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Does this shock anyone....

Mmmmm not really. IN days where little girls are turned into adults at the snap of the finger and we live in the land of everything is sexy it does not shock me at all..I am actually quite surprised that Disney the brand Nazis have let this happened even though they are "loosley" based on the characters anybody who has seen that effin movie knows what is going on here. {I have a toddler - I have seen the movie too many times and that damn song is no longer allowed in our home} I can no longer stomach the color light blue and if I see Elsa's smug little face again I will vomit all over this computer screen. But what is going on below is NOT ok...Let the damn kids be kids and keep something sacred you tacky ass lingerie company. I mean really get a grip on yourselves.  Assholes....

Lingerie and costume company Yandy is now offering a sexy snowman getup designed to resemble Olaf, a sweet and hilarious character voiced by Josh Gad in the Disney film ‘Frozen.’ (left, Disney; right, Yandy)
Nothing is sacred. Not Elsa or Anna. Not even Olaf.
Along with every other children’s pop culture icon, the Disney Frozen cast has been sucked up into the Halloween slut machine and spit out as a collection of sex totems. Elsa and Anna have let it all go . . . and are showing a lot of leg.
The online lingerie and costume company Yandy’s 2014 collection of adult costumesincludes an off-the-shoulder and above-the-thigh Blue Snow Maiden costume that’s a racy version of the elegant gown Elsa wore. A Norwegian Maiden costume has the same color scheme as Anna’s lovely frock but looks like a much better fit for a busty woman in a beer commercial. There’s also a Funny Snowman getup if you want to dress up as a sexed-up version of Olaf, with a skin-tight leotard and white stockings that pull up to your thighs. And finally, the Ice Girl Costume has a slit that will take you all the way up to . . . Elsa’s castle.
slutty Frozen costumes
Lingerie and costume company Yandy released a dishy maiden costume that strikes a terrifying resemblance to the frock the lovely Anna wore in Disney’s ‘Frozen.’ (left, Disney; right, Yandy)
Every year the Halloween costumes get skimpier, tighter and shorter — giving women the chance to show off more cleavage and more leg. Maybe the downward spiral is good for men, but it’s downright degrading to women.
Nearly all children’s pop culture icons have been sluttified: Snow White, Strawberry Shortcake, Little Red Riding Hood, Gumby, the Grinch, Teletubbies, Chuck E. Cheese, and Mr. Potato Head. A sexy Cat Woman costume, even Wonder Woman, makes sense, but Mr. Potato Head? Really?!
Yandy is now selling sexy ice princess costumes. (Yandy)
Yandy is now selling sexy ice princess costumes. (Yandy)
Moving into Frozen territory seems downright criminal. Elsa, Anna and Olaf are for kids. American children are currently obsessed with this Disney film and girls (and boys) have been singing “Let It Go” and “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” ever since it hit the big screen. On Halloween night little snow princesses will be walking up and down leafy neighborhood streets, grasping buckets of candy in their hands. Boozy 20-somethings looking to get laid and dressed up as sexualized versions of Anna and Elsa shouldn’t be allowed to join this parade.
And then there’s Olaf, the sweet-natured snowman who tells everyone, “Hi everyone! I’m Olaf and I like warm hugs.” After seeing the movie my daughter was going around and saying this line for weeks. Come on people, there’s nothing sexy about snowmen! Why must this lovable and goofy little snow creature, who every preschooler adores, be turned into a slut?
Last time, Halloween stooped this low was 2012 when Yandy released its slutty Sesame Street line. Take a look at those terrifying get-ups below. Did they really have to mess with Big Bird? Just imagine his high-pitched babyish voice and you realize that there’s nothing sexy there. hits all-new low with slutty ‘Frozen’ costumes

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