Friday, December 9, 2011

WTF Friday....Woot Woot

I am sitting here getting ready to rail into some WTF Friday's and in the background I am catching a re run of Fox's I hate my teenage daughter....If you watch this show you will see were we as a society are going wrong raising our kids...We are supposed to be parents not best friends...I am NOT looking forward to my little one turning into a monster female teenager but I can tell you one thing if my daughter pulls any of the shit I just saw on this show she is going to picking her teeth of the floor...So on that note let's get this party started.

  • One Born Every Minute on Lifetime {love} but dang what the hell. This poor woman just had her baby, her man is not with her because he just doesn't "do" hospitals - Mmmmok your the baby daddy your ass is supporting me at the hospital I do not give a shit if you are sqimish of a hospital! Anyways her mother and his mother are just horrible through the whole labor no help at all to this poor pregnant woman and at the end they end up getting into this huge bitch fight.  I mean GM1 just bitch slaps GM2 in the middle of the hospital. Why are there so many trashy people in the world.? Think about your new grandson and your poor daughter/daughter in law that is crying in her room right now. For your viewing pleasure because you have to see this

  • Trendy top wtf is a trendy top?  I will tell you what that is,  it is a piece of shit fabric that they are selling on an infomercial for 19.99 who the hell buys this shit?
  • Top Chef Desserts Morgan Wilson has just been indited on 3 second degree felony charges of possession with intent to distribute child pornography. I told my hubby when we were watching the first season their was something not quite right about Morgan he gave me a sicko vibe...and damn it if I was not right. I knew the f*ucker did not seem ok. You are the lowest pond scum when you take the innocence of a child and you deserve whatever you get. 
  • I try to keep from talking about religion on this site....I just do not want to go there BUT with this I just had to. I get that peeps have very strong religious beliefs but this is pure ridiculousness. I guess there is a religion out there in the world that is so mmmm I guess strict that they do not put their kids in car seats WHY? Because they say that car seats are not IN their beliefs cuz they believe God will protect their children as he sees fit? WHAT! OK WTF? I cannot comment any further for I fear my head will explode.....NEXT
Imagine this little bundle of joy flying through your front  windshield dumb ass
  • Guys you have to check this out this has got to be the most awkward kiss EVER..This couple decided to wait until their wedding day for their first kiss....YEAH this is good...If the kiss is this bad I would LOVE to be a fly in the room when they try and figure out how to use their adult parts.You know the wife is like what the hell did I just get my ass into.... It is sweet but damn so friggin gross!

This week the Junk Punch Award goes to stripper mommy below 

  • If you are adult you can do whatever on a stripper pole you want, when you start showing your 3 year old the moves you should be stabbed with a heel from a stripper shoe...WTF is wrong with you a mom and be responsible you ass wipe.Mother of the Year also decided to video tape it and make it viral good going there mommy.

  • Huge WTF somone is actually paying the lovely Octomom a ton of $$$ for parenting advice....6 figure deal from a production company to star in her weekly Internet show...I have seen in all....Taking advice from a woman who has repeatedly said to the press she made a mistake having all them kids...Nah really..ya think
Sorry folks this does not look like fun
  • People who are NOT handicap who park in handicap zone piss me the f*ck off - I saw a person park in the HSpot yesterday to pick up a sandwich and some cigs...WTF
  • Ohhhh Wal Mart how you never disappoint  - Orlando, FL - Two lovely shoplifting ladies decide to hurl their baby in a car seat as a weapon towards the security guards that tried to stop them....Wow what a test to motherhood. That poor baby I really do hope it goes to a better home. 
Mother of the Year

  • Yesterday morning I saw an awesome Porsche pull in the parking spot of a Starbucks. I saw his license plate and almost lost it.  It read DRUNK if I was a cop I would pull him over just for being a smart ass....I tried to take a pic but dude spotted me so I had to motor...WOW

Date night tonight so excited......Happy Friday


Esmeralda said...

Hopping from Friendly Friday.

joeh said...

OK, first let me say that Lady's "Pervert Radar" is so accurate it should be admissable in court! "Your honor he just looks like a rapest." "GUILTY!!"

Second I still can't get that kiss out of my head.

Third, as usual WTF friday cracks me up.

Cranky Old Man

Ronni said...

I hated that I Hate My Teenage Daughter show. The moms were pathetic. I was embarrassed for them.

Aidan's dad hates hospitals but he was there for me and Aidan when I was in labor and had a c-section. The only time he disappeared was during epidural time, but I didn't care about that.

Michael Ann said...

So much in the world to WTF about! The anti-car seat people? And then the moms who threw their babies/car seats? Some bad car seat Karma going on. Really? I liked Morgan! Just goes to show you how naive I am. That is upsetting!

Some terrible moms in the world, that is for sure...

Sarah @ Vol Family Life said...

I want to punch people who don't properly restrain their children in their cars!!!!!!!!! I'm with you -- my head might explode.

Live Laugh Love said...

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Fifi said...

tsk, tsk, tsk!! Some people just have no brains!!

Well have a great weekend and enjoy your date night!

CaffeinatedOCMommy said...

Happy Friday Darling! xoxo

Andrea said...

Wow! That is a whole lot of stuff to get me fired up about...I might even be able to take a break from the holiday shopping with those outrageous distractions!

Jo said...

That eat-the-face-kiss is the worst thing I've ever seen.


Unknown said...

i love wtf (even if i am a day late)!

gawd -- where to begin??

i actually missed the top chef dessert season -- but dayum! i hope they put that pervert in jail with the general population!

the virgin kiss -- i couldn't watch that show after the preview -- ew ew ew! i know they don't know any better but dear lawd!

people who don't put their children in carseats for any reason (dumb religious freaks who make the normal religious freaks look bad -- lol) should also be put in jail with the general population! let's see if god keeps them *safe* there! :)

parents as friends -- bad bad bad idea -- i have teenagers & it's impossible unless your goal is to raise felons.

octomon = hurl -- enough said.

mom's teaching their daughters at any age how to work the pole is just wrong -- teaching a 3 year old is disgusting. let's chuck her in jail with the general population too!


Mariebop said... That was one epic WTF Friday. Have to show my husband the video of that kiss. LOL!!

Katrina said...

They threw the baby at the security guards!!! In a car seat, but still. WOW. I mean, WOW!!!! The one picture, she is looking as if she's saying, "Don't look at me, I'm ashamed." but the other lady is looking as if she's all, "Yea, I threw my kid. What of it?!!!"

Hilarious, but of course in a very sad, sad way. Pathetic is the word, actually.

The DRUNK license plate -- okay, that's funny. I wonder how many times he gets pulled over on a Friday night?

Mommy2¢ said...

I'm definitely going to have to check out that One Born Every Minute show... never even herd of it. There's nothing better than sitting back with a glass of wine and basking in other peoples stupidity!

And Holy Awkwardness! That video of those two attempting to kiss was unreal! Not only did I watch it 3 times laughing hysterically... I had to show my husband.

Seriously - that skank deserves more than just a junk punch! Someone needs to ram her face into the poll a few good times! What's wrong with people?!

Oh, I gotta say... that pic of MOTY #2 is too funny! She looks like she's saying to the camera "Youz got sum'n ta say da me?... Bring-g it bitch!"

Mommy2¢ said...

LOL... or HEARD, but whatev! Seriously, what's wrong with me??!

Anonymous said...

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