Thursday, April 16, 2015

No quick fix....

Why do some members our society want things to happen so quickly?  I get it we live in a 24/7 kind of society only made worse with the damn all mighty smart phones, I pads and social media where news is recycled at lightning speed.  We must have everything NOW...we must HAVE it now...Now Now Now Now NOW. Fuck when as a society did we become so fucken impatient?  

Yep,  I am ranting today{so what else is new} about the quick fix "diet" industry  - between shakes, teas and pills we think we can get instant results and our quick fix and the results if any will magically last forever.  If I see the Marie Osmond diet plan commercial one more time I will scream....AHHHHH I swear it just came on as I was posting this!  In order to trim up and get healthy you need to MOVE YOUR ASS {this does not include what you do for a work} and cut down on your calories. From sweets, to effin crodonuts to pizza with everything on it except what the eff is supposed to be on it and YES unfortunately alcohol.   I do love my wine but I have cut dramatically in the last few years. YES I do have my weekends where I need a break and I go balls out but those days are few and FAR between - but you know what sometimes mommy needs to let loose.  I cut down because of the calories - I cut down for my health. I also went from drinking white/rose to red in order to cut the sugar once again for my health- I am a 45 year old mom to 5 year old and I need to be on my game. I had to overhaul  my total lifestyle in order to make it stick. I lost about 20 pounds in the last few months I have about 15 more to go BUT I promised myself  that this time I would take this journey slow and steady. On this "I am doing it my way plan" I will not deprive myself and I will NOT get on the scale every week   - every other or monthly to keep track. I believe scales are Satan Spawn of Hell and should be destroyed however in order to keep track I must play with the scale not worship the scale. 

NO tea, no shake, no diet pill and no overnight magic diet plan will keep the weight off  for good unless you balls to the walls and put in some HARD work.  Do you think I like getting up and getting tortured twice a week with a trainer who makes my body feel like jello after my time with her. And getting up the other 3 am's  and going to work out whatever cardio I decide to do that day.  Do you think that I like zucchini noodles more then fresh awesome deliriously delicious tagliatelle   - drool . NO I EFFIN DON"T but I do it because I know that is the way to get it done.  The days that I "crack" bake because I have the urge to bake all day I have my husband take all the goodies to work because I do not want them sitting in the house.  Their are days after work outs where I am iced from my neck down to my calves it hurts and it sucks but you know what I am MOVING MY ASS daily if I can. I bought a bike and instead of driving everywhere I am now biking to locations that are near enough for me to bike in - thank goodness I live in a very bike friendly community and I do this with  my daughter in order to give her a base on how to take care of her health. And that moving is GOOD. 

I do it because it makes me stronger, quicker, healthier and keeps my head in a clear happy place. I will never be super skinny again - my body frame does not allow that and I am not willing to starve myself like I did years past in order to fit in a size that society says I must be in.  To this day I still suffer problems with my stomach for the damage I did years ago. I also want to teach my daughter a healthy lifestyle not a dangerous lifestyle. 

 A shake{tea pill whatever}  is not going to make you lose inches magically in two weeks if this was the case we would not have the issues with weight we have in this country. You might lose some weight with whatever magic bean you decide to try but so sad to break it to you most of that time it is water weight and you can believe your ass you will gain in all back and then some in less than two months. WHY do I say this because I know. I have gone through all of them from the cabbage soup diet, pills and eventually not eating and surviving on coffee and many packs of cigarettes during that horrible part of my life. I lost a massive amount of weight in a short amount of time for my body frame.   I was a size that I think I have never been and I looked gaunt and older than my years. I did not realize at that time that I had a minor eating issue.  I developed a massive phobia about food and about every calorie that I put in my mouth.   I was a human calculator of food. I did not workout during this time all I did was not eat much - carrots were my new BFF.   It was hard to break the habit but I did it and I did it on my own. It was hard but I eventually got better. Even though to this day I still feel guilty when I over indulge and I bust my own balls about what an asshole of food I was on a particular weekend. If I could shake people and tell them instead of paying out your butt for 310 Shake take that money and put it towards a trainer or a gym membership.  Do yourself a favor and get off the quick fix roller coaster it helps your body and mind in the long run. 


Feeling the love......