Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best DAMN.....

$6.99 ever spent all day amusement and dogs think it is their new water bowl


Feels like....

Summer. Man another glorious day can't wait to get out. Gonna go see if I can find one of those little wadding pools for "Little Drama G" it would be nice to set her up in the water today so she can splish splash and have some fun in the sun.  I know at some point today that the dogs will make their way into the pool.

It is hard work being the house manager or as I refer to it the house "bitch". I always under estimated how much work goes into taking care of a baby and keeping up with all the other shit that needs to be done around the here. The shopping {no not SHOPPING}groceries, dry cleaning, making sure diapers,wipes, ect... for baby is always stocked, planning the dinner menu's, the laundry alone can kill you. Ohhh almost forgot walk the dogs, feed the dogs, bathe the dogs {Thank you Doggie Styles for making them so clean and shiny}...In reality I do not have one child I have three - 2 of them are just extra furry..

I know their are folks out there who are like
''Oh whatever I would love to stay home and take care of the housee/baby ect..."
Think again gang,  because that is the same thing  I used to say when I was working.  Don't get me wrong I love being able to hang out with my little one, but it sometimes gets a little booooring. I am beginning to hate Sesame Street and all other daytime kids programs. When Dora the Explorer comes on I want to shoot nails in my head.  The other day I had my child watching The Real Word Las Vegas just for the adult dialog.....Yeah Yeah I get a star for mother of the year....

So I salute you -  all the SAHM we deserve a drink today.....

Happy Thursday.....

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

California Living.......

Yeppo Gucci is living the life today - huge hike, 1 hour play and a ride in the car - she doesn't have a care in the world

Mmmmmm....Fresh out of the oven

Raspberry Upside Down Cupcakes - weight watcher points 3 for one cupcake {not bad}

1 1/2 cups fresh raspberries {I tried with blueberries} also yummy
Cooking Spray
1 9 ounce package lemon cake mix - Jiffy
1 large egg
1 1/2 tsp grated lemon grind
1/2 reduc. fat sour cream
1/2 cup powdered sugar
1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice

Preheat oven to 400
Arrange raspberries evenly in bottom of muffin cake pan
Combine cake mix, eggs, sour cream and 1 tsp.lemon rind
Pour batter over raspberries
Bake for 8-10 minutes or until cupcake spring back when touches lightly in center
Cool cupcakes in pan on wire rack for 2 minutes remove from from cups - I actually placed wire rack on top of muffin pan and flipped them all at once
Place cupcakes upside down on parchment paper and cool completely
While cupcakes cool , combine 1/2 tsp lemon rind , powdered sugar and lemon juice in a small bowl stirring with whisk. Drizzle glaze over cupcakes


My oh my...

Today is going to be a beautiful day and  it will only turn ugly if my weigh in at weight watchers does not go well, but I have a feeling it will be OK - Thank you to the cold from hell I have not had much of an appetite!

I do not care how bad I look or feel I am heading outdoors - weather forecast in the Marin bubble a lovely 75 degrees and I am happy NO RAIN.  It is hard to believe that a few years ago I did not leave the house until dusk - and hated the sun! I wore black 24/7 {OK that hasn't changed} and partied all night at clubs....I swore never to leave my beautiful SF but now I find myself living in the "burbs", hanging out at the park with "Little Drama G" and just living allot more mellow life.  Do I miss the partying days hanging out every weekend -  sometimes - but when you break it all down it was getting old -  besides I am living allot healthier lifestyle. Calm and drama free that is for sure.

During our hard core party days it seemed that every weekend someone ended up fighting,cheating or being a really shitty friend. As I look back now,  you realize that the group of peeps you hung around{most} with were just "acquaintances" and now I know who my REAL friends are- the real ones were around when my mom was diagnosed and passed away of lung cancer, when I got prego at 40 and gave birth to my little one, when I just needed someone to talk to - the others all disappeared -  cuz the fun times and free ride were over. I would rather have a handful of super great friends than an army of so/so people.

Once in awhile I run into some of those "so called friends"  in our old "stomping" grounds and quite frankly the ones that still "party like rock stars" look like shit....  Reel in the party gang.... your all beginning to look like Keith Richards on a good day.

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Oh my laundry...

The biting has begun...My darling daughter wakes this morning..... I go to her room lift her out of her crib.....change her diaper.....I lift her from her changing table.... give her a big hug and the bugger BITES ME on my neck like a little vampire.  OUCH It friggin hurt like a SOB. I disciplined her for biting. I got to nip this in the bud asap! All I need is for "Little Drama G" to bite someone at the gym day care and I am up shit creek. Some of the members are little high strung.

What should I do if this continues? I am at a loss. I do not want to go out and buy books on the subject their never realistic. I need advice from other real mommies? Anybody out there have some advice on this obvious coming of age for a toddler....OMG terrible 2's are the just around the corner.  Where is the wine?......

Does this look like the face of a future vampire?

What a weekend......

That is why I am getting to my blog on Tuesday morning. On Saturday my little one had a really hard day and night she got hit with a cold besides her teething. Saturday night her temp went up to 103.7 and I began freaking out {inside}. I did not want to lose it in front of my child. This was my first major "fever" and I did not know what to do. After wrestling with the thought of going to the ER I finally decided to contact the after hours line for my pediatricians office. They went through step by step on what I needed to do. Lukewarm bath, baby Tylenol and rest. I felt so helpless when she was crying with the pain of teething include the high fever with a shot of congestion and it made for a very long night.

We spent most of Saturday and Sunday monitoring her fever and making sure she was comfortable. In turn both my husband and I are exhausted and we just got hit with the "sickies" AGAIN - By the way take care of this cold I have been on and off sick with this damn cough/congestion cold for 3 weeks....It completely zaps your energy and makes you feel like you are in another world.  One day you feel OK the next day your right back to square one. So anybody out there who has it -  take care of it,  if you don't it can go on for months!

"Little Drama G" is doing a little better but she is still pretty congested and her nose is a faucet, so we will be taking it easy today and hanging out in her playroom  just chillin'.

Happy Tuesday

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Just started doing yoga again this morning and my body is feeling the pain from the 45 minute session. I am a cardio girl so getting back into the groove with yoga takes some time for me. My mind tends to wander - what do I need at the store, loads of laundry, will the "creepyson" next door neighbors ever leave there house today. I am a naturally charged person so sitting on a mat for 45 minutes kinda gets me "twitchy".  I do feel great afterwards though. I needed some kind of exercise this morning since I am going to be stuck in the damn house once again.

My little one is sick and has a fever - I do believe that this is for the massive amounts of little jagged teeth coming through her gums. She is also super ass needy/crabby and I cannot walk into another room without her freaking out {she is just not that type of baby usually} so I have given her some tablets and some gel and put her down for a little nap.  She destroyed her crib in the process but she is down for the count hopefully it will be longer than 30 minutes. I just want her to feel better, my little one is not happy.....Love her

Friday, March 25, 2011

OK... really now... are you &87?#$$^& kidding me

Do I really have to start keeping an eye on my trash?/! Let me explain.  I live on a quite cul de sac of  nice town homes amongst the trees in lovely Marin - I have deer prancing through the green hills, I have a family of turkeys cross the street and the same lone coyote who greets us with a "whatever" shrug every morning. Our collection of town houses all share the same cute little cottage were I dump our garbage/recycling and collect mail.

Among all of this loveliness and peacefulness we have the "GARBAGE NAZI" and she is driving me bat shit crazy. How can you feel uncomfortable getting rid of your own debris?

The other day  while I was out running errands my poor little golden retriever Coco had some stomach issues - enough said. I rolled away the fowl smelling entry way carpet, placed it in a garbage bag and brought it out to the dumpster. That very same afternoon I went to collect the mail and what was out of the bag and in the corner of the cottage,  but my lovely carpet. She actually went through the dumpster, untied my triple knotted garbage bag and took out the nasty carpet. 

Ewwwwwww....I hope she liked the creamy goodness surprise she found in the middle.

She is a lovely person but this has been happening allot.  Sometimes when I go dump the trash she is in there... in the dark.... rummaging through stuff - I find that JUST A LITTLE CREEPY?  I want to say something but I feel it will go in one ear out the other.

So this is what I did the other day - I received a box from UPS. Inside the box was a broken candy jar - {Thumbs up UPS} taped below note on box and left it by the dumpster.
I guess she got the message,she has not looked my direction since then... OOPS.....

P.S. By the way Jersey Shore Finale totally sane and kind of boring - what happened to my fist pumping drama kings and queens?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The hell which is the...

Teething baby and Season finale of New Jersey Shore - AHHHHHH

My "little drama G" has some more teeth coming and it has made for a long night and part of the morning.  I feel helpless I can't seem to make her pain go away.

{anyone out there have any sure fire remedies let me know}.

I gave her some homeopathic tablets- they do not due much, teething gel -been there done that. I have tried every teething ring known to man - I am at the point of taking some brandy and swiping some of the lovely liquid on her gums - that is what my nonna {grandma in Italian} did with us and we all turned out fine. We twitch here and there and some of us have diarrhea of the mouth but we can't blame that on nonna...or can we??????
I say this, because in general when I am talking to most other mothers - they immediately freak out when I mention the brandy thing.  People RELAX! I am not handing her the bottle and the car keys.  I think we are a little overly cautious now a days.  We try to keep these kids in a bubble and super sanitize them. Kids need a little dirt,  it helps build up their immune system. Get out there,  get a little dirty! Just clean up the dirty green snot - no need to see that!

Happy Thursday!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Oh I almost forgot....

Had my first weight watchers meeting this am....
Week One down 5.0 pounds pretty proud - got to keep it going -  at this rate I will reach my goal quicker than I thought I would and I love the new Points Plus  - really is great that most fruits and veggies are now 0 points!

Now I need to stop baking goodies like chocolate chip pecan cookie squares - BTW these are for my brother and his wife - my SIL just had her baby this am thought she could use a few treats for all her hard work. Smooches

Real Housewives of Orange Bull Shit....

So I finally caught the 2nd episode of RHOOC last night - why is it that every time I watch that show I am reminded of the time my husband and I got peppered sprayed by a couple of drag queens{more on that later folks} some of those chicks need to ease up on the Botox, they are all beginning to look like wax mannequins, I guess that is the look in the OC.

Gretchen OH you slay me -  love her,  she is funny and I like that in this season she is not taking any crap from evil Tamra. She needs to ease up on Slade though she was a little over critical about his weight this episode.

Mommy of the year went to Tamra - that was awesome that you televised your lovely tub sexapade with your new man - for all your friends, ex husband and CHILDREN to see  - good job there girl! One more thing checked off of my list of dislike for you.  By the way honey ease up on the botox your beginning to look like one of the puppets from the 1989 Puppet Master Movies.

Tamra Barney in about 5 years
New chick Fernanda seems cool they did not show enough of her to really get any kind of vibe from her. Vicky annoying as usual - I am one high strung broad but that woman is on a whole another level. However I have to give it to her,  woman works hard for her money, brings the bacon home and fries it in the pan. If I worked for her though I would have to hit myself on the head with a hammer on a daily basis.

Alexis she is just there - nothing much to say about her except she has to have the PATIENCE of a Saint to deal with that friggin baby husband of hers.

Peggy OMG I can't even come up with a word for her  - I love how she is like "I don't believe in antibiotics and vaccinating my children I am all  about natural remedies and healing -  blah blah blah BUT she is OK with fake boobs, botox, lip injections and obvious fillers in her check  - YEAH that is NATURAL for you. If she gets to close to the sun she will melt.

I'm meeelllting
This season is going to be a good one I can just tell. There is so much tension and I am loving every minute of it!!!! Better than the awful cast of RHOM. It is hard to believe but I have nothing to say about this cast they're that boring.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

These are....

my extra furry children.....It will stop raining soon my little monkeys.....

Little Man or Little Lady...Woo what a day

Today has been pretty hectic. My lovely sister in law is prego with her 2nd little one and her water broke last night at around 9:00 and the little rug rat has yet to make his GRAND ENTRANCE!
She is going to have to drink some Castor oil in order to move things along. My SIL is going the natural route water, tub the whole nine yards - hey good for her!  Any woman who can go through up teen hours of hellish pain  without any type of meds is one tough ass broad.

I on the other hand rode the pain medication train all the way. Needle, drugs whatever it took.  It's not like they hand you a million dollar check and a fabulous new handbag after going through soo much stress,pain and torture...Now if they gave away handbags after labor I  would have probably gone the "naturale route" - J/K

I had to end up having an emergency C section because my little one was shoved in a weird place in my belly and her heart beat was coming up very low anytime I had a contraction. So whatever you believe in and are going through at that moment  - does not matter anymore,  it is all about the health of your baby.
My motherhood gene kicked in at that very moment.

I also have the patience of a guppy fish and was over waiting - I just wanted her out so I could finally meet who had given me months of morning sickness and huge ice cream cravings.

So today has been a waiting game I cannot wait to meet the new member of our family....the suspense is killing me  - little man or little lady? We hope to find out soon


Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Monday..I guess

La La so far Monday had been pretty great. Worked out, cleaned the casa, went grocery shopping the usual. Made stuffed peppers with ground turkey for dinner and they came out delish!

Bath time no so much....... this is what my "little drama G" decided to leave for me in the bath tub- I feel so loved and right now.

Ciao Mama's

Happy Monday...

Good Morning,
Monday and it looks pretty good out there weather wise. Hopefully it will stay this way. California/North Bay has been hit by some major rainstorms in the last few days. Thunder, lightening and hail....Sometimes I wonder if that movie 2012 was right on target with all the weird shit that has been going on with Mother Nature. Personally I think she is a little pissed off right now.

Getting myself and "little drama G" ready for the gym. The torture chamber I voluntarily joined has this great day care center.  It allows me get in a work out and an hour to myself before the madness begins.
I joined Weight Watchers last week (Wed) and I am doing fairly well.... so far - I am a snacker.....and I am missing me chips, I think it is because it replaced my awful cigarette habit - which I am proud to have kicked..I won't lie though when I do have my occasional RARE glass of wine as of late - I do have a few cigs...Hey don't hate...with the amount I used to smoke this is a HUGE accomplishment for moi.

Anyways...I have my first weigh in this coming Wed..I kinda of cheated and got on the scale this am to see if anything has happened...and it did I actually lost 5 pounds, sooooo I am super excited and motivated. Now, let's just hope the scale that I have is not fucked up and I gained 5

Sunday, March 20, 2011


OK it is Sunday and the friggin rain has just stopped coming - finally geeze  BUT you know you really can't friggin do anything because judging by the angry black clouds cruising the area we are going to get slapped with some more rain here in a few minutes. If I here the mention of a water shortage I am going to snap and cut someone!

Dogs are about to go bat shit crazy, the baby is so hopped up on graham cracker cookies I am going to have to peel her off the walls...and I feel like a hermit.

I guess this is better than a hangover????

Ciao Mama's

Saturday, March 19, 2011

WTF is Yo Gabba Gabba and why is my child watching.......

Is this a show my child should be watching?!? and why is it that I cannot look away - the tunes are catchy, the head MC dude (no clue what is name is) is kinda of interesting with his day glo outfits and furry ass hat.....Before I know it I catch myself singing along.This would have been an awesome program for all of my adult friends to view at the many late night parties at our house. More on that debauchery later.

What the hell?!?
Come on folks look at these crazy little critters...I don't remember my generations cartoon characters looking this...well you know..... strange.....OK let me take that back the smurfs were a little twisted ...a whole village of little blue people and only one female in the bunch...ohhhh yeah...
I really need to get on speed with all these new cartoons I have no clue about any of them all I know is that Dora the Explorer is friggin annoying! There has got to be something else out there right...Bueller...Bueller anyone...I need help 
I have a 13 month old and she is beginning to get the whole TV thing -  I need to start watching some educational programming with her...No more Real Housewives, Bad Girls Club and all the other really bad  "reality" TV crap I am TOTALLY addicted to.  Come on now.... how can you turn away...some of this stuff is pretty hard to believe! 
YES folks... bad mommy I have been subjecting my poor child's fragile little mind with this garbage. Now before anyone gets their panties in a's not like I sit down on the couch with my little one and force feed her this reality shit.... it's more like sweet background music throughout the day.  Hey whatever keep me sane?
Happy Saturday!!!

Feeling the love......