Thursday, October 16, 2014

F*cken A it's time for ...Halloween Bitches****

Yep this is the time of year where I go nuts and I feel the most joyous...I love me so Halloween shit yo..This past weekend we decorated away..since I live on the block of the not so young {great people} but damn are some of them cranky and BOring. We have become the loudest house on the block with the many BBq's and outdoor events I have this pass few months. I have rented a jumpy house so many times that I am getting discount from the local dude that does the whole hood.  Not to sound mean but some of these folks have lived in the "hood" for about 50 plus years and are hitting their late 90's it called great CA living and some of these peeps look to be about in their 70's, HOWever some have totally lost the holiday spirit so I decided I would kick some holiday spirit on their asses. Hopefully with the neighborhood going through a massive transition of the not so young bolting for FL and unfortunately kicking the bucket and new families and techies invading the neighborhood I am hoping next year will be a bit more festive.  The whole family decorated this weekend in 85 degree weather. We did a great job and it has become a family fun day.  We still have a few pieces we need to lay out and some lightning to work on but overall it is done......So far our home has become an attraction and the other day when I cam out of the house to head to my work out  I caught a priest just watching our home from his vehicle probably wondering what soul could ever posses to so something like this. I do not think it is that bad but I am used to it...and my awesome ball busting Brazilian jiu juitsu training daughter doesn't even flinch......OH and a post will follow on scardy cat kids and why some people will not decorate houses as scary as they would will love this bullshit story to come


Feeling the love......