommy here will have to be highly medicated in order to go to this place they call the f*ckin happiest place on earth. Don't think that my sippy cup will not be filled with wine...yo

Monday, January 21, 2013

To Wax or not.....

to wax that is the questions....Now I cannot EVEN believe I am going here but you know me what kind of fun would it be NOT to go there..... As you all know being the rag hag whore that I am I cannot go wee without my Us Weekly and all other shit rags that I buy...You know you have a little problem with the dude at Barnes & Nobles says see ya next Thursday...Mmmmm just a little bit of a problem.....Listen...folks I got to stay up and current on the can I bitch and moan about the celebrities without my trusted rags. I know that more than 50 percent of the shit in there is not true but it is my guilty pleasure.

In the last few weeks their have been many posts and articles regarding the waxing of eyebrows ...yo ABC news on line was covering the shit. So Farrah from the teen mom franchise went to get her daughters eyebrows waxed and plucked becasue at the age of 3 she was getting bullied and people were making comments on her uni brow everyday.  Now this sucks that a toddler needs to go through this period but when yo mama is in the limelight it is super bad...As we all know people can be friggin cruel.  Obviously  Farrah has been receiving allot of negative feedback.  

I am now bending over because of the ass reaming I am about to receive for this comment ..OK here we go - what the big deal is I really don't and yes I just went there. Pause...hello..Yes I just said that. For me if my daughter had an issues with hair on her face being a uni brow or a mustache I would do what I needed to do in order to take care of that for her. And before the "Oh sure first comes the waxing then she will be bringing her daughter to get botox gang..Their is a a big difference with getting rid of some facial hair and injecting cow botulism in my child's face". BTW that would NEVER happen......I am Italian and hairy as f*ck and have been taking care of my business for a long while and that was years ago when kids were not lumped up in this clay of what they look like.  Today kids are also being judged by their looks. It is the world we are living in is sad ...very very sad but it is a fact of life.

This cute little girl above was already being bullied at the age of 3 for her facial hair. Maybe instead of freaking about the waxing we should be wondering why a 3 year old is being bulled for her uni brow in the first place.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Let's talk about.....

Lance...let's talk about Lance...BaBy!  Now I am not a huge sports fan quite frankly most sports bore the shit out of me just like a day of shoe shopping would bore the shit out of most males..I know what I know from listening to my husband and having ESPN on most of the time when we are around each other. I know about Lance Armstrong  and how the f*ck could you not know who he was with the many million times the dude has been discussed and  let's not forget his sparkling personality..Gagh.....All I know is this........He is a cheater......their is no two other ways about it. I don't give a shit if he sat down and gave his interview with the Dali Lama. Does he think that just because he is going to vomit the truth to Oprah {which is annoying as shit to me}that it is going to make everything better? This boo boo cannot be fixed with a band aid...sorry Lance.  No matter what he has to say the MoFo cheated....For years this man was praised, protected, made into a millionaire and held up on a pedestal.  He was not nice at all too many people who knew the truth but had to keep the "machine" going or suffer the wrath of Armstrong. On top of being a cheater he was and is a big fat liar....He got rich being a liar....

For years we were told..."No way........ No way could Lance be using drugs to do what he could do.....and in the back of my mind their was always a doubt especially when you seemed to have this super human strength. I would like to also bring up is that the man had testicular cancer. From what I have read steroid and human growth hormone are known to cause cancer especially in that area for men. I also have zero respect for a man who leaves his wife right after she stood by him during his cancer battle.  She never abandoned him he did as soon as he thought oh shit I am Lance Armstrong I can do better..Oh...oh yeah and here is another good one he then dumps his girlfriend Sheryl Crow just after three months of engagement because as he stated "they were just up against her "biological" clock and he was just not ready to have more children? that not something that should have been discussed before you got into a relationship with Sheryl.....OH and my fav he f*cked an Olsen Twin......Awesome.

Yes...he has raised money and awareness for cancer he however screwed it all up by being a cheater and a douchebag. His personalty sucks and he thinks he can do not wrong. He is supposed to be a role model...What kind of role model are you?  You are telling the world  - Hey look you can cheat and lie and in return you will get fame, money, hot chicks and praise...Way to go Lance....*thumbs up*. Remember you said that this was a "witch hunt" and "just not right" well suck it and put your big boy pants on because you are done and any respect that has been flushed down the toilet with your lovely yellow bands.

PEACE bitch!

Pssssttttt - The French were right all along

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When are people.....

This is NOT OK and I am seeing this more and more everyday
going to start taking responsibility for their own person and their own actions and stop blaming everyone else?   This morning I woke up to check my on line news like I always do and of course just like every other day in this world their is some kind of article on the obesity crisis and of course everyone was blaming the fast food /soda industry. Now before anyone freaks out this is an observation that I have made. Please don't bombard my email with what an asshole I am because I don't need to hear it. I am quite sick and tired of everyone blaming everyone else for being overweight.

I am making this point because when a person decides to eat fast food 3 to sometimes 5 times a week it is not Burger Kings, McD's or Crack in the Jacks fault that is your own doing and your own fault. Parents need to take the responsibility of monitoring what their children eat some of these kids are getting larger by the day and are going to have a lifetime of health complications. Please let's not use the fast food is cheap  line because I am telling you right now when you take the time to total how much you spend a week on fast food you can go to any supermarket and buy yourself some bulk chicken breast and frozen veggies and work it out.....I mean with some of the pretty good coupons out there you can get some really good deals. I grocery shop every week so I know what things cost.  I know that people work but you can grill up some chicken and steam some veggies in little as 30 minutes. I think in some cases it comes down to plain old laziness. Fast food is full of crap and is just not good for you. I almost never eat this shit and when I get a craving maybe once a year as soon as I have the chain burger I feel like crap and I pay for it for the next few days.

In this day and age where nutritional and calorie information is on almost every website and menu their is no excuse for you as a your person not know that this crap is going to make you large. Their have been enough programs, documentaries, books and films on the subject for anyone to get themselves educated on the subject.  I know and take responsibility that when I am choosing to devour a whole bag of Doritos(thanks PMS) that the next day I need to get my ass up and work the shit off or just live with the consequences - but I am not going to turn around and blame Doritos because my fat ass that day cannot zip up my skinny jeans. When  I decide to drink a few bits of wine and feel like crap the next morning I do not turn around and blame the Pinot Grigio awesome wine making  folks I blame my dumb ass for drinking too much.

I guess I am just over people saying that so and so made me fat. Listen I am no means a supermodel but I know what I need to do in order to maintain my weight. I try and eat right, I cook dinner almost every single night and I move...I used to hate working out and it took my forever to get my ass in the groove but now it has become part of my lifestyle and when I do not work out I feel weird.  It is a habit you pick up just like brushing your teeth. Don't wanna do the gym check out your cable station on demand and they have a ton of shit you can move to from zumba to yoga. Don't have cable ......Walk the mall dude...their is some type of mall everywhere....Hike...walk your dog your cat whatever.....Just move!  I have seriously seen young adults not leave their house in weeks and just sit in front of the computer playing video games. WTF kind of life is that...then they wonder why they are overweight? Get your kids outside every day...I keep my child busy with all sorts of activities. Dance will be starting karate soon and swimming. Yes she loves her Ipad but it is up to me to monitor the time she spends on it. Kids need to MOVE.

AND I swear if I hear about the f*cking BMI chart one more time I am going to f8cken scream. I think the BMI is bulls shit. I don't believe that you can base a persons health by a chart. I believe we are all individuals with different body types, heights, frames   ect....and to use some outdated chart to figure out if your healthy or not is just me.  I have seen friends of mine suffer through bulimia, anorexia and just be on about every fad diet in the world to make sure they hit this chart and stay "healthy". I myself went through major eating issues in my late 20's and early 30's. I just decided one day that I could and would survive on carrots and cabbage soup. My brother actually though I was doing drugs because I had lost so much weight so quickly. I developed a serious issue with just not eating and food in general. To this day every time I place a piece of food that is not good for me in my mouth I got through a major amount of guilt.  Being 5'9 and weighing what I did was not attractive. We all know that doing the above shit is the opposite of healthy, as long as you are OK on the BMI chart your are healthy...right.......Not necessarily.

I guess I just needed to rant this am....Maybe I should stop watching/reading the news.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Hands Off.....

Last night I was glued to the TV watching my new reality show addiction "Sur"....First of all I adore me some Lisa Vanderpump how can you not LOVE Ms. Lisa her last name alone makes me giggle like a 14 year old girl who just had her first kiss.  I love her style, her accent, her work ethic and her everything. She rocks balls and I cannot get enough of her. Plus I am slightly obsessed with anything to do with restaurant and the food industry and Ms. Lisa and her husband seem to have the golden touch based on her handbag/shoe collection and 8,801 square foot downsized casa.....Of course everyone on the show is beautiful even though  a couple of the ladies are birthed from Satan spawn how could they not be this is after all "reality" TV and LA... ratings that need to be met...people.  Their was one particular little whore lady {works for Sur}who slept with Brandi's {RHOBH love her} husband for two years {from what I gather this douche bag really got around}he is now currently wed to the very  unstable LeAnne Rimes. Brandi confronted her last night on RHOBH to why she did what she did and wanted to let her know what she did ruined a family. What got my blood boiling is this little tramp claimed that she did not know that he was married. OK maybe a few 100 years ago this excuse could have granted you a pass. But today not so much ...... ever heard of Google...Bitch?

I despise women like this women who claim they did not know the married man was married...I get it takes two to tango but I know little tramps like this who go after married men and then bust out the fawn eyes and claim they were also a victim. I know that in certain situations is may happen were the little one was lied to and their might be different circumstances involved but I know that some of these little ladies{especially in LA} know exactly what they are doing. They are piranhas feeding of the remaining flesh off a floating bone. Anything to make them famous and get them ahead in the doggy dog eat world that is called fame/money/power.  I am sure their are thousands of girls in LA that would sleep with your husband for a Hermes bag. Remember whatever the f*ck your name is that karma is a bitch and one day you will get your dues.  I have also seen single young and not so young women purposely go after married men just for the challenge or the thrill of the hunt as they like to call it. I guess when you don't have anything/anyone in your life and are not secure in who you are has a person you need to do shitty things like this in order to make yourself feel better.  I have seen it...... live in action......up close and personal.

I can tell you this my friend and excuse the rant...if anything remotely  like this ever happened to my not expect me as the jilted wife to go away quietly.  Expect a knock on your door or a car through your living room....Just kidding....Mmmmm....Maybe......because your ass would be mine. And what I can tell you it would not be pretty and it would not be quite.  I have no patience or tolerance for women like this. Get ready for some bunny boiling shit but in reverse because instead of the wife getting the psycho chasing her down you would have the wife chasing the mistress down.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Try not to judge the book.....

by it's cover. I do always try and go by this motto but sometimes just like most of the humans out  in the world we have all done this at one time or another in our lifetime.  Yesterday morning I rolled myself out of bed and on the couch as I do most weekend mornings since I am the early bird of the family.  I can try to do an early morning yoga session on the TV but as soon as I start with the exercise the dogs flip out. As I do all mornings because I am totally addicted to celebrity gossip and OWN it I checked my TMZ. The first thing that comes up is an article on Honey Boo Boo....Now I can tell you this gang I have not watched one episode of the show -now I really do not know much about the family except that Ms. Little Bob Boo works the pageant circuit. All I do know of the family is what has been written about them throughout the gossip websites and some of the articles which have not been too pretty.....BTW Kris Jenner you should really STFU because you pimp out your family for money everyday you fame whore. You have not right to place your 2 cents about what Mama Bear Boo Boo does with her daughter...You sold out your daughter via a sex tape for fame. 

 Anywhoo I was reading about how much money they were making per episode(20,000) and I was like OH geeze what will they be doing with the money thinking that they were going to be blowing it on some commemorative Elvis plates and shit....(I know it was bad of me but this is the point of the post) and as I continued reading the article I was pleasantly surprised at what Mama Bear Boo Boo was doing with the money. MBBB is taking the money and dividing it equally among her girls it is going into a savings account and the girls cannot touch any of the dough until they reach 21. The only exception is medical emergencies and using it for school. MBBB said she wanted her children to look back and say that their mother played it smart.  I guess TLC puts the money straight into the accounts for the girls and she gets an email stating the $$$ has been deposited. She said that she will never drive a Mercedes or Range Rover and she will not live beyond her means. They pay all of their household bills with the paycheck with Sugar Bears paycheck as a contractor...The only major purchase they have made since they hit the big time is a purchase of a Ford Expedition for the family and it was a 2005....I got to say I am thoroughly impressed with MBBB and I really feel the need to apologize for judging her and her family and I truly respect her for doing this for her family.......maybe the Jenner Girls and their MOManger should take a little lesson from the Honey Boo Boo's family on how not to be tacky.... HOLLA

Pictures posted by the Jenner Girls - what they received for Christmas. Now I know that everything is relative to what cash you have laying around and good for them that their family can afford such extravagant gifts HOWEVER their is no need to flash this kind of bullshit all over instagram. AND that is MY opinion so if you don't like it kick rocks......

Celine Bags the small one goes for about 2,000 I love my handbags
but I was not 17 when I received my first handbag a 17 year old cannot appreciate
a bag that is this expensive 
1,200 Louboutin - really? 

Friday, January 4, 2013

This Capricorn....In a few

short days  will be turning.....OH help me little baby Jesus.....4...3...43...friggin 43. When did this happen? Where did it happen and how the f*CK did it happen. I did not have a hard time turning 30 I really did not see a big deal in turning 40 but 43 it bugging me just a little I am not going to lie. Soon I will be receiving information pamphlets from AARP then I will definitely freak the hell out.  In a way I am really happy that I did have my little GG at 40 it really give you an incentive to keep active and to keep your shit together. You really do not want to be the mommy that is picking the little one up from tween high and people asking hey was that your grandma that picked you up the other day...oh shit......"Groan". I have learned quite a bit in my 43 years and still learning everyday. I have seen some good things and experienced some really shitty life changing moments. I have made some true blue kick ass friends and hopefully grown up a little. I have become very chummy with my moisturizer and I am trying to keep my face from falling.  I feel bad for my husband who has to watch the more than 1/2 ritual I do every night before I got to bed. Extreme face washing, eye gels, neck moisturizer, regular moisturizer, weekly face mask in every color from neon green slime to poop color and so on.....The ladies at Nordstroms have gotten to know me real well with the amount of time I spend at the cosmetic counter looking for anything that will keep me from looking my age...and I must say it is working because people never think I am the age that I am....I guess when you get to this age you just begin to rethink what you should have should have not done and your brain starts doubting many things. Shoulda, woulda, coulda.....ya know what I am saying?

My husband wanted to take me out to dinner and just did not feel like celebrating because I knew that if I was going to go out tonight it would have gotten ugly drinking my middle age sorrows with a nice bottle of pinot noir.....So I decided it would be pizza party night...I make a killer pizza and I use super healthy ingredients so I don't feel as bad as going out to have some. Check it out below...Whole wheat crust, organic cheeses and sauce and veggies. I saute the mushrooms and peppers before I lay it out. Was up?!!

So this weekend is going to be a mellow one and hopefully I will not get depressed by the many thoughts that go through a woman's head at this point in her life. I am trying to keep it all together and positive.  I am also not going to be watching any type of plastic surgery programs because by watching them you begin to get paranoid about you as a person....I hope to avoid any help from the needle as long as possible.....God willing. Cheers....

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Finally.......

2012 was overall a pretty great year. 2013 is going to be f*ckin fantastic year because I am going to make it happen. I have decided that I will no longer(try really hard) not to let the small stuff affect my life. Last year I learned allot about myself as a person. I also learned that the only truly people that you can trust is your family and those friends that have been in your life forever you know the friends that truly know you inside and out and no matter how many times you see or hear from each other they will always be there. I learned to be weary of people who try to hard because what you see is not necessarily what you get. I have learned to love my family everyday and to walk away from wanting to slap the shit out of some people.  I have learned to be a bit more patient and a little more understanding and hopefully a little bit more kind. I have learned not to tolerate liars and just walk away from people who don't deserve my time and energy. Got rid of people who were not genuine and it felt great....After many years of over the top drama - no more drama and it feels pretty AMZaing!

This year 2013 I will be seeing allot of changes which I am ready for. Our Casa Crazy will be moving after much time consuming on thinking about it. We decided that with my pops getting older it was time to be closer. We also decided that we wanted GG to grow up around her cousins and the old school connection of the Italian Crue I grew up around we wanted to give her that feeling and sense of community. I also want a neighborhood with kids and where people decorate for holidays. I mean I like where I live but it is definitely more of a quite we work all the time neighborhood so people are always on the go. We live in I sat down and thought hard about this move for I am not a huge fan of the Peninsula but you know what I don't know it that well and I will do whatever it takes to be closer to people I love. Quite frankly as beautiful as Marin County is SOME people grate and I have no one here that I consider family. We start hitting the pavement looking for houses February 1st even though I have been researching areas for the the last 6 months. As we all know house hunting SUCKS donkey balls and when your dealing with a highly competitive real estate market as we are it makes it even worse  Plus who the hell likes moving? It is definitely going to be an adventure and I am totally up for it... Discovering new stores, schools, areas and places to dine.  I am telling myself to stay is a good thing.

So Happy New Year folks...back to reality and the grind tomorrow....Peace

Feeling the love......