Friday, March 28, 2014

Yes I have been.......

gone for a long while. Trying to get back in the swing of things but damn it is getting harder and harder to keep everything together. I have a toddler as you all know and she is growing up fast and keeping my happy ass busy with activities and such. I have fur monkey number 1 who tore her ACL last Saturday and had to have major surgery on Monday to take care of her back leg - one metal plate, 6 screws and 6,000 plus dollars later we are now having to keep a very active dog confined to a pen while trying to keep fur monkey number 2 from wanting to crawl in the pen with her sister. This is going to have to be like this for 8 weeks - besides very very limited walks on a leash and harness this girl will not be able to move. Right now she is wearing the cone of hell and she is not happy ALL I can say it THANK the lord for doggie and mommy xanax.

Also I started a cooking page on FB - I started this way to see where it goes before committing to a full on blog because of this and a bunch of other crap {construction projects on the new house} plus life in general is why I have been MIA

If you guys are bored check out my page and like if you want I would totally appreciate it.

Hope all of you guys out there are doing well. Miss the SHIT out of you!

Feeling the love......