Wednesday, February 29, 2012

BabaGate 2012

By George I think we have finally made it I am excited and I think we might have finally got it. After a week of whining torture my LDG is finally off the damn B-A-B-A. Holy nut balls I think we DID IT! She has had a love affair with Born Free Nipple Bottle for almost a year and a half and it has been torture trying to get this out of her life. LDG has been a pretty easy little chiquita but this damn bottle was giving us the run for our money. I was so trying to take it away based on some stupid baby magazine timeline I did not notice that my little one was not ready to part with it until now. We had made the attempt to remove the bottle once before and she was just not having it. Hello Rosemary's Baby it was a scary scary day.

She drinks all liquids from sippy/regular cups the only thing she loved out of her bottle was milk. Bed and nap time have been a little bit more challenging but she has "sucked it up" and she is doing a whole lot better. We are now using this sport/sippy cup contraption for her milk which she has kinda sorta been drinking from but she is using it more as something to hold onto while she rocks herself  to sleep. Hey..... I am happy we got through this hurtle without anyone/anything getting hurt. I only had to deal with more of an attitude this week but not bad at all considering I cold turkeyed her ass on the bottle. Hey I remember when I cold turkeyed my ass off cigarettes and man that sucked so I could relate. 

Below is the kind of face we have had to deal with because of  BABAGATE

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Shit that should

never be seen again. Going through some old photos again I feel like I am always organizing them are finally getting them into the photos albums I purchased ...and let me tell you I have a shit load. I am sooo glad that when we were partying our balls off their was no FB, Twitter and any other social media that we now have and for some reason cannot live without. As I go through some of the photos I am shocked at the outfits/trends that I once left the house with....hello pleather anyone? Hey you are only young once so why not....but at some point you grow up and realize the trend was over and you got rid of the evidence and moved on.  I guess the below items have not gotten the memo because I still see the shit wandering the streets. Can someone one please make these items go away...please...just go away trend heaven never to be seen again...
*I am proud to say that most of the below trends have never entered my closet*

  • The trucker hat - never liked this trend it was stupid and you know it was. Only jerk offs like Ashton Kutcher could carry this hat trend out. Can we please let Snooki know that she looks like a complete a**hole wearing the dumb hat.......but then again the gang from Jersey Shore is not known for their stylish apparel. 
  • On my most hated list for me personally - the f*ckin Juicy velour Elvis Presley tracksuit {fancy name for sweats} and/or the offensive bedazzled housewife tracksuit. WHO the f*ck made this tracksuit popular oh yeah the queen of sleaze Paris Hilton and about 1/2 the population of SCal followed. This trend was not a huge trend in Nocal sorry but those are the facts so don't friggin come at me with guns blazing. Add ugg boots and stir for a completely sloppy ass look.  Addidas track suit cool  the below not so much
  • The Ed Hardy anything.....For f*ck sake the calling card of the douchebag. The hats, the BUTT ugly t shirts, the jackets the friggin dorky jeans all of the Ed Hardy needs to forever go away.  It is hard to believe that an awesome tatooo artist work {from SF} is now splashed on bezazzled jeans - make sure you know who you sell your marketing and manufacturing rights to or you can end up on Jon Gosslins ass one day.
  • The Ugg boot. OK I admit I have a pair however the pair is used for peeing the dog when it's cold outside and I once bought a pair because my back went out and it was the only kind of shoe/coot I could slip on easily {this was before the cute ballet slip on invasion} and I refuse to wear tennis shoes out unless I am working out. These are house slippers in Australia here I have seen people wear them everywhere and I do mean everywhere.  When you are  at a cocktail event the Ugg is not the shoe you should be sportin'...just saying. Oh and what the f*uck is up wearing this shit in 90 degree weather? 

  • Crocs yes the unbelievably U-G-L-Y croc. Most people know how I feel about Crocs I have not been shy with my hatred for this pile of plastic ugliness.  I can't even go by the store without cringing.  I know that their are people out there that swear this is the most comfortable piece of plastic ever but come on folks this has got to be one the ugliest thing {because this is NOT a shoe}ever made. And no I don't like them for kids either. I don't care how "easy" they are to take care of. When you have a moment take a really hard look at them and then tell me if you still think these hideous shoe is cute. Comfy possibly cute nope not a chance. 
Offensive period 
  • The hippie kinda sorta  headband - this accessories does not look good on anyone. You look stupid the friggin 60's are over move the f*ck on.  
also on the list this what is this contraption and why do people feel the need to wear it on their heads?
  • Bedazzaled ugly jeans I blame this rhinestone nightmare trend to Ed Hardy they all sucked off of each other tackiness bad alone the chicks wore them even worse that dudes were sporting them also nothing says tough guy like rhinestones on your ass

  • Once upon a time Beiber hair on dudes WTF .... Seriously what is this haircut called the jerk off?

  • Acid wash anything I don't give a shit who says it's cool it is not there is a reason why this shit should have stayed in the 80's - it sucked then and it sucks now

  • Leaving the house in house slippers and PJ bottom enuff' said 

So gang tell me what fashion trend you wished would just go away?

Sunday, February 26, 2012

I fell like I........

Fascinated by the man hole...cover?
am burning the candles at both ends. We have had an extremely busy social schedule these past few months it has been crazy.  I have been running from one thing to another without a rest in between. The last month alone it has been a plethora of foodie events and get together's which I am enjoying since it is getting me back into the swing and know of things in the City and reconnecting with my old friends has been pretty AWESOME. Last night we went to this amazing little restaurant called Sociale.

Kept their attention for 10.2 seconds 
The food I cannot even describe how damn good it was . We were there to celebrate my pops 70th birthday. Since I knew the restaurant was on the cozy side I asked them to seat us outside because we were towing with us a total of 2 toddlers {WTF were we thinking} and a 10 month......I think next time we keep the kiddos home with a sitter we brought them because it was Gpops birthday but never again. The husband and I have learned that semi fine dining is no longer going to happen until LDG reaches the age of 4 and that runs to the local Cheesecake Factory or The Organic Cafe are going to have to do for a bit*excluding babysitter night of course* LDG was not having it last night she was just en el fuego.  She was super charged, my dad commented that he had never seen her so friggin out of sync and bitchy.  I even checked the sky to see if we had a full moon happening. Could it be that 
she was super excited to see her cousins, different environment, later meal hour or that I decided to cold turkey her ass off the "nipple" bottle this weekend....Mmmm maybe let's see...... it also could be that she is 2 and has the attention span of a donkey...quit possibly yep that could be it....Not even the almighty Ipad could save us from the toddler take over. I felt the need to apologize to the other tables around me even though my brother repeatedly informed me that she was not that bad and to stop doing it.  I just think sometimes when your the parent you make it seem worse than it actually is. I also remember when I was the no children person at a restaurant and used to freak out when kids were everywhere and were not necessarily on their best behavior.  Be careful what you say  because it will come back and bite you on the ass.

Ohhh......BTW to those new mothers out there who think this is not going to happen to them and their little bundle of joy is just perfect and we can take little him/her anywhere and they just sleep, coo and smile and we have such a good baby blah blah blah and BLAH.... Well enjoy it while you can because it will not last no matter how much of an angel you think you have now. I was the same way and when my little "angel" turned 2 things just changed. They discover their independence and they discover just how to push your buttons*and I am a hard core disciplinarian* but sometimes you just need to pick your battles.  For the many things that we do,go and experience LDG is a pretty damn good seed.
Friday Beach Outing 
Saturday Mani/Pedi Day gave husband time out so he could get some paper work done
Today is going to be about getting organized with weekly menu's, research for my possibly new business venture, scanning new home listings, researching summer rentals up in Napa which we try and do for a week every year, getting LDG's schedule down and just relaxing. I also need to kick my gym going up a notch because of how busy I have been going to the gym has taken a backseat which I hate because I then begin to feel it in my energy levels and in the shitty food*wine*decisions I make and their have been some super shitty ones made in the last few weeks. Even though I have been walking everyday I need more activity than that.  It just needs to happen in order for me to be in sync with myself and my family......

Wusa babies dolls....WUSA

Friday, February 24, 2012

WTF Friday Man......

It is has been one crazy ass week with many social functions and many people to see. Weekend is pretty packed. It was my dad's 70th birthday the other day so on Saturday we are taking pops out to celebrate I must say my dad is keeping it together and looks great he even started going to Argentine Tango classes so he can chat up the ladies. I have finally made a decision on something in my life and I believe that I will be taking the first step in starting a small business. It is scary,  I was hesitant and have been doubting myself for months but you know what ladies and gents what the f*ck do I have to lose? LDG has gotten accepted to her preschool so I will have a little bit of free time on my hands so I can start getting the ball rolling I want to do this right and not half assed. As you know I will always keep it real I will give you the good, the bad and the ugly updates as the days go by. Happy Friday

  • If I hear one more person say "what happens in *insert city here* stays in *whatever city* I am going to SCREAM . So over that phrase it has been placed out STFU already!
A movie even and yes it SUCKED
  • 25 billion Marci Gras beads are brought into New Orleans man that is a whole lotta boobies being shown....
  • OK seriously folks what the hell is going on with the weird weather this year.....Hello summer is like here already here seeing a whole lotta of the below.  There should be a definite guide on how to dress  degrees when visiting other parts of the country and this one is not one of them. Also 75 degrees + city = body parts I do not need to see so early in the am!
  • Really Rhianna?? Really? Chris Brown uses your face as a punching bag and we have heard through a very reliable source that you are thinking about getting back together with him....Your friends are worried and they should be....A man prick who lays a hand on a woman is not to be trusted. Sorry not cool!
  • What the hell do they put in that cough/cold syrup for toddler because I was under the assumption it was supposed to knock my toddler out?  Instead she acted like she has just stepped out of a speed den. I had to peel her off the walls last night. 
I had to place this picture come on this is to funny *not my child btw*
  • Little girls from 16 and pregnant  - OMG  this is so much harder than I thought it would be - Now shit Sherlock having a living, breathing little human  it is hard work next time think!

  • Wahhhhhhh I was never the pretty girl, I was never asked out blah. If I have to read one more interview from actress that says this I am going to lose it....The latest "victim" Meghan Fox I could never believe that girl was ever ugly.  
Yeah Woof Woof 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Yeah so it's a kinda

Not a happy LDG

 of a wordless Wednesday day or not.  This is just to let all the new and not so new mommy's out there that we can strive to do are very best to be a little perfect but non of us are. This is a picture of my LDG's face after she took a header on the sidewalk with her 15 pound orbit stroller/car seat combo on top of her. The one day I decide not to got gym and decided to take a walk instead. Long story short. LDG was I believe 13 months at this time.


  • Mommy tired 
  • Mommy did not attach car seat properly on friggin stroller base 
  • Mommy took long walk to and from location because it was a beautiful day it was perfect see that damn word again
  • Wooo haaaaa look coffee house across the street Mommy needs a decaf latte {yeah decaf}
  • Mommy rolls stroller off of sidewalk dip 
  • Oh shit baby car seat detaches and baby falls over with heavy ass car seat attached to her body upside down - baby face meet cement. All this is happening in movie slow motion
  • Mommy f*ckin loses it in the middle of downtown area at 9:00 in the morning no one helps obviously freaked out mommy except for one awesome couple
  • Mommy and LDG crying their asses off
  • Mommy then calls pediatrician too make appt to make sure baby is ok and does not need future plastic surgery 
  • Baby is all good 
  • Mommy than takes embarrassing photos to torture child in the future 
  • Mommy felt like shit for the rest of the day because of this and bought baby forgive me toys - yes I did -  bad mommy

Happy Humpy Day 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Yep that is how we rolled....

I saw this on my BIL's face book page and was like wow could the above statement/pic be anymore the truth?  It comes right at the time when I had just finished reading an article were some mothers were freaking out because they wanted to add soft plushy things to an outside playground instead of the old fashioned bark. When asked why some mothers stated that they did not want their kids to get duh I get it,  none of us want our kids to get hurt but I am going to say it if you agree with me or not some of this shit is getting really f*ckin ridiculous. Why don't we just roll our kids in bubble wrap and send them on their way? I was at the park the other day and I did notice that all the really cool shit that I used to play with at the park are no longer there. Tall slides are disappearing before our very eyes, teeter totter nonexistent, were the hell did the really cool monkey bars go you know the ones made of steel and how about that really fast merry go round that you and your friends would spin round & round on until you barfed...Yeah now those were some good times.

It  is not just the parks it is everything. I remember playing and getting smacked in the face with a Tonka toy truck made of steel none of this cheap plastic crap that they are making them with today.  When I was a kid you saw an umbrella and a balcony it equaled to parachute diving time. Roller skating, helmets, knee pads pfft we used to roll from top of the hills {I grew up in San Francisco we have hills} then we would wrap ourselves around the no parking sign poll until our heads spun and you know what.......we all grew up just fine. I mean I have been to playgrounds were a kiddo falls off the 2 inch mini slide and mom just freaks the hell out...shit if I don't see blood when my little one slams into the concrete/wall/glass doors/ I am good - I mean I see some of those mothers that just "helicopter"  their kids to the point of nausea. Let the kid stumble and fall, let him/her try the damn jungle gym before you veto the idea....let them be KIDS.

The other day my little Grace Kelly fell again{she has mommy's clumsy gene} at the park she looked up at me like she was about  to pull a drama wahhhhh I checked her and I told her to suck it up.  She got up and went right back on the mini jungle gym.  Oh and btw yoohoo to the mommy's on the bench who shot me the stink eye when I said this to my daughter you can SUCK it I will raise my daughter the way I see fit. I want to make sure my little chitlin is ready for the big bad world which means sometimes you get hurt along the way not everything is cute, fuzzy and  rosy all of the time if that was a case you would be living in a friggin fairy tale.  Sometimes I feel today we tend to overprotect some children to the point that we might be setting them up to fail and not be fully prepared for the real world.

I admit I freak out and yes my child will be wearing a helmet {only} when riding a bike/skateboard but when I start seeing knee pads, helmets and other protection paraphernalia on the play ground it is time for me to build a tree house in the middle of the jungle and hide away from the world.

Monday, February 20, 2012

No one prepares.......

you for this shit and why so soon?  Late this weekend we received the news that my moms beloved friend passed away from that horrible brain tumors they found a month prior. I don't know but I am not ready for this again . I understand it comes a time {being that I am 42} that the circle of friends my mother hung out with will begin to pass on just by the general  life's progression but I am sorry I am not ready. I was not ready for my mom to go and I am not ready for her friends to go. I know I need to suck it up and pull my big girl panties up but really God can you just give us a break for a few years?  I know that I am not a church going gal but I do pray in my own special way and if that means I pray to you on a rock by the ocean it should be good because you created this awesome place called earth and I was wondering if you could just let things rest for a bit. For the last year and half you have taken 3 of moms friends. I know that they area riot to have around especially when they played those all night card games and sat around clucking gossip like hens but we still need them on earth. Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer but I just needed to vent a little and I promised myself that this blog would be about the good, the bad and the ugly.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sushi anyone.....

Eat Me 
yes please and boy was it goood. Friday night we got together with some good friends in the city and had Sushi not just any old plain boring sushi but the best damn Sushi in the city and in San Francisco we have some good ass Sushi. We decided to meet at one of our old hang out places for a pre dinner aperitif and get the party rolling, let's just say when we got to the restaurant we were feeling good. I needed a drink before hand because we had left LDG with a babysitter for only the second time and yes of course I {my husband never freaks he is always cool}was freaking out a little because I am super duper paranoid...period. Random shit just shoots through my brain so I am super cautious and once again super paranoid and when it comes to my kid that is just the way it is going to be. So it took me a couple of drinks to finally relax and let go a little. All I can say is fun city......As you can see my friends are as twisted as we are....Love it! Oh the sushi hands down was awesome last night the freshness of the fish is unparalleled. Too much vino and sake equaled to a very lazy ass loving couch Saturday which was good cuz we needed it.
My friend making friends with fish head
Hello my name is fishy the fish head....My friend Mer making a friend!

This weekend we also transitioned my little one into her regular ass bed.  We jumped from crib to twin and she is doing great so far...Sleeping like a champ not waking up at 2:00 am like she had been doing for a few weeks. I got her the side railings to keep her from falling over but I really do not think that she is going to need them. I am going to see what happens tonight and if it is all good in the hood then the suckers will be returned. I will post pictures of the room as soon as I receive the damn headboard. I also need to start getting ready for a trip we will be making in North Carolina never been and excited to go since I have heard it is really beautiful. We are heading down for my husbands brothers wedding...looking forward to wedding and seeing the family so not looking forward to the friggin plane ride with a 2 year old. We have plane traveled with LDG already she has been to Hawaii and Mexico but she was smaller and easier to handle. Now she is a full functioning little adult who does not like to sit down. Ahhh this should be a blast all I can say is thank you Benedryl and thank you Ipad.

Happy Sunday

Friday, February 17, 2012

WTF Fridayaroo.....

gang. So sorry for the late post I am a little exhausted this morning.  All day yesterday we had painting going on, taking apart putting together and playing f*ckin musical chairs with furniture. The room is almost ready but not quite their yet. We are still waiting for a headboard and a few other pieces to make it complete. My poor LDG kinda was wondering were her crib was going  last night when it was picked up by the couple who really needed it because they could not afford to purchase one. I gave them the whole baby bedroom set including all the bedding and other trimmings.  LDG had a look on her face that said it all ......Mmmmm mom were the hell am I sleeping tonight?   Her new bed did not get delivered until 7:30 last night by the time we figured were to out place it and make the bed it was time for sleepy time. However because the paint fumes were still a little strong we decided to have LDG sleep with us....Now we do not sleep with our toddler and we never have. She has got her bed and we have ours we have never made an exception to that rule until last night and that will never ever happen again. How the hell do people sleep with their kids all the time? My daughter did not stop moving around once last night and we have a super size king bed. By 2:00 am we were done and we moved her into her new bed {the paint smell had gotten allot better} it is now 12:46 Cali time and she is sound asleep taking a nap in her new twin bed no railings just chillin like a villain. Anyways let's roll some out some shit, keep in mind I am tired and sore from the massive amounts of heavy lifting I did yesterday so the list might not be too long.

  • Why do I always misspell Wesndday  Wednesday?

  • OK when did my daughter turn into the below...What the hell?

  • WTF it is not just the poor unfortunate death of Whitney but all of these stars who are dropping like flies with prescription meds and alcohol lethal combo...Just because the doctor gives you a script it does not mean that they have no harmful side effects...DAMN!  What happened?

  • When did I become an "organized hoarder" of decorative throw pillows? Hi my name is MB and I have a throw pillow problem. I did not realize how big of a problem I had until I started moving shit around yesterday. 
  • When did my tea cupboard become like a visit to a therapist office? 
  • So this woman was sent to anger management classes well to help her manage her anger. During the class the woman in question went after another student in the class with a knife after arguing over a Dr. Phil tape.  Come one...really now over Dr. Phil? Maybe Jerry but Dr. Phil...Pftttt
  • OK WTF...CNN producer wins 1 million dollar lottery after 3 month previous winning 100,000 F*CK! Maybe I should go run her for good luck?
  • How about this for a little Valentines Day role Playing - A couple was arrested in Portland, OR after a bondage game went wrong. Maybe the chickie was over roses.......?
  • Sorry guys but I am going to say this and I will probably get slammed for it but I really dislike blogs that make out that everything is perfect all the friggin time oh and blogs that don't blog...I thought a blog was supposed to be about
  • I am sooo tired of boring ass people who think they are not boring...
  • Maybe it is just me but WTF do people see in Jennifer Aninston ? SHE is not cute..sorry but she is not
  • People who brag about their kids constantly and I mean constantly....I am sure Junior/Juniarita  will be driving a car at a mere 3 years old yeah we get it. 
Happy Friday Gang 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

I just don't give...

a f*ck anymore. Their I said it.......This morning I got up and decided in my 42 year age wisdom that I was not going to give a sh*t about what people have to say or what they are doing. I gotta say it is awesome and I feel 100 times more relaxed and serene...I feel as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

To think of all the time I have wasted, years worrying about what the person down the hall thought, or what people thought of me while walking down the street...well you know what no more. I have wasted so many emotions. I wasted words and part of my life worrying and stressing about stupid sh*t and in the end it really does not matter. All that matters is that your are a good person. Who, what, were that is all irrelevant. In the past I have opened up my heart to many people and have had it stomped in the process and you know what folks you are now on your own and you can kiss my ass.

Life is too short and you are not guaranteed the next grab life by the balls and ride. Right now I have a very good friend of my moms who is fighting for her life. They discovered a tumor in her brain last week. I just saw her a month ago and she was fine.  You never know what the next day is going to bring so worrying about people I do not know or barely know is a waste of time and energy. I am going to take that energy and filter it in my family and immediate close group of friends.  I am going to not be scared to take more chances and do what I need to do to make ME and my family happy.


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My brain....

feels like I am

It has been a hell of a week.   Today was scrambling from one part of town to another trying to keep it all together and getting LDG's new room ready.  Finalizing preschool so needed a bunch of documentation from the pediatrician for all of LDG's shots. I had my lovely SIL with her chitterlings for lunch, play date and a couple of glasses of vino for the mommies. After that I had about 4 loads of laundry to get done, dinner to prep and had to start taking apart LDG's room for the painter tomorrow morning at 8:00. Then at 9:00 I have someone picking up her old crib and trimmings to donate to my painters church for a family who needs it. I am going to try and make it to LDG's ballet class then wait for a delivery of the new bed.  So busy busy busy.

Ohhhh and Friday night is date night for me and the hubman. More detail tomorrow......

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I don't do the Peg Bundy........

The other day I had an old acquaintance of mine{not married no kids} actually say to me..."God you are so lucky to be at home so what do you do with yourself all day?" Oh you know scratch my ass, beat the dogs the usual. First I do not know what gives another human being the right to ask that question. To me that goes on the same shelf  as the dreaded when are you due? Even when I was single and had no desire to have kids I would have never gone up to a person and asked that question. I am super fortunate to be able to stay at home and raise my little demon seed I know I am,  but it is definitely hard on the mind especially when your ass was used to working all the time. Yeah.... we sometimes have about an hour or two down time but so do people at work when they cruise eBay or porn on their work computer so I don't' want to hear any BS.  Like Peg Bundy I do not

  • Eat bon bons all day while watching the day time talk shows 
  • Smoke cigarettes while making dinner when she decided to make dinner {used to in the old days but cooking also came with allot of wine}
  • Shop garage sales cuz we have none were we live
  • Treat my children like shit 
  • Treat my husband like shit 
  • Chase my husband for sex
  • Teeter around the house all day in high healed mules and tight capris
  • Sit on my ass all day 
  • I have never like Oprah 
I am sooo sick and tired of having to defend my stay at home status. I am a mother working or non working we all bust our humps to make sure our home, family and selves are taken care of so let's try and rethink some questions when asked. 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Women who expect.....

shit on Valentine's Day drive me utterly insane. I want to grab these chicks shake them a little and say WTF are you thinking? A gift is something a person gives to you out of the kindness and love of their heart not something you make a demand on in that girly cutesy passive aggressive way or sometimes not so passive aggressive way.  I overheard a chick the other day make demands on what they should receive on Valentine's Day to someone on the phone maybe her better half or BFF - "Like I am soooo over the roses and candy I want blah blah blah, come one I am like so worth it." This statement alone made me want to poke her eyeballs out with a fork but her 12 year old girly like talk and squeak just took it over the edge - {I do not know why most women in the age range of 25-35 sound like 12 year old tween girls in Calif but they do}. The sad part is this woman chick was I would say about 45 who was trying to look and act 21. What type of person thinks this way? Sorry to say just not cool it is women like her that give the rest of us a bad name.

I am not a huge VDay fan I can take it or leave it.  I think that you should tell/show wife/husband/partner/mate whatever on a daily basis how much you appreciate and love them on a daily basis. You should not need a "special" day to appreciate that person. Because let's get real here.....we all know that yes St. Valentine's Day is an actual kind of "holidayesh" day but we all know that is is a greeting card, candy giving, rose delivering orgy day.  I applaud the folks who go all out in a creative, romantic ways it shows that you have taken the time and thought into the process.

Saint Valentine's Day, commonly shortened to Valentine's Day,[1][2][3] is a holiday observed on February 14 honoring one or more early Christian martyrsnamed Saint Valentine. It is traditionally a day on which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, offering confectionery, and sendinggreeting cards (known as "valentines").[1][3] The day first became associated with romantic love in the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the High Middle Ages, when the tradition of courtly love flourished. It was first established by Pope Gelasius I in 496 AD, and was later deleted from the General Roman Calendarof saints in 1969 by Pope Paul VI.
Modern Valentine's Day symbols include the heart-shaped outline, doves, and the figure of the winged Cupid. Since the 19th century, handwritten valentines have given way to mass-produced greeting cards.[4]

Saturday, February 11, 2012

I don't like February........

February is a shitty month for me.  I used to like February for the dumb V day things we do and for that little bit of Spring hint we get to see in the trees and the flowers. I now hate this month because I lost my mom to that f*ckin C word disease cancer -  the modern day plague.   After 14 months of hell God above was kind enough to take my mom away from her pain. Call me selfish God but I miss her. I miss her daily calls asking me what I was up to even though I have just spoken to her the night before, I miss the way she used to check my flights when I was traveling to make sure I got there safe, I miss her style, I miss her laugh and I even miss the way she used to shrill my name when she was pissed. Mom and I never really saw eye to eye and it took us many years to finally get along. It was in the last 6 or so years that we could be in the same room without getting into an argument over tiny ass things,  we had started to enjoy each others company, something that tends to happen when we get older and mature.  I was there for her for the whole damn thing the whole 14 months of  chemo, radiation, losing her hair, herself and her life. My dad was crushed, my brother went numb and I went on auto pilot. At 59 she was too young to be taken from us.  I think I never had the time to truly grieve my moms death because 4 months to the day of her passing I found out I was pregnant. I know that my little girl was a sign/gift from my mom telling me everything would be ok . I look at my daughter and see allot of my mom in her and that makes me smile.

My beautiful mom & my favorite pic of my mom
It will be 3 years the 15th of this month the day before Valentine's Day one of her favorite times of year. It was the color red that did it for her. She loved the color red. Yesterday I did nothing I did not have the energy which is very unlike me.  The weather was kind of grey and gloomy to match my mood. I cried allot but it felt really good and getting this down has almost been therapeutic. There is not a day I do not think about her.  We all miss you mom and you will never be forgotten.

Peace out

Friday, February 10, 2012


Man is it Friday already? God how fast do these weeks whiz by?  I am also wondering if I will be continuing with this weekly segment,  it has become harder and harder to keep up with this blogging schedule since LDG and I have become more active with daily activities.  We are always on the go and we like it that way.
I have stopped the dog walking service we used because things have gotten easier * believe it or not*since LDG has turned 2.  She has become even more independent and a super walking machine with the weather being so kick ass it is nice for us to get out and do it ourselves.  More exercise for us and we are saving 120.00 a month  - this money goes right into the new house in the burbs fund.  I am also trying to get myself set up so when LDG starts preschool I will have a goal to works towards. I want to go back to doing some type of work but definitely not going to go back to the stressful full time grind that I came from. So I am going to see how the next few weeks go and take it from there. But for now let's get some nuts crackin"

  • OK is it just me or does Prince Harry look nothing like Prince Charles or God bless her soul Princess Di? I am sorry to say this but he looks allot like her old body guard. Don't slap me it is just something I have noticed and I am sure others have as well. He looks nothing like Prince Charles.  Hellloooo check out the red hair? 
  • This might just be wrong but I was hypnotized by Toddler and Tiaras the other day* hanging head in shame* and have you ever noticed that the MC who announces the little girls on stage sound exactly like the DJ's who announce the acts at a strip club before their sets?  And yes I know this for a fact because I have been  too many strip clubs.....And next on the stage we have..........
  • WTF is going on with the Ken Doll?
  • I found an old Shaun Cassidy poster and was wondering WTF I was thinking?

  • Once again Giselle Bundchen places her size 10 foot into her big mouth. Chick it's ok to console you hubby after the super bowl but try and keep your comments on his tea mates to yourself....He has to play in the sand box with these fellows the next day. STFU and look pretty. 
  • Why is it when you are carrying a crap load of stuff and have a toddler who is about to hit a nap crash  your keys get all mangled on your key chain and their is no way that friggin key is going to open the damn lock and then you have to just chuck all your shit on the floor in order to get inside the house. Dogs run you over and damn toddler wakes up from power nap in your arms.  Hate when this happens!
  • Whyyyyyyy is it that my toddler has the knack of hiding my Iphone were I cannot find it while the ring tone is turned off. Whyyyyyyyyy
  • What is up with the increased hit and runs...I am not talking about cars hitting cars I am talking about cars hitting people then taking off...WTF people do you not have any conscience?
  • I am going to say this again and again and again. What were they thinking when they decided to make Sex and The City 2....So bad so bad
  • World Guinness Record holders for longest tongue go head to head...I bet the ladies love these bad boys. Just saying!

  • 15.5 pound baby Chun Chun was born in China via C section no really. WTF how does a baby get that big before birth. That is friggin unbelievable.

  • I am sure you heard about the news anchor that was bit in the face by the Argentine Mastiff - I feel really bad for what happened to her but once again do not STICK your face into the face of any dog no matter what the breed. This dog had just been through a traumatic rescue you bring him on a show throw some hot lights, loud noises, stick an news anchor face in the dogs grill and you have a quick recipe for disaster. All this is going to do is make people fear this breed of dog which no one should. I had a mastiff for many years before my current dogs and he was a wonderful and docile dog. I am sick and tired of people making these type of dogs  out to be the "bad" dogs. Sometimes people are just plain stupid when it comes to being around animals.

Woof Woof and Happy Friday Gang 

Feeling the love......