Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A place called a Vacation......Part I

I am BACK folks after 10 days of cruising and checking out Florida we are back and let's say - I need a friggin vacation from the vacation. Why is it every time you come back from what is supposed to be a restful and relaxing vacation you feel more tired than when you left? Besides trying to get my little one and my ass back on schedule the vacation was really kick ASS! We had a good time and I can tell you seeing GG's  face was worth me having to deal with a bunch of pink princesses. Getting to Florida was easy breezy....Can I say that first I LOVE VIRGIN Airline...always on time, always pleasant and they just rock. Non stop flight from SFO to Orlando  about 5 hours and  20 minutes.  I love that my baby traveled like a pro this time around. No crying, no fussing. She got her head set and watched about an hour of Dora on the plane awesome live direct TV and slept for the remainder of the flight. She was perfect on the way there and back. We got to Orlando picked up our SUV and started on the drive to St.Pete Beach to meet family and chillax at the amazing Don Cesar - {thank you honey for being a bigger hotel snob than me yep we are - we worked hard to get here and make no apologies for diggin luxury}.  Besides the amazing environment the history of the hotel is pretty awesome. This pic does not do it justice it was just breathtaking and just so damn relaxing. I could have stayed there all week.

Shot from my umbrella heaven
We saw dolphins and sting rays in the water. Just crystal clear blue water and white sand everywhere you turned. My SIL and her kids were in town so we all met up the next day at the pool and all we did was drink frothy drinks and swim in the pool. As you can see we got taken over by the bucket people....The tres amigos together for a couple of sun filled days....GG's cousins who love to be together.....And hello how cute is this man.....We also had the pleasure of my dad being there as well as my MIL. It was a big ol family reunion!

Now I tried to limit what I ate and drank during my 10 days of bliss but hell man this short rib over risotto to die for!  I could not damn good.....When I saw that sunset the first night total relaxation set in......I was in one of my happy places.

Ahhhhhhhhh Bliss

My loves 
 My daughter was so excited to have daddy for 10 days with my husbands busy work schedule it is sometimes hard for him just to relax. Even on vacation he was working but after the first 3 days he chilled out YAH!
The Gang
My daughter spent so much time in the water the first few days that she literally turned into a get her out of the pool and the ocean was pure torture.......but you know what all that swimming and activity by 8:00 pm she looked like this.......SUCESS...time for mommy to catch up on some reading!

Little blurry mommy had some vino that night
Tomorrow I will fill you in on Part II of the vacation and our road to Disney!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I have been gone

and just got back from vacation to DisneyHell....Many pics and many great stories to come!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mothers Day......

to all the beautiful ladies out there. As you can tell I am a day late but yesterday was kind of lay around not do a damn thing day...I become a beached whale and just laid around in my big ol bed with all my smut reality TV  and US weekly which is also smut but a little bit more believable then the Life & Style. My lovely man and beautiful daughter made me breakfast and my awesome husband made sure that I had some me time on this day. I took a nap...a nap which was wonderful and much needed since I woke up at 4:00 am......What the hell is that all about? I got 3 vases of orchids delivered to the house by my hubby.I orchids...they make me happy just looking at them. Plus my husband got my some really awesome Alex & Dani silver bracelets I have been wanting these for a bit but have been so busy I have not had the time to pick them up...
Hope all you mama's had a great day.....

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Annnd this is why I dislike..............


I love her she is brave, smart,  kicks ass and looks like a regular kick ass girl....Well that seems to be not enough for Disney because they felt Merida needed a makeover and super large breasts and is that make up.  We have enough fru fru princesses is Cinderella and friggin Snow White not enough .....I signed the petition this am to keep her the same...WTF Disney get a grip and leave her alone!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Cha Cha Changes......

View from the yacht club 
So mucho much has been going on in the last few weeks at Casa Crazy....All good but it has kept me ass moving more than usual. Not this weekend but last weekend we attended my husbands companies end of year party. It is always great to get all of us together. It is fun to catch up and do our mimosa thing. My husband has been part of this company for the last 15 plus years. Basically when they started the company with a card table, yellow pages (remember those), phone and a whole lot of dedication and hard work.  The company is now 30 million plus and growing beast and they are number one in their industry. My husband is part owner and on Saturday he was promoted and is now EL Presidente of the beast. I am super ass proud and so happy for him. It will mean allot more hours and a whole lot more stress but he is up for the challenge! Another awesome bonus that he got that he had no idea he was getting is below. I had to keep this a secret for almost three weeks and for me that is a lifetime!

This was a gift to him by the company for his years in service and for all his hard work. He was blown away and did not know what to say when it drove up. Brand new 2013 BMW 535i...Sweet ride and he deserves it all the way. I am going to keep this short today because I can barely lift my arms to type...I had another boxing session on Saturday and I am feeling some bad ass pain no gain...I guess...OK whoever made said that is not experiencing the pain that I have going on today....

Thursday, May 2, 2013

When did you become such a worry wart?????

This is the question my husband dropped on my ass this morning - he wanted to have me believe that he  was kidding but I know him well enough to know he was not. Now that my feathers were ruffled and was not happy.  Yes I noted it was a beautiful sunny morning and everything was great but I voiced a concern about the back hill where our homes is very very dry and the slight wind had me a little scared because HELLO we live in California and since I could remember we have had major fire probes during unusual high heat and wind. It's common f*ckin knowledge. He then proceeded to brush it off which by that time was too late because I was pissed.

Let's see honey let me answer that question on when/how did I become overly worried and a little bit more cautious and paranoid in the last few years....mmmm let's see let me give you the short list hon

  • My mom gets rare lung cancer  - dies before my eyes in 14 months. By the time I wrapped my head around what the hell was going on she was gone. I helped take care of her the whole time watching her suffer. Fuck you cancer for taking my mom way too young. 
  • We are no longer safe to go to/send our children to schools, movies, malls, marathons ect....because people are "mad" at the world so instead of taking them out on themselves or trying to get help they feel the need to take with them innocent victims that have nothing to do with whatever is going on in their fucked up brains.
  • Your child is no longer safe in your home because so piece of shit loser can walk into it and stab your daughter in her sleep. Happened this week here in northern California
  • Terrorism 
  • Perverts, rapists POS child molesters, kidnappers and just plain crazy as of late who are getting set free from our lovely prisons daily. Yes I will shoot to I stutter.......
  • Yes I have become more aware of my surroundings, paranoid and protected.   Sometimes I think you are not paranoid enough. 
  •  Having a child at 40 and always mentally f*cking myself that...... shit I might not be here to see her get married.. DO I look old?  Act old? and once again look old...I zap my wrinkled wrinkles with every beauty product out there too make sure I keep myself young for my daughter...Ooops I am a woman this is how some of us feel and what WE have too look forward to while getting old.
  • Disease..Disease and more disease
  • Yes I still check to see if my daughter is breathing at night I am a mommy and it something that I still do....Sorry but it will not change anytime soon
  • Accidents and just dumb ass people who do not pay attention on the road and are texting when driving. So when I have a friggin panic attack just thinking about crossing the "BRIDGE" with no incoming barricade on the other side please understand. It is easy for a person who has never had an anxiety attack on a bridge to say get over it have NO idea how bad it feels.....If I could make it go away I would pat any amount to have it just "go away"
Yes I have swam with sharks, sting rays, dolphins - bungee jumped and slingshot.  Jumped off cliffs and done some really stupid shit when I was young and dumb.  We now have a huge responsibility for the next 18 plus years so forgive me if I am a little bit more cautious. I am a woman babe and we are hardwired different then you men...duh! I am also going through some major hormonal changes which sucks donkey balls. Something you as a man will neeever have to go through and or understand. 

Getting old sucks score:
Men 0    Women  15

I accept that sometimes I am the glass is always empty kinda gal...but I was raised that way. As much as I loved my mom I get one of those bad habit from her . I know I cannot be like this all the time...I get it...but I am working on making myself better everyday...I love you more than words can express but in the mean time just give me a damn break and accept that I am doing my best.....

Love your wife......

Feeling the love......