Sunday, November 17, 2013

Sugar Babies.......What a crock

This lovely piece of humanity has claimed to be a sugar baby  - what an example right ?
of shit!  So this am while I was busting my ass on the elliptical and sweating onto an article that I stumbled upon in this months Cosmo... I should just be slapped in the face for buying Cosmo at my age. Anyways so I am huffing away getting my cardio on when poof here is an article about Sugar Babies. Now as woman I think - hey you have come along way baby...then you see an article like this and your like WTF is this shit?!?   Now this is not the first time I have heard of the term Sugar has been around for a bit and it seems to be tossed around quite a bit by some youngsters. No matter how you toss it around "companionship" "hanging out" "kicking it" sometime down the line you will be asked to give up your goodies....and no matter how many friggin times you have watched Pretty Woman the white knight usually will not come riding in to save you in his big white limo. I just think in today's society where young girls are continuously being bombarded with images of sex and nakedness and super fools like Miley Cyrus we don't need another thing to direct gals to the easy allure of the ol mighty dollar. What happened to hey I want to bust my ass to become a engineer , vet, lawyer?   I am hearing a whole lot more of I want to show and sell my ass to make a quick dollar. In a way I cannot blame some of these girls on wanting to do this - I mean sex sells right check out the lovely KIM K and he ever expanding empire that came to be with a sex tape - what we fail to look at is that KimK already had a name for herself as a " society girl"  and most of these girls don't have a barracuda mother who is willing o sell out her entire family for he ol mighty dollar....Mmmmm maybe I could be wrong? In today's society nothing would shock me>

It seems to me that some people just do not want to work hard in order to get to their goal. Of course it is allot easier to hang out with an older gentleman and get paid for it. It is easy when your young and dumb to make these type of mistakes - hey the cost of education is going up everyday I get it, but we are now living in a different world a world of 24 hours a day 7 days a week of social media and internet bombardment. These things and pictures/tapes will never go away they will always be there. One day when you have kids or the dream job your employer they will be able to look up all the embarrassing shit your doing today and it will be embarrassing.....How do you explain to your daughter/son that mommy was a paid "date" for older fella's?  I am so sorry ladies no matter how you slice and dice it an give it a pretty name to make it sound innocent you are still and the end of the day you are paid to make someone feel good - and yes sex will be requested because these older "gentlemen" are not in it just for the looks of it. They will eventually want some of the pudding.

I feel with trying to raise a daughter is is becoming more difficult with these type of images being displayed all over. I will be trying my stalker best to shield my daughter from this type of crap but it is getting easier and easier and easier to get to. All I know is that I have my guard up

Feeling the love......