Friday, June 21, 2013

Bad blogger...bad....bad......

So as you can see from my lasts post I have been MIA for a bit....Not because I don't want to hang out but because it has been balls to the wall crazy and I really have not had the time to even sit down and come up with a clear thought.  I have yet to download most of the pics from our friggin vacation and  am still trying to organize a bunch to send out to MIL and my pops. I feel like I am spinning and just need to slow the F down.  Our social calender has been out of control and I can't remember when is the last time we had a "slug" weekend. Between my little GG's activities - dancing, karate and twice a week swimming and my now weekly boxing classes we have been a little out of sorts. Add birthday parties and major fairs, dinners and bbq's and we are toast. GG has also now gotten signed to a modeling agency....I really did not see this happening. I sent some random pics in to an agent as a recommendation from a few people, I really did not think it would amount to anything I really did not just because you know how many people send in photos of their kids!!!????  I then get a call 2 days later to have her come in to do a standard meet and greet photo shoot....Well thinking that my kid was not going to jive with the whole situation she turned on her charm and nailed both the photo shoot and the interview.  She was signed that day and she is now sent out to go see's so I feel like a glorified bus driver right now. We will see what the outcome with this is. I am like if she digs it fine but once it gets in the way of school and she does not want to do it anymore I am pulling the cord and we are out!  Add this to new home shopping and trying to prep a house for wither renting/selling and some volunteer work you now know why I have been totally ignoring my blogging duties. Today I am going to try and catch up on the reading my bloggy friends posts. I miss all of you guys and hope to get back on some sort of schedule very soon!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

What toddlers will say.....

when they hear something that is not quite what they think they hear or understand. Here it goes this is what happened yesterday.

Pick up daughter from preschool - mind you my face is swollen and I am a drooling...a little afternoon power drinking NOPE....just had my major grand canyon back molar drilled for an hour to clean out decay from old silver filling{get those bitches removed if you an because when they crack they cause some damage}and fitted for a crown. Ouchy and I really do not like the dentist. ow this dentist is great but overall bad past experiences have made me crazy scared of dental work. I am getting through it little by little with the help of a little Xanax and a dentist that knows what they are doing. So anyf*ckenwhoo I get to the preschool and I am ready to pick up my little one and get the hell home...Couch is waiting for me for my mouth had some kind of weird contraption keeping it open for an hour and the TMJ jaw is a hurting.

I knew something was amiss when the teacher headed right into my direction and said that she needed to speak to me - OH SHIT this can't be good I said to myself what could my daughter have done that I am being brought to the teacher office....

The lovely Ms. Teacher explains the following.....
"Now I don't know if you use certain phrases at home in Italian that could mean something different in English...but GG said this today......She proceeds to explain
The 3 teachers and the 15 students were sitting around the table all quietly eating their lunches and they started to go around the table just talking and one of the little kiddos said

My moms nickname for me is boo boo bear says child 1
My mommy called me Care Bear says child 2

Silence falls around the table for a bit and my little GG says as loud as she can

Well my mama calls me a Bitch - and rolls her head with attitude

WTF are your serious????? I turn red red red and I am shocked for words....I cannot even fathom where the hell she came up with this....YES I am the first to own it and say that I need to clean my truck driver mouth it is bad and I am trying I really am but sometimes words just escape. But I would never ever say to my daughter that she was a bitch!  The teacher was totally cool with it she is like really this happens quite a bit their little minds just suck up a bunch of information during this time so just try to be careful. She was really trying not to crack up. I on the other hand am completely humiliated. I can just see the other teachers discussing me over the lunch break and saying to each other what a bad mother I am.

When I told my husband that evening he literally blew soup out of his nose he laughed so hard....I was like honey this is not funny. I feel like total shit about this. My husbands was like honey it is going to happen but you really need to curb your language he goes....I don't think you know how bad your mouth is you drop the bitch bomb all the time..... Agreed and he says let's try and not watch the Real Housewives with the baby in the room since they do drop the B bomb at all times! OK now....let's not get crazy......The RH keep me sane during some insane times with 2 large dogs and an active toddler in this house...but I will try.

As I sat in bed that night I want through how she put all of that together and BINGO it finally came to me.....A few weeks ago GG was just being over the top dramatic and super whining you know that whining that only toddler girls and reality stars can get to?

and I said to her
Girl stop being so bitchy...Yeah that is it!!!!!!!

So now that I know what I did I don't feel as bad but I still feel bad...I know my little one has not  idea what the words means but I have made a promise to myself to get better with anything I say around her because what they hear is not necessarily what they are going to say! My BAD.......

Feeling the love......