Saturday, May 31, 2014

Why it is so damn hard.....

too make new mom friends?????

Yep I know it has been awhile but I am trying to get back into the swinging from the blogging world vines so as too not lose my mind with all the random shit that swims in this brain throughout the day. I figured if I don't get this crap out of my swirling land mind called my brain I might go off on one of the suburban moms out here and that would just NOt be pretty - City girl in the HOuse.... I am also thinking about making a few changes to the blog and overall format to be even bitchier and crankier than before. Since making the move here I have seen WAAYYYY too many things that I have found strange to a city girl like myslef.....Shit crack head peeing on themselves no vans with all these stick people stickers  f*uckin freaking me out.  YES I am finally back and feeling that old striking cold blood  feeling in my veins after a little bit of a break.

So the above came up recently. As you all know I am in my 40's and proud bitches! I have a 4 year old going on 25 and an amazing but yet smart ass husband and two extremely loud and clumsy fur monkeys.
I am very personable and will not apologize for the fact, I have sick sense of humor, love horror, loud music and love to hang out and have a good time. I am Italian so sometimes obnoxious comes to the mix I am however caring and yes......sometimes GAgh nice. I especially love getting to know new people and have never had any issues and developing new friendships....So I ask why is it so DAMN hard to make some new mommy friends?????I know that this is a question that is not only have me wondering but other moms that I have spoken to. I feel every time that I crack a joke or say to a new mom who is looking for a play date - Hey maybe we should have some wine with that play date they look at me like I threatened them with some kind of medieval torture ritual.  Dude I am now asking to take your first unborn child and to lock it up in a tower, I am just trying to feel out what kind of person you might be and if your sense of humor is going to be able to keep up with this sick ass - because I need someone to keep up sorry I just can't deal with people who have a hard time making conversation. {Yes I know some people are shy but some of those people also do not know how to form sentences - I blame cell/smart phone explosion for this}. People just don't care to get to know people anymore. A concept I do not understand like adult women who wear princess crowns - not OK.

Motherhood could be a lonely thing so when you try and connect and feel like their is no way this person could handle the terror of my personality train you just shut down. It is also way harder to make new friends when you are my age  - sorry the not so old get set in their ways. I am an open f&ckin book. In the last 4 years of this motherhood thing I have met a total of 3 gals that I love to kick it with and you know who you are wink wink....I have a tight group of old school friends and those will always be staples in my life{some we have had too just let go after much trying and many excuses we have decided it is time to move on}.

Thank balls for my amazing SIL whom is my sister from another mister has made moving here less of a shock to my black wardrobe wearing system - she is the kind of gal where I text... "
Bring the kiddos over I just set up the slip n slide" 
She shows up 10 minutes later with kids and a bottle of amazing Rose. We kick it for the afternoon meanwhile the kids are having so much fun that can't see straight - we talk reality TV - relax - Isn't that what a play date is supposed to be? Some time for decompression for both child and mom?

I want to extend more play date invitations but I sometimes feel ON SOME OCCASION not all the time that those are just so......just so.......Pffftttttt why go through all of that to go on one probably play date never to see/hear from that mother again? know what I mean?!? I also don't want to spend the whole time talking about my Billy -  I f*ckin see Billy everyday mommy needs a break from Billy.   I want to get to know you. We were human beings before we got abducted by the parenthood spaceship.   I think we all get caught up in life and we are just too tired sometimes to deal but it feels like friggin HS all over again and this time around I have smarter mouth, bigger attitude and less of  a filter. Now I know it takes time and like I said we are making a dent{I have met some nice mommies at my daughters preschool} but I just see how we as moms and women in general are just hard on each other? Why add another PITA item on our growing list of bull shit?

Hey wanna come over for a play date?????

Feeling the love......