Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today is not a so fun day....

A couple weeks ago we discovered what seemed to be a small little bump by the neck of our beloved 6 year old golden retriever big "G" we made sure it was NOT a tick. Looked it over and figured it was probably just a little cyst. The other day my husband and I were again checking on the spot and hubby noticed that it was bleeding. Which I automatically took as a bad sign,  since this is the same way we discovered our little love bug cat had cancer last year. Unfortunately our little furry diva did not make it and we had to put her down earlier this year...She was 16 yrs old and a sweetie - she used to drive me crazy with her meowing all day but I do miss her . That is why I do not think the family is ready for another pet to go through what our little kitty went through. I should not jump to conclusion but that is how my mind works. My hubby...... of course is always a tower of strength for me and told me not too worry and not too jump the gun. Thank God he is in my life.

I have noticed that Big G has lost a bit of weight but I thought that was because she was getting a bit more exercise than usual. Her appetite is still very good. We have an appt. early Friday morning to make sure that everything is cool but I am still worried. My biggest worry is her little sister little C....... if something God forbid happens she will be a mess. They have been inseparable since we rescued little C from very bad owners that should never be allowed animals - Bastards! When we brought Little C home she weighed only 32 pounds.  Present time...not so much. Little C has doubled in weight and certainly filled out but you know what...she is happy!
I am keeping my fingers crossed that all will be well. Friday is going to be a long and hopefully positive day. I am not a huge prayer person but I will be saying my prayers tonight for my beautiful, special dog. We love you!
My big boo

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Rainy Tuesday WTF it's

the end of June. So over this weird weather. I mean..... were we live we have never had what everyone else in the world technically calls "summer" but this is ridic. I mean come on..No wonder everyone is in a fowl mood. I don't blame them with this messed up weather. It is cold and it looks like fall outside. Hopefully what the weather peeps said this am actually is going to happen. They say were in for a nice week and 4th of July which would be a first.

The sucky part of this weather is it limits what you can do with baby and the dogs just get super depressed. LDG does have a play date with her cousin L Dog this afternoon. Which should be fun for her and challenging for me since there is no outside cuz of the lovely weather.....So today I am going to bake some cookies and have the two little ones help me out.  They can then have fun trashing the play room.

Not much else today....

PS Alaska please do not send any more of your crappy weather to us

Monday, June 27, 2011

Stellar weekend was had by

all. We had a pretty packed week and weekend. Had some construction that was being done last week. Our place is a 3 bedroom 3 level home which was plenty big before LDG came knocking on the door {surprise mommy and daddy}. When LDG joined our happy casa we turned my closet {sigh} into her nursery. We have a big room on the lower floor that when I was working was used as my showroom/office and after I stopped working a guest "suite". Well...... as you know...... when you have kids they come with allot of crap so I needed a place to store ALL of her toys,  I cannot have them scattered all over the house. It would have driven me insane so we decided to make the downstairs space into LDG's play room. Now when her cousins and play friends come over they can downstairs and trash the room and no one has to see it.

Anyways..... we had this A-M-Azing wall unit built and let me tell you kudos to the California Closets Team they rocked from the sale consultant who came to the house and the installation team that was here all day Thursday,  everything was done with utter professionalism- which in these days and times is pretty hard to find! It added so much storage space and the bonus is there is a Murphy bed so when we have guests over we also have a place for them to stay.

We had really nice weather on Saturday.  We decided to meet some new friends in the downtown area for some drinks. The area was jumping with activity and it was a great afternoon had by all. We then had a birthday party in the neighborhood with a set of very good friends.  Awesome taco bar and a few more glasses of vino made it for a great evening. After you have a baby,  it gets very hard to keep the set of friends that you used to party with so it is always great when you meet a good group of people in the neighborhood that you can hang out and have a good time with. Sunday was hang out with family day. We chilled, relaxed and enjoyed each others company. The next week is jammed back with LDG activities and getting ready for the long 4th of July weekend - Yeah!!!!
We are getting a visit from CGM my lovely MIL and Ms. LDG's only grandma we are super excited. The last time CGM saw LDG she was a little monkey who barely weighed 6 pounds now she is a full on on the go - toddler.

As I am trying to finish this blog Ms. Thing has scaled the couch and is about to bonsai on one of the dogs. Haaaaa the joys of motherhood.

Gotta go
Happy Monday!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Ok so I admit it...

I might be slightly OCD when it comes to my home {and ok everything else too}.  I realized that it has gotten a little bad last night. I physically got out of bed to fix a picture frame because it was not angled correctly. Who the f*** does that shit just before falling asleep? Oh....... that's right my mom used to. I remember when she used to do this and think how crazy it looked. Now I find myself doing the same damn thing!

I believe that your home should be neat as possible as neat as you can get with two {long haired} dogs and a toddler wandering around.  I vacuum everyday, toys in the playroom are put away right after play - LDG is getting really good at helping mommy out!  There is never a dish in the sink {when I had the dishwasher replaced last week I had two dishes in the sink and it was driving me crazy}, I make the beds every morning and generally tidy up throughout the day. I cannot stomach a disorganized/messy house. My mom was  a NEAT FREAK I am talking to the extreme. You could walk into the house and literally eat of her floor. On Saturday mornings I did not get the option to sleep in...7 am my mom got me up for our weekly super clean the house day. I am glad that she instilled those qualities in me because I now can run a household which believe it or not it is a very hard work..but sometimes I wish I could just let some things go.....It drives my hubby crazy...that I am so anal, however he does appreciate that everything has a place and he never has to worry about the house being a mess.  My hubby sometimes wonders what I am stressing about and I guess he does not see what I see in my mini OCD brain. If one pillow is off on the bed I semi freak....Oh yeah well that is me take it or leave it.....

I am.... bringing...... this up...... because?   I have noticed a very disturbing "trend" as of late...I apologize I am going to be very blunt.  Their are some DIRTY ASS FEMALES out there. I am talking pigs. And there is nothing more unappealing that a dirty female! If I was a male in this day and age and walked into a dirty, messy house that would seal the deal for me...Would not go any further. The End. Finito..See ya later.  It was like that episode of Friends when Ross was dating this totally HOT chick and he goes back to her place and her apartment is disgusting...You could try and overlook it for a few days but it would eventually kick your ass. I am addicted to reality TV so I watch my share of garbage {I own it}. Be it ANTM, Jersey Shore, Real World  so on and so on. The females living spaces are just messy.... dumping their clothes on the floor, eating in bed and leaving the dishes with old food to rot under the bed, not washing your dishes and leaving them in the sink for days, garbage piled high, sheets that look like they have not been changed in months..
You know it is bad when they actually have an episode on ANTM were Tyra walks in the beautiful mansion some of these soon to be models our housed in to lecture them on responsibility and  to have them clean up after themselves because the place looked like such shit! Is it a generation thing? Must be because I do not remember every being that grody when I was a teenager and a young adult. Is it being a lazy thing...yes I believe it is....

Happy Friday....

Thursday, June 23, 2011


my little one playing away on Ipad as I blog away......

Pft Thursday.....

Although I have been stuck in the house most of the has been pretty hectic. We are having a wall unit built, with  2 additional lovely closets,  we are also including a queen size Murphy bed and some additional shelves for LDS's ever growing annoying {sounds} toys!

Because we have a couple of contractors downstairs I need to be made available to them throughout the installation just in case they have any questions. I am not used to being stuck in the house all kinda sucks! I am usually out and about pretty early in the morning running errands and doing "mommy" stuff. This does not mean I have not kept my happy ass busy. You know all those things..... you have been meaning to do but never get to it. That is what I did today.

  • I cleaned out 2 of my junk drawers. I know the third one will never be kept clean. That drawer is the we need about 800 batteries in order to keep all the power on all the annoying sounds of LDG's toys.
  • Cleaned out the broiler drawer and organized all my baking pans
  • Tried to re organize our mini pantry but LDG'S snacks have taken over the limited amount of space we have
  • Dumped some old VHS movies {yes VHS} which kinda sucked because my best horror films were just tossed in the recycle bin
  • Alphabetized the DVD's - yep I am anal
I wanted to tackle the spice cabinet but LDG decided it was time to get up from her nap. Giving her some lunch and she has become glued to the TV - Garfield is on.  I guess that is better than the Law and Order I had on before I changed the channel...bad mommy!

Making a nice roasted chicken for dinner tonight already prepped and oiled it all up and is ready for the oven. By the way just bought this awesome kitchen stool for LDG is rocks and makes getting dinner ready soooo much easier.

I heart all the  awesome stuff you can find on line.....


LOVE this kitchen stool

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Hump Day....

day everyone. I look out the window I see that our Bi Polar weather has hit us once again.  We are sucked in with fog and this lovely  sea wind..... not breeze {Thank you weather man}. Anytime is gets butt hot in the valley our bay town gets the super thick fog and it is so annoying. However when Sept finally does come around we get the best weather ever {most times this awesome weather pattern will last until Thanksgiving}.  Sunny, warm no breeze our awesome Indian Summer.

If you read my past posts you know that we have been having issues with "The Neighbors". I finally had the chance to pin the mother down {not an easy task} and explained to her about the dogs barking all night from Friday until Sunday.  Obviously she already knew about the problem because another neighbor had left a note re: the barking and the dog shit all over her deck.

She started apologizing as soon as as she opened the door - which was much appreciated. She informed me that she had someone come in to take care of the dogs.  Mmmmmm.....I was home the whole weekend because we were all so tired from being up all night. I had a clear view inside her living room and saw the dog bowls - which were not refilled with food the whole time she was gone. So this "person" she left in charge either did not do her  and you need to get your money back or the mother is lying to me. I also let her know if she ever needed any help with the pooches too let me know and we would help her out if she had to go out of town.
She definitely wanted me off her porch asap and seemed a little dismissive I just do not get people like that. You are lucky the neighborhood did not call the police that weekend. The daughter has been avoiding everyone as usual. The son is back from his trip and I am glad too see him.... he is a good guy.

Speaking of dogs. I am thinking LDG thinks that she is one.  LDG is an only child and I really do think she thinks G and C are her siblings. She is beginning to do stuff like the pooches. Which would explain the pic....Enough said......Happy Wed

Monday, June 20, 2011

The signs I am getting old.....

I used to receive fun stuff like VS catalogs now I am getting mailers for Prevention Magazine{mag for the "mature" woman}...WTH people I am only 41 not 101 and in isn't 41 the new 31...Ahhhhhh this sucks

What is it ladies....

with our "time of the month" that turns us into massive garbage pits? I try to eat healthy and organically everyday.  But one week before the "thing" takes over my body I turn into the human barracuda of junk food. All I want is crap...If I could swim in a tub of chocolate and sky dive in a bin of Doritos I would be one happy ass camper! This is "food" that usually does not appeal to me but during "the time" it does.  It is crazy I just wiped out 5 pigs in the blanket from Trader Joe's and I feel like crap about it.  But I have no control on the cravings. I figure it is my body telling me that my hormone levels are off and I need to go for it. I can always work it out in the am on one of the torture machines at the gym. Just another awesome pleasure of being a woman. How did we get the short end of the stick...ladies?  If you think about it we only have a few good years of climbing trees before we are slaves of the padding...We start our lives sporting a diaper, we then get our special friend, {depending on how quickly a female develops it could be anywhere between 10 to 14} there is then a 45 plus year ride with whatever female product you decide to go with. Oh...... then we have the pleasure of bearing children. Yeah..yeah the miracle of child birth...... come one..... not fun when you are going through 9 months of don't eat this, don't do this, no wine, no sushi no cute clothes.....and let's not get started on the actual physical labor.  PL-EA-SE they lie to you when they say you can just breath through your nose focus and it will all be better. I call BULLSHIT......!!!

However it is all worth it when you first see your child....but the whole process kinda sucks....After that roller coaster of fun...we have menopause to look forward to...YEAH! I have done allot of reading on the "subject" since I am almost 42 it is time for me to get started on anything that will make it all better...including reading Suzanne Somers book and researching the holistic approach to the big MP. I believe in being fully prepared......

I know..... I sound pretty bitchy today...but hey it can't always be roses and ponies.  Whooo.... there is the ding to the timer on the stove. I had a craving.... just baked chocolate chip and pecan cookies. See I told you so....WTF


Sunday, June 19, 2011

My Hubby and LDG

Happy Father's Day....

I never figured I would be celebrating Father's Day with my hubby and LDG. Our future did not have a picture of our darling daughter. Hubby and I decided a long time ago that little rug rats would not be part of our life. We were too busy working, partying and traveling the world....A kid would just wreck that. Well we were surprised 16 plus months ago and never been happier.....I know my dad was my much as I loved my mom it was hard to talk to her about certain stuff. I went to my dad with all my first I just became a woman, the first time I had shhhh......S-E-X, first time I was in {what I thought was love}. So I am happy to see that my hubby is establishing the same type of relationship I had with my father. It is very loving and I see that she is going to be a daddy's girl.
Today we are all just going to "hang out", take the pooches to the park and fill up the 6.99 little pool LDG loves so much - The weather is going to kick ass today - 79 degrees for us is a heat wave. So.... everyone have a great day. LDG and I are off to the kitchen to cook the best husband and dad in the world his Father's Day breakfast.... Sourdough French Toast with Berries and Turkey Bacon {which I know I will receive crap for}......

Happy Sunday....

Friday, June 17, 2011

Yeah Friday....

and I am feeling so good this morning....When I was working away I loved Friday for the long awaited happy hour and an opportunity to see an awesome group of friends {minus a few losers who I thought were friends but come to discover they were leaches}. I am so glad that part of my life is over - 100 percent drama free and loving it. I am glad Friday comes around now because I get to spend it with family, TRUE friends, my hubby and beautiful baby girl.

I also am super excited this Friday because the wheels and the creative juices have been flowing and it feels good. You get pregnant, have a baby and go through all the fun stuff {yeah right} of having a child, the brain you used to use for idea juices becomes a ghost town of thoughts. For real....Sometimes I cannot remember simple things as my phone number and a simply errand to the grocery store becomes a game of were is my purse, at home it is wheres the milk .....I swear....... I placed it in the fridge I find it 2 seconds later in the cupboards. Whhhatttt?

Anyways...... an idea that has been stewing in the brain for quite awhile and could possibly become an actual live "thing" {what I am calling it until the logistics are ironed out}.The initial meeting of the minds happened yesterday and it went well.
I figured now is the time, shit or get off the pot...... if I do not do it now when am I going to have the opportunity to do this again. LDG is getting older, she will soon be doing the 2 day a week preschool circuit and I will be left with quite a bit of time on my hands. I do not see myself going back to the "corporate world" it is just not appealing to me anymore. The long ass hours, never spending anytime with your family, the extreme BS and the stress of it all takes a toll on your body, character and a total mind frame. When I was in my 20's I thrived on it, in my thirties I kicked ass, in my 40's, does not sound like fun. If it does not work out at least I know..... I tried.....I am taking this new journey in life with a good friend and member of the OCD club. It is like we have the same brain....except hers in

Wish us luck and we will keep you posted on the outcome....

Happy Friday!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Gosh already Thursday....

Oufit for LDG

Dk. Khaki Cargo Pant- Skinny of course
S/S embroidered Black Blouse

Black/Silver Rope Sandal

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

These are the days of our ....

Gym! As I stand on one of the precor machines and climb to no where, Ipod  in....motivating work out music {J-Lo's new album - which I have worn out it is so good}. Nice to have you back girrrrllllll!

I am privy to many sights and sounds while I get my work out on....Yes I am listening to my tunes but because I am old {ah ah} and I do not want to rupture my ear drums I keep the volume to a minimum so I cannot help but hear what is going on around me...Sometimes it is amusing, sometimes...Ewwww TMI people! I tend to get bored during some sessions and no amount of up beat tunes can snap me out of it -sooooo I do the next best thing.....I examine my surroundings and the people in it. Their are a few "types" I have noticed that frequent the gym.

  • The "Wanderer" you never really see this type working out or sweating all they do is wander the gym and just hang out.....Oookkkkkey I can think of a 100 other places I would rather wander...Neiman Marcus, Saks the local frozen yogurt shop....
  • The "Mirrorator" know the type -  I am too fine..... let me do some reps with weights and check out my hot bod in the gym mirrors...oh yeah...Whatever...Geeze!
  • MC MILF - this species is not like the OC milf two totally different types....MC Milf super skinny {from not consuming any type of carb}....sLadies there is nothing wrong with a few carbs - moderation. I would think you would want some nice JLO, Kim K booty instead of looking like a boy from behind. Always in LuLuLemon black work out gear, 90/10 a brunette with silky hair in a ponytail.  Also the boob job epidemic has not hit NCAL as bad as SCAL. The ladies here are a little more natural looking. A little more NYC. They tend not to look like inflatable porno dolls! Sorry....gang but RHOOC as well as other SCAL shows do not help the stereotype.....
  • The "Make Up Lizard" /looking for hubby/BF/ - Full on war paint at the gym, I am talking the whole 9 yards including fake eyelashes.. YEP fake eyelashes. You can see the cover up melt off her face while she is sweating away.  I am all about make up but not at the gym. The only thing you need is some tinted moisturizer from protection from the sun.
  • The "Vocalizer" the gym and all the county knows what you had for dinner, and what type of advanced math class your child is in....Inside voices I have tried to master this myself since I am loud as hell.
  • The "Sweatanator" the disgusting human who pours sweat all over cardio machines and does not take the time to wipe down once they are done leaking all over the machine. Common courtesy douche bag ! I do not want the nasty germs...I have a toddler and I have had enough colds this year - Thank you very much...That is why I disinfect my machines before I even step on them...Pfft .....Gross
  • The "Overworkout Warrior" - I know that it is good for you to work out BUT DAMN how many hours can you do it for. Some of these people are always there and you can tell from their bodies{not in a good way} that they have succumb to the gym god {eyes are glazed, no expression on faces, Madonna like arms}.....Get the picture?
  • And last but certainly not least - The "Regulator" regular ass people like me who go in,  beat out their 60 minute work out and get the frig oughtta there.
So let me ask...if working out gives you an endorphin "high" which make you happy......why does everyone always look so pissed off?????

This that make you go Mmmmmmm

Happy Hump Day

Hapy Hump Day and Little Gym.....

outfit for LDG.......Comfy City

Ruffled Silver Kickers

Nautical S/S Tunic Dress with Light Grey Leggings
Denim Jacket

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tuesday shopping day.....

LDG's outfit for errand running day - the weather is supposed to be really nice today, but we live in the Bay Area so black is an acceptable summer shade......I don't pop out the "summer" dresses until it hits 80's in the city and that rarely happens.....It has always been funny to me that we Bayarians" tend to strip at the first sign of 70....Dude it is not that hot...come one....3232ded2 oops sorry aboout that my little one just got hold of the lap top. I have a very good friend coming by "casa crazy" today....I wanted to see her before she left on her amazing trip to Africa I have a little gift for her long ass trip.  I am so excited for her....this is a trip of a life time and she is going to have an amazing time and she deserves it!

Today is running errand day I do not know how much I will get done for my LDG has two HUGE ass molars coming in in the back and she has been super duper restless.   Gave her a few of these holistic teeth tablets...let's see how those work....Pfft  I am going to try and get out of the house as early as possible today....before she she hits the wall.

I am still running stealth mission on my "The Neighbors" I have not seen any movement since they "supposedly" got back....Will I ever be able to get to them.....???!!!!

Smooches and have a great day!

Black Trimmed Leggings
SS B/W Tunic Dress

Black Patent Mary Janes

Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring Fever Monday.....

DB Navy/White PD Blazer
Yellow T Shirt
Boyfriend Jean

Silver Ballet Flats

What to do...what to do......

OK...... no dog barking last night{sleep great sleep} looks like "The Neighbors" have come back from wherever..... we have no idea what time......All we know is that another neighbor left them a note on the door regarding the dogs barking all weekend....looks like they got the note and proceeded to get dog crap cleaned - TG no more flies and I hope that the dogs are being taken care of. There was a weird exchange of cars and then poof it seems they are gone again. I really really hope they did not lock the dogs in the house...WTF.....
I want to speak to them re: the situation that happened this weekend and to let them know that I was not the one who left the note on the door {I will speak to you face to face} however have a feeling that is going to be harder than it sounds. These peeps are so stealth about their coming and goings I feel I am never going to get to pin point them down for a chance to speak to them "live".
All I want to let them know is that if they ever ever need any help with watching, walking, feeding the dogs while "The Neighbors" are out of town that I would be happy to do so. Their just has to be some type of communication....right???!!!!!
My hubby is worried about retaliation in the form of tainted food left around for our pups...the reason being is that we know anything about "The Neighbors" and we do not know what kind of people we are dealing with. Yeah I know...paranoid...but in these times you never know what type of hand you dealt with when it comes to who moves in next to you!

Do I write them a I stalk their home until I see someone, anyone??? I am at a loss on what to do and this is a first....Anyone have any advice on how to deal with this type of "problem" since this is a first for me?????

Happy Monday!!!!!

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday friggin fun day.....

Day 2 no sleep - "The Neighbors"
dogs barking again from 11:30 to 3:00 am. We fed them through the deck because it looks like they have finished the food that was left for them.  At least I can see through the deck and I see that they left water for the poor things. I called the animal control to see what I can do, they informed me that as long as they have food {the food we are giving to them} and water they can not do anything. They did inform me however that if the dogs bark again tonight to call the sheriff department because that would be a noise complaint and then the sheriff can do something about it...I do not want to call the sheriffs dept that is not my style but right now I am worried about the dogs....I really do hope someone comes home today. I want the animals to be taken care of and I also  cannot do another night of no sleep!

LDG's Sunday outfit - off to the farmers market we go!

Fuchsia tennis shoes and knit paperboy hat
Black boyfriend pants, white point t shirt
denim jacket

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Happy Saturday Outfit.....

White print tunic - love tunics for summer
Dark Denim jeggings

Light dusty blush sandal


boy am I pissed this morning.... WHY....because I  have had very little sleep and when I do not get sleep {at least 8 hours} I get very very cranky....WHY...... you ask did I not get my usual 8 hours of beauty sleep???
 **at 41 plus you need all the damn sleep you can get to rejuvenate the skin and your whole body....ardy har har!

My lovely neighbors dog {little rat} decided to hang outside the deck and bark for most of the night. Now I usually can tune out this type of annoying barking sound for God's sake I was raised in the city..... shit drag queens used to fight outside our apartments bedroom window and it was just another Saturday night! However we are in the burbs now and it is so quite on our street that the sound of a barking dog echoes throughout the night! I got up at 11:30 first I rang their doorbell no answer I then knocked on the door still no answer....Now it would not surprise me that they would be in the house and not answering the door they have played this game before...Let me give you a little background on "The Neighbors"...

They don't speak, they don't socialize, they do not make eye contact {which always gives me bad feeling}. The mother seems to always be away and working. Two young adults -one female 21 the other male 18 {he seems OK - laid back.  "The Neighbors" moved in about a year ago..quietly and without major fan fare. We have tried to get to know the mother and the daughter but they seem to be really socially awkward...We have  a very social cul de sac and we are always outside talking and bullshitting with each other but they never make the initiative to come by and say hello {except for male "neighbor"}. I remember when a package was accidentally delivered to my door by UPS - I assumed the box was for us cuz I do order quite a few things for LDG...I noticed mid box rip that the box was for next door. I go to "The Neighbors" door to explain why the box was open,  ring doorbell and no answer....Which was weird since a few minutes before I saw "female" neighbor enter her home. I leave the package at the door, two minutes later all I see is hand, arm behind door, reach for package shut door - I find that creepy! Or is it just moi?

Anyway back to last night.....after many knocks knocks on the door and not getting any response we go to "The Neighbors" deck,  flash the light to see if the dogs are ok.  Once the light hits the deck they both snuggle through  the doggie door and back into the house.  At that point we also notice that there is dog shit all over the deck. I know it is their deck BUT we were wondering WTF was going on with all the flies/ we know. And I do not like neighbors messiness to affect my neat area and the resale value of my property...You do not mess with my money...period!
BTW the little astro turf dog shitting square you leave on your deck is not working....They need to be walked that is how is usually works.

The poor animals were probably barking because I have a feeling all "The Neighbors" have gone somewhere and left the dogs inside the house.... by themselves and they are craving some attention. I noticed the little dog was barking all day yesterday afternoon but I just thought he was barking because I had my dogs, LDG and L Dog all outside playing away. I have not seen anyone at the house for the last couple of days and I am scared for the dogs.

I don't get it people -  you have a responsibility you decided to take on...Animals and especially DOGS cannot be left for long periods of time without some company and TLC. If you do not have the time, patience, energy, and did I mention THE TIME don't adopt/rescue a damn dog! You are not doing them any favors buy adopting/rescuing the creature and just leaving it by itself in a house for LONG periods of time. That just sucks....I get really upset when dogs are not treated like a member of the family. I might be "too much" with my furry monkeys but I consider my dogs my four pawed children. So it friggin pisses me off when I see things like this.
By the way you have two healthy,  2 legged {new word} young adults in the house get off your lazy asses, stop playing your stupid video games get some exercise and play/walk your dogs...GOD

So today I will be running a stealth mission neighborhood watch to see if and when "The Neighbors" will be back and we are going to have a little chit chat about the whole leaving your dog, barking, shit cleaning drama.....God I suck when I am cranky!

Wish me luck!

Friday, June 10, 2011

LDG's Outfit for the Day - Happy Friday

Medium wash skinny jeans
Light blue/yellow print tunic

Silver Butterfly Sandal

Happy Happy Joy Joy it is .......

Friday...I know what your thinking..... why would I be happy that it is Friday?  It's not like I have a 9-5...Yeah baby more like a 6am to 8pm so we mommies need a break too. I look forward to Friday so I can get a little bit of a break..... my super hubby usually takes over on the weekend,  we are still the dynamo team however he does a great job at taking over and helping me out with LDG (his mama did an awesome job raising him...kudos) while I try and catch up with all the other crap that needs to be taken care of.....This Saturday we get the lucky chore of picking out a new dishwasher cuz our lovely is leaking. I also know the lock is no longer working because LDG decided to open it and BUYA....water everywhere - her own water park..... how special!

One of the many things I love about my hubby and I is that we "roll" on the same level when it comes to purchasing....We research want we need, find the point of purchase, buy and we are oughtta there! No need to diddle and dadle in home depot our least favorite place ever to shop - I hate the way it smells, looks and the lighting sucks!
I know they pretty much have everything but their customer service is lacking and we are at a point in our mature lives that chasing down someone in an orange vest for help just does not work for us! I would rather pay a little extra and get someone who knows what they are doing and does not look like they had just root canal surgery they hate their job so much.
Would also love to hit the local area wine, art and music festival.  We went a few years ago and it was super fun and it would be great to go out and enjoy the sunny weather...even though the weather person said it would be nice and sunny we live so near the bay that the sun does not come out until about 12:00 because of the lovely fog. Nature's air conditioning! Which sucks..... but we should feel lucky,  I hear that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk on the East Coast with the heat wave they are having.....

Hung out with my awesome SIL this afternoon and she brought over "L Dog" and Little Peanut C {her new bambina) we hung out, had the kids go wild and had us some well deserved vino during out play date. Sometimes you just need a good glass a wine to unwind and relax. And today was the day after the week from hell!

Happy Friday everyone....

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Yesterday was a HELL day...

LDG was SUPER bitchy..... I mean super and just restless just like dogs before a big earthquake hits...Could have to do with the lovely back molars that are poking through her lovely gums...Ouch. She then decided to take my adult size sippy cup...yes I said sippy cup {I told you I am super clumsy and with LDG cruising all over the house I need to make sure that my liquids are covered and not in a regular glass}. LDG decided to figure out how to take the top off and proceeded to dump all 16 ounces of green tea all over the living room floor {TG for hardwood} I thought what more could happen today...before I had a minute to get that thought out of my head.....I hear what I am not hearing when you have a toddler running around the house.....were their is SILENCE their is T.R.O.U.B.L.E! AND this was the cherry on top of the sundae of crap day I had....LDG decided she was going to be play dive bomb with my 5 month new blackberry -  in the dogs water bowls {I had just replaced that blackberry when I had dropped it in the water while I was getting mani/pedi....Yep siree BOB! I basically wanted to take my SUV and drive it off the Golden Gate Bridge.  I snapped and I completely lost it with her.
*it did not help the situation that while she was dunking my phone she was laughing thinking it was soooo funny!
It was her first time out/punishment whatever you like to call it.  I needed to teach her that what she did was not cool. Of course after I had a few minutes to calm down I felt guilty and realized that she probably had no idea what she had done.  I need to understand that she is just a baby and she is still trying to figure out what is wrong and right in this big bad world. Once again that damn thing called  patience ...Man I really do need to work on that.

For now I will take each event day by day...It is all worth it in the end when you get that big ol smile and that loving hug...

RIP my lovely blackberry you will be missed
Ciao Mama's

Outfit of the day....


White Poet Blouse
Black Skinny Jeans boyfriend roll
Black Ballet Flats

Black Back Beret

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

LDG Hump Day Outfit......

Light rinse skinny jeans rolled cuff
Ballet Slipper light pink T
Black scalloped mini vest

Fabu ballet slipper flat with sparkle

My LDG's style.....

I am going to try something different in the next few days. Maybe.... because..... YES I am that bored right now! Or I just miss the creativity and juice the fashion industry used to give me. I might be in a rutty rut....Help!

LDG is getting older and she has been napping up a storm after our morning activities so I have a few hours in the day were there is so much friggin reality TV you can watch before your brain grasps those few little brain cells left.  This is after I have played with the dogs, cleaned, laundry.... you get the drift.
When I am out and about with my little one I get comments on her clothes and over all style on a daily basis. It could be a piece of clothing, shoes or the over all "look.  Let me tell you I troll stores, websites and speciality outlets and take some time in merchandising my daughters closet and clothes. It is funny but when their born you do not know what type of "style" your going to direct them too or what type of  clothing your little one will eventually choose.  There was allot of pink in the beginning, because quite frankly their is not much else out there. And yes I have checked,  that is unless you want the following "looks".

  • a casting extra for the Jerseyliciouse, RHONJ and Jersey Shore
  • I am all for black but if I see one more black skull onesie, t shirt ect... I am going to scream
  • Peptobismol pink fluffy things with stupid slogans "I am princess in training". Blah Blah
  • Juicy Couture Ohhh so not
I want a cool laid back SF style with a little high fashion mixed in that is not based on the "typical" four season palette - is that too much to ask for????
**We live in micro climate which means everyday we have a toss up of weather - it could be warm one day and butt freezing the next. I would love to find a clothing manufacturer that caters to this weather - it is hard to dress your kid when you go out shopping for them and all we have to choose from(right now) is shorts and and sundresses!

All of the outfits that will be featured are  LDG her "out and about wardrobe" she has her play clothes for inside the casa. Those are for thrashing and riding the dogs

If you like what you see let me know and I will let you know were I bought the pieces....

This was yesterdays outfit of choice

Dark rinse skinny jeans with Cameo T Shirt

Awesome fringe moccasins

Army Green Jacket

Monday, June 6, 2011

Weeeeeerrrreeeee back.....

Hello all!!!!
I have not posted in the last few days but we were on a mini vacation in Cabo San Lucas for some fun in the sun and I truly believe when you are on vacation you are on vacation from most of the electronic devices we have allowed to take over our lives. I am totally guilty of this!
I mean a few years ago if you could not get hold of anyone via the regular ol' land line telephone you were shit out of luck! I also asked that during this trip my hubby would control the many times he checked his blackberry for work. I in turn was going to promise not to check my FB page every 1/2 hour and not blog. Vacation time is vacation time.

All in all a pretty fabu time. I would have liked to have stayed a few more days just when I was beginning to relax it was time to get up and go. Also to all mommies out there, you truly never really relax when you have a 16 month yr. old toddler walking around the pool at record speeds. My hubby and I were reminiscing to when we could just lounge around the pool for hours drinking frothy fruit drinks laced with alcohol! I could get through up teen magazines and books galore in one week trip...I am a fast super fast so I can devour a book in a day.....Now I am lucky to get through a few chapters. Ah the joys of parenthood.

The resort was beautiful and relaxing just having the ocean view from our mini villa was a relaxing start to our day. We spent most of the time hanging out by the pool chasing LDG around. LDG had a great time and it was nice just to see her laugh and play. Don't get me wrong it was not all flowers and ponies. She pulled a couple of attitudes while we were there but she is getting to that "age" were she is beginning to test us. So far we have been able to nip it in the bud, HOWEVER when she knows she is out and about she tend to pull this crap like most toddlers she just got her walking freedom so she wants to be independent...already...MAWAHHHHH!
It also took me forever to put her to sleep on the flight back but when you have a child who is so on schedule like my daughter a slight change will put her over the edge. But I will say this we have a pretty awesome little girl.

Now that we are back home it is time to get back on track. We got back on Saturday and Sunday was a hang out lazy kind of day. I did about 5 loads of laundry from the trip, got the dry cleaning ready to go, went to do a little grocery shopping since we cleared the fridge before we left, got the dogs back from my dad's house - they go through a little depression when they get back -my dad has a huge backyard that they love to run around in plus my dad has a dog and all three of them run a muck when they are together.
I know they missed us it just takes a couple of days for them to "snap out of it". But I can tell you this when they get back from my dad's doggie boot camp they are exhausted.

Got some healthy food shoved down LDG's throat, I believe she missed her veggies which were lagging on the resorts menu. Grilled some salmon for her last night and she gobbled it up with fresh green beans. Mmmmm....
Will be working out for the first time in a week tomorrow and I am looking forward to it! Planning healthy, healthy menu for the next 2 weeks. When you go on vacation,  your wall tends to be down with making healthy food choices, even though I must say we were pretty good this trip....No fruity drinks with tons of sugar on my part, I primarily stuck to white wine and it was not much compared to past

I am truly relaxed and ready for the very busy June ahead....Hubby and I actually looked up Disney Cruise Trips last night......I know I know I am kinda anti Disney but what I am to do the kid likes it.....and it looks like it really caters to parents while the kiddies are on their own level going nutty with fun....Who knows might just work.....Off to get ready to get my hair done which is needed after the many hours spent in the pool water. 

Have a great day and super smooches!!!!
Pics to follow but I thought you would enjoy the one below.....

Looks like someone did not want the trip to end. LDG climbed in the
suitcase while I was unpacking

Feeling the love......