Sunday, July 31, 2011


Mmmm...cake pops

Onesie Mania
Neighbor making statement with onesie
I am one tired ass puppy today. Hubby and I hosted a casual baby shower for our neighbor and friend Special K. It was intimate, fun and a good time had by all including LDG. Today I am pooped. My back is not the best so when I over push like I did yesterday my body tends to feel like it was run over by a mack truck the next day which is not a fun feeling. I tend to not pay attention when I pick up heavy items....Note to self  bend with the knees!
However {fancy but} I will work on the kinks by taking it easy today an kickin' my ass into gear at the gym tomorrow.
We had stuffed mushrooms, cheese platter, bruschetta I made a bunch of mini appetizers so everyone had a little something to eat.
My hubby made some killer lamb chop pops - dalish honey and it was topped off by some red velvet cake and yummy cake pops {lovingly made by Special K}. We did some onesie decorating and hung them on a makeshift clothesline with pins that I had placed against the wall - it looked great!

I hope Special K had a good time - next stop on the choo choo train of baby making - delivery. It looks like she is ready to pop and ready for the ride of her life. I get to do this all over again next weekend when planning my sister in laws baby naming ceremony event!

Ohhhhh totally off the subject. HELLLLLOOOO Mary Kate and Ashley  I get the "backpack" is made of a very exotic croc {from their brand the Row} but come on 39,000 for a backpack it is ludicrous. Now I have definitely been guilty in shelling out some dough for handbags {latest splurge Celine} but $39,000 dollars!???!! Come one guys you need to put in your time with the heavy hitters before you can charge that amount for money for a bag.  Also there is a pic of one of the twins with this huge very expensive back pack and she still carrying a bunch of shit in her hand. WTF........ for that amount of money I would use it to carry LDG until she hit puberty. But hey......I guess it is all relative when you are worth 1 billion dollars.

Happy Sunday......Peeps

Friday, July 29, 2011

What the hell we would

do without electricity?!? Yesterday we had a planned outage with our electric company that went on from 8-4:30 in the afternoon. MAN...what a pain in the ass that was...OK you never realize how much we depend on power once it is gone for the whoooole day! We have known about this outage for a couple of weeks so I did have time to plan some activities with LDG...the thing is the weather has been pretty sucky this week.  {FU fog I am sick of you and the depressing gloom you bring}.  So plans needed to be altered. I decided that after baby gym I would meet up with our friend Special K do lunch and then take a stroll down at the outside mall - {this area of town seems to always have a beam of sunshine over it}. Had a really good time and LDG was tired from the days activities so she took a much needed nap while we were cruising the stores. We had been gone for a few hours so we thought..possibly the power could be back up....Nope not the case still no power. 

What was I going to do?!?... Usually LDG at this time {witching hour 3-5} is  getting up from nap, I am prepping for dinner/baking {cannot do either cuz my lovely oven is all electric} she is doing her snack and watching her beloved Nick Jr. programs - all is good in casa crazy.  Now......LDG could totally have a melt down because she is not able to watch her Nick Jr. or would she not notice and all would be ok? Of course...nope she noticed! So I said to myself..Let's actually just hang out with my daughter. No distractions from the computers, phones, TV's and all other gadgets that take up so much time out of our day.
We sat down together and I read her a book, we colored and we just played together. It was the first time in a long while that it was just us that way. And you know was AWESOME!

I am need to remember this day when I get caught up my day to day madness......Slow down, relax and enjoy!

Happy Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The playdate that saved me......


me from having a total OCD melt down.  Yesterday I had a play date with my awesome nephew L Dog. My sister in law just has another bundle of joy so we have him come over here so mama can get a break. L dog has enough energy of 5 kids it is crazy, I wish I had that amount of energy! I decided that today we would do picnic in the living room day. I laid out a huge fluffy blanket added huge pillows from the couch and made it into a toy island. Made them toasty grilled cheese sandwich sticks and healthy tator tots. They were "stoked"
I figured if I did this, the mess would be held to a minimum MMMMMM how very wrong I was!
See when you have this OCD brain were everything has a place and a place for everything -  when things get out of wack my brain becomes jumbled { I am really, really trying to relax - I swear I am}. But one thing at a time. I gave up caffeine, cigs, and shopping {ok shopping not so much}.
I decided that yesterday I was going to let go. What is the worst that could happen?  I would have a messy living room for a few hours SO WHAT! I needed to learn that I will not get these times back with my child and I should be as silly as I can be with LDG. At this age they look at you with stars in their eyes and think you are the greatest person ever. In a few years she will be giving me the finger and telling me she hates me. Do I really want my child to remember mommy going crazy because the couch cushions were not just right?  I think NOT.

Yesterday for the first time in a long time I just sat back and let the kids be kids and let them due what they due.
Have fun!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A tiny love poem to my....

beloved Bissell featherweight mini vacuum:

How much do I love you?
let me count the ways.....
you suck up hundred of fur monkeys a day
and pick up the tiny Cheerios spills from my little dear
You work on water, you work on dirt and you work on anything that will eventually hurt
You clean my sofa and love seat too...... you make me happy with everything you do!
I tried another.... but it was not you
came back and knew that you were true!

*all this for $23.99

This is what happens to your brain due to
  • Lack of sleep
  • Too much Nickelodeon Jr.
  • Lack of adult conversation
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Am I doing a good.......

job as a parent? I am a good mom...right? This is a question that goes through my mind on a daily basis {ok about every 10 minutes}. I have a hard time determining if I am doing a good job or not. I do not have a mom I can compare notes with since she passed away way to soon and before LDG was born.  I cannot speak to most of my friends for many of mine are still living the "Sex and the City" lifestyle while I am here in the burbs trying to work it out! With my organizational skills and light OCD  I tend to have a short fuse when things are not organized and just so.  Sooooo I kinda tend to yell a bit and LDG does not deserve to get crazy mama. How can I look at that sweet face and yell. Yeah...I know.... I feel totally shitty but sometimes it just happens. Does that make me a bad mommy?

I went into this without knowing one thing about parenthood and children so sometimes I get scared that the yelling/punishing {in the form of time out} could damage the child down the line {serial killer anyone}. However I do think it is never to early to start disciplining because I feel many children today have no respect and boundaries when it come to their parents. When I was working it was easy to get instant gratification, it showed in your numbers and your yearly reviews.
Sometimes I wish someone could just pat me on the back and say....Mama you are doing ok keep it together...Good job. I think all mama's need that pat once in awhile. So I am sending out a pat to all the mama's out there.

I hope LDG knows that I am trying my best and that I love her. All this is new to mommy too boo...


Monday, July 25, 2011

I have decided that for the next month...

Oh.... on the subject of the double C's this is the surprise I
found this am my busted Chanel compact and my daughter no where
to be found! Mmmmmm coquinky dink?!!

I will start off the day on my blog with one kick ass quote from the Grand Dame of style and one woman who changed the face of fashion and did it on her own terms
Mademoiselle Coco Chanel...Why....Just because.

One of my favs
"You live but once; you might as well be amusing."

Welcome again Monday....Why do the weekends go by so damn fast. I know that I physically do not work out of the home, I can still not like Mondays - so much. Why it is hard to get my mo jo started on a Monday...Maybe it is all those years I was brainwashed to not like the M day or just because my hubby goes back to work and I am once again home alone mumbling to myself, having full on conversations with the dogs and talking Real Housewives with my daughter...yes I do subject her to this BS. As I  sit her with my decaf green tea {I really do miss you coffee} I am trying to get myself motivated enough to get myself in a pair of sweats and get my ass to the gym....I have been kinda lazy the past it is always hard to get back on the horse but I am off to get my cardio on because I have a huge next month and I need to keep my energy flowing....

I must leave you now cuz my lovely daughter has decided that a toilet paper dress is exactly what the dogs needed this morning...Ugh I hate Mondays


Saturday, July 23, 2011

OMG in 2 days

my LDG is going to be 18 months old. Were did the time go and whaaaaat happpened??? In a blink of an eye it has gone from me being prego, going through hell of a labor/emergency c-section and bringing home a 5 1/2 pound preemie to care for - without having a clue on how to do it.  It just seemed so new and so damn scary.  Now it is like I am a seasoned pro. Stirring the pots with one hand and holding my toddler in the other. Juggling 18 things in between. Things sure have changed.  I now have to brace myself for the doomsday called the "terrible 2's" - I am keeping my  fingers crossed folks... so far I have not witnessed any signs but one never knows....

I am very fortunate to have a great support system in my hubby I could not do this very hard job without him. I have said this once and I will say it again it is tough to do this alone - so I give a shout out to all the single parents out there I do not know how you do it.

I know it is quite a few months away but I a already planning in my head LDG's Halloween Costume I cannot wait to get started on that project since Halloween is my favorite time of year. It just says to me that fall has come {I also do love the horror movies}. I am thinking that I am going to go for Little Red Riding Hood. Since I have already started researching have not found any really nicely made LRRH costumes out there...soooooooo I am thinking that I will take on the challenge and sew the whole costume myself.....

Mmmmm........ I am wondering if this is going to be a good idea?!?

Friday, July 22, 2011


I am feeling pfft this am - woke up with a slight blah attitude which in the am is not my usual fare but today is just one of those days. I realize that I cannot be "on" 24/7 and sometimes it is OK to be lazy. I am used to jumping out of bed and being on the go......whether that is getting the house  picked up, running a shit load of errands  and just being a mom who is always on the go..go...go...I have hosted 2 playgroups this week, I have another one today. I have an event next Saturday, the christening of my beautiful niece the week after that  -  {Godmother for the second time around yeah}! I am also helping to plan that party.  I have a couple of dogs who just LOVE to eat bark and pine cones and I have been dealing with throw up all this morning. And to top it all off a huge Italian Picnic mid August were you know your are being judged and scrutinized for everything you do.

I believe I am going to make Friday the official " I am not rushing to go anywhere do anything day". It is good for me to have one slow down day. I think it is good for my brain and LDG to have a morning were we just get up and chill. LDG slept until 7:45 this morning and now she is wandering around playing with her musical toys as happy as can be. I need to appreciate these times that I have with her....before I know it she will be heading out the door with my car keys .....and even worse the credit cards....... So far it has been a beautiful if only the damn fog would go away....

Happy Friday......

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WOW Shocker...

This morning I got a really nice compliment from another mommy she called me "super mom".  Now I have been called plenty of things in the past...but I never thought "super mom" would be one of them. I asked her why she thought that and she said that she had seen me about town {the area were we live is fairly large but it seems everyone knows each other}. The mommy told me that she sees me work out at the club in the am and has seen my darting all over town with LDG always on the go to one activity or another or cruising the little outside mall we have near by and she told me that it looked like I had my shit together.  It was really nice to hear that...sometimes it is hard to be a SAHM.... it is a 24/7 job which we get very little thanks for and most people do not think what we do at home is considered "work"  but let me tell you it is...ALLOT of  tiring overwhelming  work. Thank God I happen to be very organized and that keeps my head from imploding at any moment.
Today was a great day with LDG and her cousin L Dog awesome play date. They had a ton of fun and I am super exhausted. We made pizza's for lunch then I jacked them up with Trader Joe's chocolate covered pretzels...Hope Mama K will not seek revenge....


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is unbelivable to me....

last night I was cruising cable after putting LDG to bed and because their was a limited selection on the "tele" I started to watch Juliana and Bill {I know shoot me}. On this particular episode Juliana is going through a very painful IVF procedure.....I mean painful. After she is done with the treatment she is required to go home and rest for a bit. During the time that she is at home during bed rest she starts to hemorrhage and is rushed to the emergency. Flash forward and we find out that during the IVF egg retrieval procedure the very long and sharp needle punctured her uterus and she started to bleed internally....Whoa that is intense. After the episode I sat there and thought....WOW look at the pain, time and emotional roller coaster ride a woman will go through in order to have a child...and we have certain mothers/fathers out there who can dispose of a baby like it was garbage. I watched the news this morning{which I am going to stop doing it has gotten sooooo depressing} and they had a father they had just arrested who dropped his son on top of a hot stove, some crackhead a few weeks ago decided to place her small baby in a microwave and this morning some mother decided it would be fun to go on a crime spree with her 4 month old baby. Who the hell does things like this? Oh...... and let's not forget the award for mother of the year. Casey Anthony...If you believe she was guilty or not guilty of her crime the matter still remains the same..... she did not report her child missing for 31 friggin days while she was out partying and living it up. I still do not believe she is out...I am going to stop right here because just the mention of her name makes my blood boil!

Anyway.....LDG will test my patience on a daily basis, she can drive me crazy on some days and I am quick to yell on others,  but I have to remember that I am one lucky SOB to have this little human in my life.

Mama loves you baby!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Possible new cool

club in town....This Thursday I am hosting our first of many {hopefully} play group. I am super excited and ready to get a few mommies and soon to be mommies together and have the kids go crazy....I am looking forward to this because the mommies coming are really down to earth and laid back no BS and that is how I like it. I sometimes think that some of these play groups {I have been to} are like "pissing contest" who's child is brighter, faster walker and all the other "stuff" that comes along with a growing baby/toddler.
A good play group should be relaxing and fun for the mommies as well as the little ones. I would like this group to be a time for us as moms to relax and vent some of our frustrations and joys of being a FTM {first time moms}.
It is always fun to compare notes with other mothers to see what they are doing to help me do a better job raising LDG. Bring on the fat free muffins and awesome conversation.....Ready to decompress!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Whoa Baby that is more....

than I want to see at 8:00 o'clock in the morning. I have never been one to flaunt or be super proud of my body it is something I have never felt comfy with even when I was super skinny {which took allot of cabbage soup, cigarettes and large amounts of coffee}.  But their are some gals that just do not care........... but DAMN their are some parts of the anatomy that should be kept under wraps. I work out on a daily basis - to try and keep things firm as well as keeping my mind sane- if I did not have that hour to myself every day I think I would have gone completely mental by now! Since I live so close to my gym it is pointless for me to shower after working out. The whole idea of communal showers is very unappealing to me and the lockers rooms are so jammed packed after classes that it would take forever for me to get things done. This am after I finished my love hate relationship with the elliptical machine I venture in into the locker room rest room as I come out and proceed to the sinks to wash my hands I am staring at a full on naked woman bending WAYYYY over and just lotioning parts of the body I just do not want to see so early in the morning. I know that this is a woman's locker room and their are things that you can do here but come on man show a little decorum. Everyday women just wandering around butt naked not a care in the world. They stand in front of the mirror and just gaze at all their nakedness and I am just amazed and maybe a little jealous that they can do this without a care in the world. I say more power to if I could just have just a little of that self confidence I would be unstoppable.

Happy Friday!!!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

To discipline or not to discipline......

there is no question....... in this house it is going to happen! There has been a controversy brewing in a small town in Pennsylvania that banned children under the age of 6 from their restaurant.....Do I  agree - Not so much...Do I blame the owner - NOT one bit. Before LDG {and now}I used to go to restaurants and have to deal with kids who were completely out of control - {newborn excused since they really have no control in the first few months} My child has been going to restaurants since the age of 6 weeks and she knows how to behave - NO..... she is not a saint - YES..... she does get testy but when this happens we take care of business and do what we have to do in order for the other patrons of the establishment not to be disturbed. Accountability folks......

Too many times I have been out were little ones are running around, completely out of control and their parents just don't care or are oblivious to what is going on around them. Unfortunately some of today's parents think discipline is a bad word and in turn it has resulted in a generation of children with no manners - the same way we have a generation of men who do not know how to act like gentlemen {that is a whole nother' rant and rave that I will get to soon enough}.
It is sad but so true. I feel today's parents are scared to discipline because they want too be "friends" with their kids. Listen up..... you are here to be their parent NOT their friend and sometimes you just have to drop the hammer. It is NOT fun..... or pleasant..... and makes you feel like a  total shit,  but you know what...suck it up! You have a duty here..... and it is too raise stable, well adjusted adults. Not a bunch of non socialized brats!

When my little one misbehaves and she has received her 2nd warning and has decided to once again ignore that warning - third strike your are out. LDG has already gotten a small swat on her butt and has had a few run ins with "time out" {jury is still out on this method}. 

My brother and I were raised to behave ourselves at restaurants, movie theaters etc...if we chose not to listen to our parents we paid the price later. We do not have that in  today's world and I feel if we continue down this path their will be other establishments that will no longer allow children to join in on the fun.

Side note -To all the self help book reading, let's try and reason with the screaming toddler while they are having a shit fit in a grocery store ...... The way a parent disciplines their child is NOYB so keep your stares and opinions yo selves...


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

OH OH .......It's

Potty time.....Yesterday was the day I broke down and finally decided that it was time to start thinking of potty training LDG...Ahhh the joy of potty training sounds like..... a lotta not! I mean it will be awesome not too think about diapers - not buying them, changing them and especially smelling them! But it is a scary step for both me and I am sure LDG. I mean she watches in amazement every time I flush the toilet...the look on her face is like "MOM were the hell did that go?". LDG is definitely curious about the whole "potty thing" so I decided that besides watching me go {hey it's part of the process} I would get her own side potty kinda get used to the idea. I decided to do the Baby Bijorn besides it being totally cool looking it does not come with allot of bells and whistle - it is basic...because down the line your not going to have all those bells and whistles in the outside world!
I am looking forward to this and super excited to see how it goes. I heard from other mommies that girls are easier to potty train than boys...Fact or fiction...We will soon find out!!

Wish us luck.......

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I am one tired ass

mama today.....For the last month and half it has been nothing but events, get together and going away lunch/dinners, throw in a tumor/surgery on our Big "G" Golden.......AND I am pooped and so is hubby. We have been on a non stop social schedule for the weeks now and I think it is taking it's toll on all of us including the little one - and she is a pretty social child - she goes everywhere with us - she was at her first high end restaurant at just 6 weeks but because I have her on such a set schedule sometimes when we do veer a little from it,  she gets a little bit irritable - No matter how much fun she is having. With the socializing comes wine and food that is not on my ww matter how hard you try to stick to the good choices you always end up having a little too much vino and too many carbs...I am still working out but I can tell that my eating has not been as healthy as usual. My stomach is making it known that it is not happy {shaking fist at me} so I am riding the Green Tea and Veggie train all this week.

Week will consist of catching up on sleep {no more Ipad/phone 1 hour before bed time it has been interrupting my sleep pattern}, hanging out with my LDG, catching up on chores and projects.
As hubby and I were laying in bed exhausted last night,  we both looked at each other and said - this coming weekend it is all about us - You, me and LDG......and of course the furry ones... :0)

Smooches and have a Happy Tuesday!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Today I got the BEST

compliment from my MIL - she looked at me and said "Your doing a great job with LDG. She is a good girl and you should be proud". I felt great when she said that too me...So many times as a new first time mommy you wonder if you are doing an OK job with your little one and today I got confirmation that...hey I can do this and I am doing a pretty good job.....

With all the ups and down of mommywood it is hard to keep your balance of what your doing wrong and what your doing right. My little one can't speak yet so she can't just pull me aside and say "Hey moms I just wanted too let you know that your awesome and keep your chin up..... sometimes things just go wrong."

I never signed up for the mommy "thing" and hubby and I never wanted kids so we had no idea of what we were getting into and what a ride we were about to get on....and no matter how many books you read, websites you "troll"  and advice from other parents you get, when the time actually comes and they hand you the bundle of slushiness, it can get pretty scary and intimidating....No matter how prepared you think you might be.

I now feel confident to go for the gold and try some new things....If I can do the baby thing I can do anything I set my mind too.

Next plan...and ready for my new venture......


Sunday, July 10, 2011

BBQ...... bring fog....

Today is Sunday and we are having a family bbq for my hubby's mom and obvi. my MIL who is visiting us. My pops and the rest of the gang will be here for my hubby's famous baby back ribs...My hubby and I both LOVE to cook...BUT his ribs are the BOMB DIGGITY special he just is that good with BBQ.....It takes him three days just prep the beautiful organic racks of loveliness...OK....... I think I just drooled on myself thinking of them.......yum. We also have on the menu giant prawns and a bunch of veggies sides since we all love the veggies.  I am sitting here at 5:30 in the morning trying to figure out dessert..I need a dessert that will feed 10 and we have two Bdays in the house today that we would like to celebrate.  Prepping for our BBQ's takes time...hubby and I do not just throw stuff together and hope it works.....we take our time, go through recipes and make sure they will be crowd pleasers and so far we have been fortunate to always hit the nail on the to speak.

I have planned the table setting...rustic and simple since we have so many peeps today I want too make sure their is not too much crap on the table to interfere with the food. We also will have 2 toddlers wandering around the area so I do not want too many breakables around. 

I am only worried about one thing.....the damn stupid fog.....yesterday we did not see the sun until 2 in the afternoon it makes for crappy BBQ weather especially if the wind kicks in...the weather person stating it will be 75 today I highly doubt it based on what I see outside.........AHHHHHH.... sunny California my ass.....

Happy Sunday
PS I have my heater on and it's..... JULY!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Off we go to get ready

for grandma's visit. LDG and I are super excited...grandma has not seen LDG since she was a little monkey..and now she little miss sassy. It is funny all the things you can get done in one day when someone comes to town. The house is sparkling, all the laundry is done, fridge is stocked and dinner is planned. The dogs would be groomed and bow ready, but because of Big G's stitches she is unable to be groomed and Little C will not leave her side...... so we had to make do with a "sponge" bath.  The Murphy bed/closet that we had built in the spare room - aka the "playroom" looks fantastic and I think is one of the best improvements we made to the house..... it is awesome! I hope Grandma does not mind sharing a room with tutu's and a mess of toys but I must say I do a pretty damn good job keeping everything organized. I want LDG to spend as much time with Grandma - She only has one. And because she lives on the East Coast she does not get to spend much time with LDG. Sometimes I wish we all lived a little closer to each other.
I am looking forward to the visit and doing some fun stuff...I just hope the damn weather holds up. Of course last week was gorgeous and this week the damn fog has taken over and it is taking forever to clear up in the mornings. Damn you micro climates......How I despise you sometimes {shaking fist}. 

Here are some of the pics of the LDG's playroom/guest "quarters".


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Ring around the preschool.....

Crap...crap...crap....I knew this time was coming. Hubby and I talked about it when LDG first came into this world we just did not think that the time would move so damn quick. We were bringing her home just the other day a mere 5 1/2 pounds and now she is a walking, talking, sassy toddler and it is time to think about preschool - only 2 days a week but still were did the time go? I am frightened of this process. I know nothing on how the in and outs of this "secret society" works. I know that the starting age is as young as 18 months but I was thinking about waiting until she was 2 plus. That is also based on when she was born and all this other stuff I dont' seem to get.

Is it because I am stupid...NO just thoroughly confused. Also I am dealing with some major waiting lists based on some of the schools I am looking into so that is something else you need to factor in. When did school becomes such a pain in the ass and such a nightmare? I did not go to preschool. I remember starting kindergarten, graham crackers and naps. Now some of these preschool offer organic lunches, french and math. I am like...... they're 2..... however I do understand that this is just one stepping stone to an academic future. It just can all be very intimidating and a little bit daunting.How about if I chose the wrong school, will my child thrive in the environment, will she succeed, is home schooling better? These are just some of the questions running through my mind on a daily basis.

I am hoping I make the right decision for my little bean and hope to God  I will not lose my mind through the process.

Wish us luck!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Have you noticed the hotter

the temperature rises the more stupid shit people do? Just watching the news this morning had me shaking my head their any thought process to what people do? Why would you drink and boat? Why is your 4 year old not wearing a life jacket while in a speedboat, when that same toddler is in a car seat/and or seat belt in the car???  Why drink yourself into stupor then go white water rafting? The amount of violence last night was crazy. Knife attack here, shooting there...What happens with the mercury rises?

While in the city yesterday I spotted more than one set of parents drinking away as their kids were far enough that could possible could cause harm to the child if one of the parent is not quick enough. Hanging over the rail off the GGB (on tipee toes) to see what is below...(the ocean and if you slip and fall you will be shark food). Seriously I saw this yesterday.....Just amazing.....Another thing I saw so many body parts yesterday I wanted to scream...yes it was warm but not butt hot. This is not Miami people cover up...... it was barely 79 degrees I do not need to see your man parts, and their are some people that should just stay covered up...I also do not get{totally off the subject and maybe because I am getting older} but what is with the shorts and cowboy boots?  It is one of the tackiest, most unflattering look of all times. It is warm outside go buy yourself a pair of nice sandals or platform espadrilles. The daisy duke look has been over for a bit and and very few people can get away with this look. They are as follows:
  • The original Daisy from Dukes of Hazard
  • Jessica Simpson during the remake
  • Britney Spears before breakdown
OK sorry about that just needed to get that out!
Happy Independence Day to everyone
Be safe.....

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday brunch day......

Steel Grey Cotton Dress with delicate beeding at collar
Rope Sandals  

Steel Grey Cardi

White delicate flower headband

Snap..Crackle and LoCk.......

Hubby tinkering away

Well it has finally come down that we are going to have to start locking down this house like Fort Knox...We had done our baby proofing a while back.....but now we are TODDLER proofing. It is shocking to me what one single little person can get into in a short period of time.....The other day I caught her in the cabinet that houses the brain of all our technical "thingys" in the house...TV, DVD, CD...Satellite radio...... if she messes with that and she pulls any type of cable or wire out we are   SOL.  I suck at technical tinkering and so does my we decided to place some special hooks below the cabinets we figured we needed the type she could not Houdini her way in to...because LDG is getting really good at figuring out how locks..... unlock.  It is scary.. Are all toddler this talented....?!? We have had to place locks high up on the pantry door because she has figured out how to get it open from the bottom. The other day I caught her chugging olive oil straight from the bottle....WHAT?
Are next project is trying to figure out how to not have her unlock and open the front door. We have a special door handle on our front door and the typical door proofing that you can get at Babies R Us does not work on our front door. Augh....

Great weekend so far...We have some good plans and looking forward to spending some time with family and friends this weekend. The weather is ridiculous...going to be in the 80's today......I might just wear an actual summer dress today....

Happy Sunday all...and have a safe 4th of July......

Friday, July 1, 2011

Update on my

Golden Retriever Big G. She had her surgery today. It was definitely a tumor the vet sent it over to the lab for a biopsy and we will not know until next week if it is benign or malignant. The vet seem to think that it would be benign but he could ot guarantee the outcome. We are praying that everything will be OK.
War wounds 6 stitches and a funky side mohawk but she seems in good spirits and she should be with all the drugs she is on. Nothing funnier than a "high" dog with dry mouth...hehehehe.

This is our Friday night.......and could not be happier

Off to the nail

salon we go. Last Saturday I had an appt to get my pedi and mani on. I am spoiled I will go and get both done every two weeks.  I need my toes to look pretty end of story. We live in a micro climate area and has I have said many times before our weather pattern tends to switch on a dime so one day you may be wearing cool suede booties the next day you will need a pair of flip flops.  So the toes always have to be ready to go. Since we have 10 nail salons in a one mile radius in our neck of the woods the cost is reasonable enough that I can get away with it on a bi weekly basis.

Since my hubby had to get some work done that day,  I decided that it was time for little LDG to get her first toe coloring done..... not the full on pedi...Yeah....... I know she is too young...... but thought it would be a fun bonding thing for us to do together.  Hey...... if she can sit there for 1 hour more power to me. I decided that this will be something fun for me and her to do when daddy needs some alone time. I was pleasantly surprised she was wonderful. She sat through my OUCHY eyebrow waxing and while I got my mani/pedi on.  I then had little toes colored in a light spring orange color and they even put a little rose sticker on each of her big toes. She was in awe. She truly had a good time and I loved having her there for the whole event. Now...I told her this would be a special occasion thing only and not a bi weekly thing like her mommy. At that point she looked up at me and gave me one of her raised eye brows and beautiful smile....I then thought to myself....Oooops I might just be in

Happy Friday......

Feeling the love......