Friday, September 30, 2011

WTF Friday Week Numero 7...7....7

Do you believe it gang we are up to week numero 7 who would have thought that when I started this 7 weeks ago it would be become such a popular segment of my blog.  I am also enjoying bringing it to my peeps out in BloggyLand. So let's do it!

  • WTF was I thinking watching the new Charlies Angels I am still picking up the few remaining brain cells I have left off the floor - sooooo soooooo very bad

    • What happens to people when the temperature on the mercury rises - police cars vandalized, knife wielding homeless, naked people that should not be naked....Ahhhhh Indian Summer in the City. 
    • ALERT huge pet peeve of mine. If YOU do not have the patience, financial means and time for a dog DO NOT adopt you moron. I almost jumped the annoying yuppie girl with the squishy voice who I overheard complaining about a dog she has just adopted from the shelter. "I didn't realize it {yep she called the dog an it} would require soo I bring it back.  I had to walk away before I jumped the dumb b****.
    • I am 41 why the hell am I still breaking out!

      •  Deena I know that you think your Mommy and Daddy would be mad at you if you got pregnant but I think they will be more upset when they see you flash your drunk ass KUKA all over Florence and national TV- Sorry girl just sayin' {little jersey shore moment}
      • Who lies about having cancer?  Who the hell does that....It might not be today or even tomorrow but Karma is a bitch and one of these days you will eventually feel the wrath. 

        • I know peeps need to try out mattresses before buying - but could you please remove your dirty bugger picking snot nose little monster off the one I am about to purchase......a*Shole!
        • Charlie Sheen WTF...was that just a super nervous breakdown alla Mariah Carrey you went through or did the drugs just wear off - what the hell Dr.Jekyell - Mr. Hyde

        • Holy shit - the gym is actually working I looked in the mirror - thought some weird piece of whatever was sticking out from behind my work out pant leg so in my drama nature I started freaking out...My hubby was like " are fine.....uhmmm that is your hamstring muscle .....WTF I have never had one of those before!
        • OK I just found out their  is a service called you send out a text to this fake girlfriend number then you get some girlfriend type message back. Then a few minutes later you will actually get a phone call with pre recorded message.This is for dudes who do not have GF wo want the feeling of a GF...Really? So when your friends will eventually want to meet the GF will you show up with a blow up doll. If you are going to put that much energy into a fake GF try to be a decent guy and not a douche bag that usually works.  
        • Reallly.....Really snap on feathers?
          • WTF are you guys in Hollywood thinking trying to remake Scarface please whatever you do leave that classic piece of movie ALONE! No one could ever...EVER play that role but Mr. Al Pacino!

            Woot Woot Holla! Happy Friday

            Thursday, September 29, 2011

            Damn my baby is growing.....

            Soon she will be asking for the carfo' real

            the F up and I have been some damn emotional lately I cannot look at her without wanting to squish her little face in my hands. We are beginning our preschool tours and it breaks me apart when I see her just go so independently with the pre school teachers/aids ...I can say one thing about my little one she has no fear.  She is not the type to wrap herself up my my apron strings and I do like that - but because she is so fiercely independent she will be starting Taekwondo as soon as she is able to  - one more year so anybody even gets remotely close to her they will get their  private parts snapped off. After that fun moment the person will have to deal with me and that alone could cause some major pain...just saying.  I took some random shots of LDG, watching her grow up way to fast....Sniff

            Moms your music sucks

            Off to party

            Preschool Tour numero 1

            Wednesday, September 28, 2011

            Ughhhh it is time.....

            to get my love spending ass on a budget. I have been putting this off for years and it is time for me to become a little more financially responsible. As a family we have 0 debt except for our mortgage and one vehicle so I think we are doing pretty well but we also live in one of the most expensive counties in one of the most expensive states in the US, were 250,000 a year is just getting by...which is do f*C*** sad. With all the drama that is going on with unemployment and shaky companies and the overall shitty economy in CA -  it is time that I start doing better when it comes to not wasting money.
            Why...... do you ask that I have suddenly decided to start doing this?  It has allot to do with me sitting down and adding up a bunch of receipts from one day and seeing how stupidly I spent money. Then I decided...mmmm let's see wouldn't be a barrel of laughs to see how much I spend a month on stupid shit and my jaw hit the floor. Did I really...are you friggin kidding me...WTF..... That is when I realized it was time for a change.
            We have spend some stupid shit money on vacations, clothing for LDG, my very very bad designer handbag obsession, throwing off the chain dinner parties and the list goes on and on. So I have decided to take on the budget challenge.

            I am a SAHM and I worship {yeah I said worship...and} my hubby to be able to provide for our family so I can stay home and be with my child. I am 41 and I will not be having another little one so I want to make sure I am there for her all the way. Which works for me. It does not mean that when she starts preschool that I am not going to go back to work part time but right now my one job is to raise my daughter and NOW make sure that we are not spending frivolously....{hubby can get his shop on to - two way street in this casa}. Just by shopping around I have already saved us over 1,500.00 a month from our daily bills. My lovely hubby's company does not supply health benefits {I know right} so we have to pay on our own we were paying through the nose so I decided it was time to look for a new plan.  I found one via our awesome neighbor who is an insurance agent and that saved us a bunch as a family,  plus we paid off one of our vehicles this month. Yeahhhhhhh!

            Each week I am going to take on one more thing in my life that we as a family could be saving on and feature a post in my blog. The feature  will be called

            What a Waste Wednesday!

            There are certain items I will not compromise - good healthy fresh food, my child's education and my tri weekly man/padi/wax unless my hubby wants to be kissing one hairy big foot.  I would love to hear any advise or comments on how you work with a budget/save money to help a newbie out.
            OK budget....let's get ready to Ruuuuuuummmmbllllleeeee!

            Tuesday, September 27, 2011

            Kinda taking a survey...Need

            comments from my bloggy friends. I am not one to "toot" my own horn but I am going to give myself a tiny "toot" for my daughter's wardrobe.  Everywhere we go I get compliments on her clothing and shoes. So this is the question. I have quite the selection of clothing that my little one has worn maybe a top of 3 times and some items that still have tags....***Shaking head**** I know I am bad. The items I would be selling via the blog would be her outside clothes/shoes so they are in good condition. There would be pics and description of all merchandise.

            The question I have - would you purchase lightly used good for your daughter via the web?
            Honest opinions please

            Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond.

            Monday, September 26, 2011

            Dude were did the.......

            music go. I am really getting bummed out folks. This weekend while I did have one day of some fun with the wine bottle I did have some time to reminisce about what has happened to music in the last few years. I mean seriously I don't feel like I am completely out of the mix but I feel we do not have real live musicians anymore I feel we have synthesizers and producers to make so so singers sound amazing. I mean I am a child of the 80's music so we had our share of one hit wonders but we had a rush of some amazing new bands  - Metallica, Guns n Roses, Motley Crue, Aerosmith into the nineties w/ Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana, Pearl Jam the list goes on and on. This weekend a group of "old timers" were sitting around reminiscing about how awesome it was going to concerts, the pre parties in the parking lots of the stadiums just some really good times -  while we were skipping down memory lane, our next door neighbor friends said something typical of an 18 year old...Ahh you guys ...that is just old stuff blah blah blah. I asked the 18 yr old what new music has come out lately that had made a difference to him and his generation if he had been to any concerts lately - and 1. he could not name one band & 2 @ 18 had never been to one concert.
            To me that is sad. Unless things change this generation will never know real music. They have one hit wonder on itunes like tardy for the party and that annoying 15 year old with that Friday song.  Justin Bieber (ewwwww).   Lady Gaga I can deal with but even with her everything has been done before - Grace Jones perfected her so called "new look" years ago.
            Everything just sounds so generic and over processed. Am I being to sensitive or it there some truth to what I am saying?

            Sunday, September 25, 2011

            OH God just .....

            shoot me now....My head feels like it is going to burst, I look like shit, my tongue feels like it has licked about 100 cats and I had to shave my teeth this morning I had such cotton mouth.  I am so hungover it is not even funny. I now know why I have cut down on my vino drinking. Since the baby has been born there have been very few party days and yesterday I made up for them.Why is it that a nice lunch out with good friends turns into let see how many bottles of wine I can consume before my stomach turns into it's own vat of wine. My hubby and I were flashing back to the days that we could go all afternoon and evening and roll out of bed and do it all over again.....but dude we were in our early 30's we are now so NOT and being hungover today while keeping up with a toddler sucks donkey balls.
             It was an awesome time and we had a chance to reconnect with friends as well as hang out with new ones. So bid you ado has a roll my lazy ass to the couch and drown my sorrows in Doritos and re runs of Jersey Shore while my baby naps. I will be back to my normal crazy self Monday...I hope!

            Saturday, September 24, 2011

            Is it just me.....

            or have people gone ape shit crazy. I mean we have always had crazy people but they always have kept themselves under wraps...In the last few years with the explosion of "reality" TV "they" have been made public.  Now I am not bitchin' because it makes for awesome programming and I love me some "reality" TV but some of the peeps on some of these shows are living in a effin fantasy land and are completely D-E-Lusional!
            Bridezillas has got to be the one of the weirdest ass programs ever. I know the day is stressful and there is allot going on however I have been a bride twice and I have never acted like such a delusional witch. These women are taking there day and using it to the highest advantage possible...and I am sorry if anyone of those dumb broads to be  (YES broads) ever spoke to me like that I would not want to be in their wedding. What is it with this friggin fascination of being a princess/queen??? Get over it your not royalty!

            What right do you have to treat other human beings like that just because you are a bride? Some of these women actually think that is is alright to use and abuse and that is just wrong.   I am sorry to also point out that 80 percent of the brides (once again I said some} featured have taste level that run on the tacky. Some of these women have such a high regards of what they actually are and look like it is amazing. I sometimes wish I could look in the mirror and have that much self confidence. You know who I feel sorry for..... I feel sorry for the poor dude who is going to be strapped to the lovely delicate creature for the rest of his natural born life...Good luck dude!


            Friday, September 23, 2011

            WTF Friday Week Numero 6

            Sorry folks little tardy for the party this morning. Wow here we are again another week has gone by and before we know it we will be celebrating NYE. It was a stellar of a week and I think I was extra snarky this week {TY PMS}. So here we go

            • Shauna whatever her last name is now {used to be Lorenzo Lama's main squeeze} - Mmmm let's see... besides the whoreish outfits she likes to wear in public - exhibit 1 & 2. She was seen on video tape asking her 9 year old daughter if she'd like to pose for Playboy when she grows up...POW right in the kisser how about we video tape that..
            Parent Teacher conference perhaps..Yeah daughter must be real proud

            Where do you find this kind of shit
            Ms. Chanel must be rolling over in her grave that she is wearing her logo on her right arm

            •  I watched Toy Story 3 now I think that all the toys have feelings so every time I pass my daughters stuffed animals I think they are "alive". I seriously should look into some medication
            Alive...Alive... boogah boogah

            • Who competes against their own daughter in a glitz pageant man you have to be one insecure ass woman to do something so shady. Why don't you take the $3,000 you spent on the UGLY dress and buy yourself some therapy - and no this was not Toddler and Tiaras
            • What was I thinking when I bought my daughter this annoying ass toy - Cling, clung, dink..... f*** can't remove the battery's from this one

            •  Drum roll please....mother of the year goes to the mother who gave her 7 year old a voucher for plastic surgery. 7 YEARS OLD! For boobs when she reaches the age of 18 - are you f**C**** kidding me! Great way to project your insecurities to your daughter.  Why don't you get her a college education instead you stupid cow
            • Facebook why can't you leave well enough alone.  Why must you always mess with shit that is not broken
            • To the mom who cut in line in front of me and thought I did not notice....Well I did I just chose not to deal with your rude ass 
            • Snooki what the hell girl ....everyone knows not to drive in Italy I lived there for two years and I was scared to cross the street let alone drive a vehicle - things are different in Europe little tan mama!
            • Dear Furry Monkey Numero 2 I love you to death but next time you decide to eat cat poop and come back in the house and lick my face you will get clocked in the snot...OH god I think I am going to barf...
            Have a super bueno Friday! 

              Thursday, September 22, 2011


              I think that some of my light OCD tendencies and personality traits might be running off on my daughter. And I am kinda worried. Are you kidding me, out of all the things that she could possibly pick up these are things she decides she is going to pick up? I say this because I have noticed that she freaks the f*** out when things are just not so this is what I have noticed so far -
              • When she is outside and she falls in the dirt and her hands get dirty she immediately runs into my direction hands in the air like she was running from brain eating zombies to have her hands wiped clean
              • When I give her a snack and she accidentally drops the bowl and all the shit in it she has a friggin melt down hand over mouth and everything {could it be the mama drops shit on the floor all the time and she does the same thing}? I am a klutz {my hubby calls me Grace Kelly}
              • She wipes down the table immediately after she is done eating and with toddlers that is quite a bit of crap since they miss their mouths 95 percent of the time
              • She lines up all her shoes {yes she has that many...bad mommy} in this very American Psycho way I do the same thing with my handbags 
              • She is obsessed with organizing things and she has this very meticulous way of organizing her blocks - redrum...redrum.....
              • She does not like going into her crib unless certain animals are present and in a certain order......oh lie she points to were she wants her stuffed animals before she lays down.
              Now....could this be that I am just being paranoid? Could be but I am new to this mommywood thing, not an expert and just reading too much into it? Maybe...... but I do see allot of my personality traits in her and somehow that scares me...Let me put this out there. My LDG has no nervousness, no fear, no anxiety and is totally chill except for those random moments when she has a complete melt down and decides that she is just not going to do it this is usually brought on by lack of sleep and hunger - another one of my awesome personality traits...exxxccceeelllennnt.  So for now I am going to chill the f*** and chuck it up as growing pains when I start noticing missing heads from her dolls then I will

              Wednesday, September 21, 2011

              Holy Sh**................

              I had this weird picture in my head of what the bloggy world was like out there. A bunch of weird anti social people hiding behind their computers never leaving their homes. Boy was I WRONG. I just wanted to give a shout out and a thank you to a really wonderful group of people I have met and who are following me along this crazy train of life via my site. Their have been days were I have been down in the dumps to receive some really great comments on one of my posts I wrote and it just cheered me right up. I love that some of you find me funny and some of you do not. I love that some of you visit me everyday and still have not grown tired of crazy rantings. I love it that I can be honest, blunt and most of all not have to sensor myself. I had decided to give blogging a try because I needed to get some of the crazy things that go through my head out and I needed other adults to communicate to.
              I did not think I would love it so much nor did I think I was going to find such a great community of peeps. So once again a big OL' Smooch to all.

              *Another awesome thing about the community giveaways -  I actually won one last week and I was like holy shit are you kidding me?  I won 100 free custom postcards from UPrinting....So excited to put these to good use. So I wanted to take a minute to send a double snap around the world shout out to

              Ms. Candice at
              Thanks you Candice!

              xoxo Just Me

              Kinda..... Wordless Wednesday

              Hello all though you would dig this one...I hear this when I see this pic

              Wasss uppp and watcha need?

              xoxo Just Me

              Tuesday, September 20, 2011

              Drag Queens vs Hiking Queens?

              Hello all so sorry for being MIA yesterday but LDG and I needed to take advantage of this kick ass weather *thumbs up* it was like 82 degrees here yesterday and friggin gorgeous -about time we had some summer weather....Word. It is on days like this that I truly miss living in the city. Now let me explain.  I live in a sleepy beach community made famous for it artists, musician sightings and beautiful scenery. We get flooded with tourists every September because the beauty of the town is so breathtaking.
              I can get into the nitty gritty of the city in about 7 minutes flat {if there is no traffic and the fog is not as thick as pea soup}. So it is not like I am somewhere in the middle of some deserted island. However for a person who grew up in the concrete jungle her whole life it is hard to get used to mini suburbia living. There are some nights were it is so damn quite that I long for the hot Indian summer nights when we used to hear the drag queens hootin' and  hollerin' at the pretty boys that walked by or the fighting that used to go on after the bars called for last call. The conversations hubby and I were privy to on the fire escape when BFF's were outside from the club below sneaking in a ciggy before boyfriend/hubby finds out. Were I live now welll...let's just say it is pretty but to give you an idea the downtown area is dead by 10:00 p.m. that is including the bars...pfft.. This is a great place if  hiking, biking, turkey spotting and tree hugging is part of your life which is awesome but a little of that {for me} goes a loooong way.  We have been missing the city so much lately there has been "talk" of maybe moving back...Mmmmm I guess we will figure it out eventually in the mean time here is some thoughts that have gone through my

              Super close to friends and family
              Great restaurants, museums, and bars adult socializing areas
              There is always something to do
              Would love to walk to places instead of having to always drive to store, cleaners, restaurant blah, blah, blah
              Great neighborhoods - Little Italy {NB}, China Town, Wharf ect....
              Helllllo awesome drag queens
              Take Out GOD I miss good Chinese/Pizza take out when we are in the mood
              The  Holy B Trinity - Bloomingdale's, Barneys, Bergdorf, Goodman

              Parking sucks
              High home prices
              Parking sucks 
              Sorry to be hating city has gotten a little dirty in the last few years
              Douchy annoying protesters
              Public schools not so great - would have to go private
              You don't  get to really know your neighbors
              Trick or Treating via Condo/Apartment living sucks 

              Mini Suburbia Pro
              Great place to raise a child 
              Allot of outdoor activities biking, kayaking, did I mention f***en hiking
              Trees that do not grow out of concrete 
              Great neighbors
              Great schools 
              Great casa's with big backyards
              Mucho activities for the kiddos and pooches  
              Mini Suburbia Con
              Allot of tree hugging and Tevas
              They sell patchouli oil by the barrel here 
              You have to drive everywhere unless you want to hike there and hike back with a trillion bags from running errands
              It is to friggin quite
              It can get a bit allot boring 
              I do not appreciate pine needles 
              I find hiking shoes unattractive and I f**C*en hate Tevas

              Sunday, September 18, 2011

              Today is just.....

              one of those perfect, perfect weather days were I live...Our Indian summer has begun and it looks like *fingers crossed* it will be hanging out for a couple of weeks. The one thing I love of were we live is that we do not have seasons.  We do not have to take out our winter clothes out of the attic once fall starts and we can get away with sporting a light coat through out the year. Our temperatures range anywhere from 50's to 75 we freak the F out when the temps hit below 50 and half our city is running around naked when it goes above a 72. I have seen some naked body parts in the super hot Indian Summers months that no one should ever see outside of the bedroom. I *shudder* at the visual.

              I woke up this morning and just by looking outside I knew it was going to be a stellar ass day. I am fighting off a light cold + pms so I hibernated yesterday to make sure it did not get any worse.   I was still draggin'  however I was going to suck it up for my little one. Lately our weather has SUCKED monkey balls {fog city} so there was NO way that I was going miss this super sunshine day and not drag my ass to the beach. Hubby and I loaded LDG and the two fur monkeys and we were off by 8:30 this morning - Dang things sure have changes during my ol party days I was just getting home at 8:30 on a Sunday. Wow what a difference a few years make ;0)

              The sand was crisp and clean, the ocean super blue, the weather absolutely fabulous and our moods super groovy.   We had such a great time taking a long walk, LDG playing in the sand and the fur monkeys just swimming away...even lazy fur monkey 2 got into the mix. Nothing like some time with the fam to make you see what truly is important in life. Have a great Sunday!

              xoxo Just Me

              Saturday, September 17, 2011

              I had a mommy.....

              Meltdown yesterday. It...was....bad! So very bad. Now I always try to keep it together but yesterday I just broke. The last few weeks have been stressful for us...there is some stuff going on that I will get into more details later...Noting bad but stressful non the less.

              I got up this morning and just did not feel like going to the gym which is not like me...could it be that my little one has had a steady stream of snot since last week. I thought teeth - not again I cannot go through another night of torture but after talking to some of the other mommy's we come to find out that all the kiddies that attend day camp while us mommy's work out {so we do not snap} have had this same snot river.  Also there seems to have been an up swing in people working out at the gym so it has been packed and I just did not feel like being in a closed space with another 100 sweaty ass people with my anxiety being at an all time HIGH  I could possibly punch someone in the neck - then I will be carted off to mommy prison. And it would be a total mess...j/k by the way
              So I decided to go to the track and walk with LDG and my  fur monkeys. So what happens?....I cried to the car, I cried when I was buckling baby in car seat, I cried on the way to the track - the poor man at the red light who looked over pretty much thought I was coco puffs crazy......Hehehhehehhhe..... *Drool*

              I got to the park,  unloaded all the passengers and their shit and started to fast walk around the track- cried some more. Continued to walk around the track and by the 6th go around I started to feel better. I decided at that point that I felt good enough that I would head over to the fish stand at our local grocery store. I was comfortable enough that I would not have a total  mini breakdown at the market. Can you imagine...."Earl clean up aisle 7 mommy has melted down. We need to sweep away her brain". Oh lord that would be horrible...I decided to suck it up at that point because I knew I could do it and I really felt like some fish tacos.

              I will still wondering what caused this sudden outburst and then I REMEMBERED that it was time for aunt florinda to pay a visit and that I was on the PMS train to insanity. I got home and brewed a nice hot cup of the below, put baby down for nap,  placed a feeding bag of chips to my mouth and watched  a marathon of Americas Next Top Model while cussing out the skinny bitches because I felt so fat, bloated and guilty for eating a bag of chips  *hey they were baked and low fat*............................ Yeah good times.

              xoxo Just me

              Friday, September 16, 2011

              WTF Friday - Week Numero 5

              Howdy gangaroo it is once again for my weekly WTF's. I am really beginning to look forward to Fridays it used to be for Happy Hours now I look forward to this and a glass of vino TGIF. So without further adieu here is the list:

              • Buh...Buh Kate Gosselin your 25 minutes of fame is O-V-E-R time to get a real job maybe instead of spending 20,000 on extensions (which is ridiculous it's hair} you would have saved a little bit better...Must suck now that TLC is no longer footing the tab
              • 2 Iran hikers maybe be released from prison this week. OK...... people WTF were you doing hiking on the Iran/Iraq border!!! Did you really think that you can skip your way through borders, especially that border! No offense but watch the news,  you know what is going on over there why would you even go into that area to friggin hike? You are from NOCAL we have some of the best hiking in the world stay close to home you dodo's.
              • Dear Tom Brady I know that Gisele Butthead  Bundchen has you by the B-A-L-L-S but can you please do something with that greasy mane that you call hair? it is looking kinda of nasty
              • What was I thinking when I decided to give my toddler a marshmallow and having it be OK to have her wander the house with it. Sticky madness everywhere. I had to DE marshmallow my dogs today. Ever try getting that stuff of of fur...NO BUENO
              • WTF is up with people who think and need to be perfect?  No one is perfect.  And please stop telling people you are is super annoying and most of us want to beat ourselves with a stick to stop the pain
              • Is wrong with me and my obsession with everything Vampire? Yes I must admit even the Twilight Tween Saga's...*hanging head down in shame*
              • Dear Michaela Salahi {RHODC} you now should owe the great city of Washington the money it cost them to search for your DUMB ass when your even bigger DUMB ass husband reported you missing. Come to find out the media whore had run off with Journey guitarist Neil Schon. Fo' real or publicity stunt..knowing these 2 losers I would not put it past them if the planned the whole thing
              • Why would you allow your child to take his grubby little snot infested hand and have him man handle all the veggies in the salad bar...and then have a problem with me and another person when we ask you to please have him stop. Take responsibility for your CHILD.

              Thursday, September 15, 2011

              We need a damn...

              date hubby shouts to me over the sound of the bath water as he is trying to grab our very slippery daughter a place her  into her hoody towel. I know...I I am picking up LDG's trail of clothing for the 50th time that day. She just loves to play with clothes she must take after her mama!  Hubby and I have been talking about this date night for the last 19 months - since we were blessed with the arrival of our little speed demon. It is hard to believe that it has been that long but I have not left my daughters side since she has been born. The only time I have left her with anyone has been with my SIL and bro and that was for a total of 4 hours for my hubby's Xmas party last year....Whoooweeee mama had a good time that night. No wine for a bit and 3 glasses and a shot kicked my ass. But during those 4 hours -  my tipsy ass could only miss my this normal? I have friends of ours with kids who do not give a second thought to going on vaca without their little ones and I could not leave her for a mere 4 hours? What the hell am I going to do when her first day of preschool arrives?

              I know the time has come to find and hire a babysitter. GAWD I am just not looking forward this.
              Why.... well let's see...Hummmm I am super paranoid, very cautious, do not trust easily and know how to shoot a gun. Can you imagine the weirdos out there? One of my friends is like hire a neighborhood 15 year old  NOT..... going to happen  -  I can imagine my baby locked up in the corner with my dogs snot running down her nose, sitting in her poop diaper while 15 year old is texting her boyfriend to like totally come over and stuff *smacking gum*. No...... uh...uh...not ready for that.

              I want background checks. I want to know exactly who I am letting into my home and will be taking care of one of my biggest treasures. So today I did it,  I contacted a very reputable agency and did what I needed to do. I am tentatively scheduling a date for next Friday night. I will NOT chicken out and I will do what I need to do in order for me and hubby to get part of our sanity back we need some alone, adult conversation night....and who knows I might just get lucky  *wink wink*.

              Wednesday, September 14, 2011

              Kinda Wordless Wednesday.....

              What could have been going on here?
              • Summit Meeting
              • How to distract mommy while we steal the freshly made rice krispie treats
              • How do we get rid of the tall one so we can really have some fun 

              Who knows but I am glad I caught it on film.

              Tuesday, September 13, 2011

              Here we go again.....

              This post could go either way for me it will make sense or I will get karate chopped in the neck via my blog. But this is my opinion and what I believe in  I also need to get this off my chest before I explode and we don't want that...... it  just wouldn't be   Enjoy

               At some point when do we say enough is enough?  I am a firm believer that if you do not want to hear it, you don't have to listen. If do not want to see it, you do not need to watch it. And if you do not want your child to wear it, you do not buy it. I know that I do not have a "tween' on my hands...yet but I will soon enough.  Last time I checked we were the parents and we control the purse strings until they are 18.  Are these slogans/shirt socially irresponsible and sexist  YES!  -  Are they in super bad taste hell to the yeah! {and not very cute I may add}. But let's remember were we live in the good ol' USofA  - Land of free speech and home of the ol mighty dollar. If you do not like what these shirts stand for fight back by not buying..Hit them were it hurts the ol' bottom line. You have a right to voice your opinion but you cannot expect that every time someone out there does not like a certain item of clothing/book/CD/TV Program you expect that company to remove it from their shelves. What is the difference between that and good ol fashioned book burning? I say not much.

              There are rules in my house for clothing - no booty shorts, no short skirts and no tasteless ass logo shirts that includes one with designer names.  I as a mother would not buy this item of clothing for my daughter.......period I do not give a shit how much she would whine for it.  And I would hope that I would have raised a daughter that would NOT degrade herself  and  want to wear a shirt that read Skool Sucks /I am too pretty for work/school. Not in this house!


              Below is the article that set me off:

              Forever 21's latest tween T-shirt infuriates consumers, parents

              Allergic to silly shirts? Not everyone is a fan of Forever 21's latest collection.
              Controversial tween T-shirts sure are everywhere these days.

              The other week, JC Penney was heavily criticized for selling apparel that read “I'm too pretty to do homework, so my brother does it for me.” Now another failed attempt at cutesiness has the Internet up in commenting-arms: Forever 21 is featuring a shirt emblazoned with “Allergic to algebra” (at $12.80, it’s still no bargain). It doesn’t stop there, either. Other tops showcase such slogans as “I love school – not” and “Skool Sucks.”

              As predicted, shoppers and parents are none too pleased. One consumer even resorted to posting a response — via a Post-it-Note — on the collection. The note reads “SMART girls are cool. Don’t buy this top.” And just started a petition asking Forever21 to discontinue selling clothing with sexist messages. “Forever 21's ‘Allergic to Algebra’ shirt is yet another sexist message aimed at young women telling them that math is uncool — while bragging about being bad at math is cool,” the petition reads. “Would these retailers ever consider selling ‘I Can't Do Long Division!’ shirts for boys or men?”

              Two weeks ago, JC Penney ultimately removed their shirt after mounting pressure. While Forever21 has yet to respond, they might follow the trend.

              Monday, September 12, 2011

              My oh my.....

              I have been fighting with my stomach since yesterday and today it is not much better. Reason I never deviate too much from my eating plan. I was sooooo bad this weekend....bad, bad mommy. We eat very healthy in my home. I cook dinner 6 days a week sometimes we take a break and order in but 98% of the time I am cooking light dinners. I try to only eat organic and try to limit my red meat intake to 2 times a month. So  I do not know what brain fart I had on Saturday to make my homemade bolognese sauce to get my lasagna ready for Sunday morning.  There is a reason why we have my lasagna only once in a blue moon because the calorie count for just one slice can make you jump of  a cliff and our stomachs are not used to eating that heavy anymore. I do not cut corners all the ingredients are fully  fatty  fat that is why it is so rich.  I know this so what do I do I go ape shit and eat about 3 slices throughout the day. 3 friggin huge ass went from mmmm so delish to...... Oh oh..... I don't feel very good and  I cannot get off the couch.

              Looked so innocent

              Evil lasagna

              This morning I feel gross, fat, lethargic and sick. Maybe I should have not had the 2 chocolate chip cookies last night before bed. I only eat this crappy during the PMS week of hell but we have had a few stressful weeks {more on that at a later date} at Casa Crazy so I think I just went a little off the deep end this weekend.

              I have been bonding with the porcelain god  for hours and I feel like shit. Sorry for the visual folks! My little one is wandering around the house with 18 of my purses while I can do nothing but stare from my throne. And yes I am sitting here with the laptop...hey I need something to do. Since early this morning I have had 5 cups of green tea and 3 cups of peppermint. Hopefully one will get it out and the other will make it feel better. All I want to see for the next 7 days in brown rice and lettuce.

              Feeling the love......