Friday, March 29, 2013

Easy Peasy........

So I have been thinking about adding a few things to my blog just to mix it up a bit and decided since I love to cook/bake I would occasionally add some fun easy *ok sometimes* easy recipes to the mix. There will still be Kim K watching and Justin B smashing and WTF were you thinking. I will still give you the same bitchy, ranty, cussing crazy talk you all are used to but I would just add a little bit more cooking with a tude" Let's get started then. Yesterday I had my awesome pops over for dinner so I decided that after putting together the Easter Baskets for my little one and her cousins that I would whip up some fish tacos now my dumb ass forgot to take pics of the friggin AMAZballs fish tacos{I am sure I will repeat that one so I will def post recipe} but I did manage to get shots of the super easy dessert I whipped up. Because it was a weekday and did not want to take up too much time in the kitchen with dessert I decided to whip this little bitch up and let me tell you it was good. I usually do not partake in dessert eating during the week but f*ck it looked to good to pass I was good and had a little piece. My hubby on the other had went bat shit crazy and had two huge slices with cool whip...but hey it was light so no big deal! It is also a fun recipe for your little one to join in and help with. GG helped me put together the goods. Let me tell you I thought this one was too easy to taste so good. I usually take a bit of time making these type of desserts but it worked and it was really tasty and made minimal mess in the kitchen....Enjoy my beautiful darlings!

I changed up the recipe up a little bit where they state to add coconut milk to make the pudding  mix I used regular old 2 percent milk -  I also deleted the coconut extract. I added a little bit of pure vanilla to the pudding mix BTW you do not need to use cook and serve vanilla pudding  regular instant works just fine if in a rush. I sprinkled a bit of shredded coconut between the layers and that gave it a great crunch without it being all coconut overwhelming. 

  • sheet frozen puff pastry (such as Pepperidge Farm), thawed, from a 17.3 oz pkg
  • 1 2 3/4 ounce package cookand- serve vanilla pudding
  • 1 13 1/2 ounce can light coconut milk
  • 1/4 teaspoon coconut extract
  • 1/2 cup shredded coconut
  • pound strawberries, cored and sliced, plus more for garnish
  • Confectioners sugar for dusting


1. Heat oven to 400 degrees . Coat a baking sheet with nonstick cooking spray.
2. On a lightly floured surface, unroll pastry sheet. Cut into 3 equal pieces along folds. Transfer to baking sheet and bake at 400 degrees for 14 minutes or until golden brown. Remove pastry to a wire rack. Cool completely.
3. Prepare pudding following package directions, replacing milk with coconut milk; allow to cool. Stir in coconut extract and shredded coconut.
4. Slice each pastry in half horizontally for a total of 6 pieces. Spread a quarter of the pudding over cut side of each of 2 bottom pieces; fan a quarter of the strawberries on each. Repeat layering once more. Top each stack with remaining 2 pieces of pastry. Chill until serving.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Why Kim K.....

Can I ask WHERE the f*ck she is going. Is it necessary
to wear a club slut mini with high heels to get gas?
should not be allowed to breed. For the last few months via ALL types of press from Us Weekly to CNN we have been bombarded with the freak of media nature we like to call in this house Kim Kardajunk.  I have grown so tired of her overly jacked up fish lips and pregnancy already that I am about to barf. Everywhere you turn there she is like a tick who refuses to leave your dogs back sucking at the tit. Now I know your probably are saying why are you posting something about her....Well because I can and if I don't my head is going to explode. It is hard to avoid when she is all ova' the place. I also personally believe that she got pregnant to make her likability rating go up. I believe that after her scam marriage she needed a little boost...It might sound harsh but I would put nothing past this person to do what need to be in order to stay relevant  You know it is bad when your husband comes home and he says something about it because he read it on one of his "serious" news sites. You know what I am tired of more than anything is her complaining about being pregnant.....You know what you selfish cow you know how many women out there would give their eye teeth to become and be pregnant look at your sister Khloe. I have had friends go through many painful and hard processes in order just to conceive a child and you have been bitching about since you got preggo.  Because you are selfish...Let's take a look at what you have been bitching about for the last 5 months

  • She cannot fit into her high fashion clothing .Waaahhhhhhhh..... Really is that what you have to bitch about... remember darling your high fashion shit is going to be a problem soon when you baby is spitting up, shitting and peeing all over you. I believe a 4,000 blazer might be a little much...Or you can just go the Beyonce route and have an army of nannies take care of your child. I have not seen Beyonce so much hold her baby since she had her...Have you? You might want to head over to Jennifer Gardner's and Reese Witherspoons and your sister for that matter and get a little help with parenting 101 they seem to now it is done fo reals. They now how it is done...Child comes first they come second. That just might be a struggle for you. BTW with the money that you make you could hire someone to make you some awesome ass maternity clothes so STFU and consider how lucky you are and stop trying to stuff your body in too tight clothes. Girl stop just stop...go out and get yourself some pregnancy maxis and some cute shifts with some cute spring sandals. Stop trying to be sexy while pregnant the two do not go hand and hand. 

  • I am getting fat...your not fat you TWIT you are pregnant and that is what happens to the female body when this happens  WTF did your think was going to happen? Your body was going to stay the same. You also happen to have the I am not that tall gene so whatever you put in your mouth ends up on your ass. Don't worry I am sure your barracuda momager is working with WW and Jenny Craig at this moment to get you a nice 4.0 million dollar I lost the baby weigh in two weeks /Us Weekly exclusive contract. You and Jessica Simpson can compare notes. 
  • Wahhhhh number 2 being pregnant is SO HARD OMG WAHHHH what am I to do. ONCE again STFU yes being pregnant is hard and yes there are women out there who don't do the preggo thing well. Not everyone is a freak like Giselle BuTTchen pregnancy can be a PITA...You are lucky you have a team of people around you who can help. How about the poor moms out there who do it every day on their own without the resources you have.  Stop being a whining baby and grow some balls and do what you need to do to make this pregnancy good for you. GOD I hate people like you who want something and when they finally get it they bitch about it. You have enough money to sit your fat ass down and just enjoy being pregnant and enjoy the quite time before the true chaos begins.  
  • Now last time I checked having plastic surgery while pregnant is a big no no..I however noticed that your lips have become the same size as most blow up dolls...Once again we are selfish injecting what the hell what in your lips in order for the sake of vanity instead of thinking of your baby. Your lips are huge you look like you have something done so please get off the plumping lipstick BULL shit and I have never heard of pregnancy lips and if that is the case your only 5 months you do not begin to swell until the last month. She is beginning to look like OctoMom
  • Can we be any more desperate for attention can I ask WHO THE F*CK goes furniture shopping while pregnant in this outfit. Are you f*cking serious????  And if your man has a problem with the way your dressing while your pregnant that you should get your brain checked and you should kick him to the curb. Any man who gives you shit about your outfits while pregnant and unconformable  is not a man but a douche bag and you might just want to reconsider your relationship of vanity. 
  • Stop with the Instagramming Jesus woman can you just put down the social media for just a bit? I know that you are a media whore but give it a rest. Intagramming your own photos of 'skinny" Kim K is nauseating. People who post this many pics of themselves have other issues they need to take care of.  *Narcissist*
  • Quick side note......What happened to Mercy your cat...You gave her away before{claiming she was "allergic"} she passed away...I believe that you never loved that cat but you used her to get in sympathy with your public which by the way did not work. That poor cat was man handled left alone and not loved unless it was used for a photo op. I really do hope that you don't leave your child in a hotel room with a nanny while you parade around the world because once the baby is here you need to think about that little person entirely. 

See the problem with girls like Kim K is it is all about the looks...She is having a hard time accepting per pregnancy because people only know her as a sex pretty girl brand their is no substance behind all that smoke and mirrors. She is known for nothing else. She is so concerned that she will lose Kanye because she is growing big and to her not attractive that she will do anything to keep herself form fading into oblivion. I wish she just would embrace her pregnancy and enjoy the ride. I am sure being pregnant and being scrutinized by the press on a daily basis must suck but you know what lady you signed up for this shit. Be careful what you wish for becasue sometimes it can come back to bite you in the ass!

Woof now I feel better brain is so functioning at normal speed. I am sure their will be more to bitch about since we have another 4 months of this pregnancy shit. God help us!

Kim take a clue from a lady who has done it with all class

Friday, March 22, 2013

Insert groom here......

How do we feel about women who plan their weddings even before they have met the groom?   I am going to say this and if you don't like it tough shit....I believe that women who do this are weird.  Now I am not talking about women who dream about their wedding day and fantasize about themes.  These particular women devote months and months to the planning of the actual live event. They put together binders of flowers,  invitations, book venues and all the other crap that comes with being a bride all they need to do in insert groom here.  Can I ask is their something wrong with this picture? How about if you never meet the person or meet the ONE when you 80?  For me their is because this might be just one of the many problems that face our countries 50 percent divorce rate. When did getting married become about the wedding/party and not the marriage itself? Will you ever know if you will meet that very special someone and if you do do you see him as the person you want to spend of your life with or just a party favor added to you growing party bullshit list. I know women that live for this this day I think that I was never given the bride gene when I was born. With all the wedding sites out there I am shocked that some of these women don't lose more brain cells during the  process. I have never been wedding obsessed and I do not believe the time some people will spend on Pintrest pinning shit for their is crazy. I have also heard through the grapevine that some sites like The Knot make it a habit of making some women feel their weddings were not adequate just because it did not fill the mold as too what this site thought made the "perfect" wedding to that I say WTF and a few other choice words but that would cause some people out there to have wedding O>M>GOD!!!!!!!!!

Unfortunately I got married too young the first time around I  should have never gotten married at 21 and my wedding became my moms dog and pony show. It was over the top and extravagant and I had very little to do with it..  I divorced  8 years later and I never thought I would get married again.  To my surprise I found my true soul mate. We decided to marry after living together for 6 plus years and this time we decided this was going to be about us two and it would be a party to celebrate our union and not to be a show off opportunity for the websites. What can you say about a wedding that had the theme of Jaws when I was walking down the bar during the whole event before, during and after and so much dancing people who sweating their balls off even before dinner was served. EVERYONE having a good time. I was celebrating my new man, my family and my friends...It was about us becoming one as a couple and not having to worry about all the this and that trivial crap.

If only we put this kind of advance planning in our career, health, and relationships..It is supposed to be about meeting that one person that makes you feel complete but I think many women have what kind of dress should I wear or what kind of entertainment do I need to be book blah blah blah on the brain.  Some people say that their wedding is going to the be the best party of their lives and if that is the case then damn your not living. To me it is like when people say that HS is the best time of their lives are you friggin kidding me?????  If HS was the best time of your life than I feel really bad for you because people there are so many other things out in this world that will rock your balls off. I believe that some of these women are dreaming about the party not the long life commitment  that they are to make.

A wedding day is just a day a marriage should last a lifetime remember that girls.........

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy Mondayyyyy....OK Tuesday....

My new anti Bitch tonic hope it helps for my husbands sake 
Hello beautiful people it has been a few days since I last stopped by because this house has been a rockin....I started this post on Monday and just getting it out today.  The weather has been so spectacular here the last couple of months that it has been one activity after another. Between the zoo, the museums, aquariums and parties it has been one twirl wind of fun. The last two weekends we have had good friends over for BBQ's and dinner parties and this past weekend the sun was out in full force we had lunch with a good friend downtown and then we decided to have an impromptu block party back at Casa Crazy. I am talking the whole hood was up in at the end of the block which is our home. We have had some new people move into the area and it was great to get to know them. We now have a executive chef with his lovely wife and a little one GG's age and a surgeon doing his residency at a very great hospital and his cool dentist wife. I feel good that we go these new two couples added to the mix. And I don't see any shady from this group of new people which is a good thing becasue we had a few issues with our last neighbors that I will not go into.....GG will be having her first recital coming  up and I am so proud because she has been doing so very well in karate....and for sure martial arts in something that we will continue doing with her in the future. She also has her first ballet recital coming up and I am so very proud. And next month we start her big girl swimming.

Watch out girl is getting good.....
Wassss up at the zoo
I have now realized that getting older means it takes a whole hell allot more time to recover which is the sucky part of some of these events.  The event was Saturday today is Tuesday and I am still trying to break through the foggy feeling that I have. I have slept solid 8 hours for two night and I am still tired...WTF is that all about? I can no longer keep up with the youngish just going to have to accept that fact and retire my party hat for a bit. I just feel too shitty after going at it for the last three weeks. I like it better when I am doing the healthy thing. I had this amazing wine on Saturday though it comes bottles like beer but it is wine. Here in CA they are always trying to come up with the next "thing". The wine was tasty but I just can't get over it that certain wines do not come corked anymore.

Any how gang. I am trying to shake the cobwebs off the eyes and get myself in gear even though all I wanna do is crawl back into bed. I surely hope the work out is going to help me out today.....because I need some friggin energy to pump through my veins to get me through the day......

Stay Fierce and Love

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


I am not disagreeing that YES family is great and the one I have is  wonderful but sometimes family is just one big pain in the ass....If you have been reading my posts lately you know I have been on an emotional roller coaster for the last few months {which I have no control of ........hello midlife} as of late something I explained to certain members of my family but it seems that when I talk in this family nothing seems to filter in the old brain. That is OK I am used to it because my whole life that is the way it went in mine.  I feel that I need to vent this out today because if not I will  start crying ...not in a depressed kind of way but in a I am so over this shit kind of way. I have always felt like the 2nd string football quarterback in my family....and their have been certain things that have happened in the last year that has made me feel even worse. I don't want to even talk to my family about it because it always ends up in some screaming match because we are all hot head Italians...and I also do not feel like hearing over and over again that I am just being over emotional and stupid...What was said to me for many years anytime I brought something up. As I have said before my brother was always the favorite growing up and that shit has not changed in our adult years. I learned to accept that because there was no way to change it. Sad but it is not uncommon in an Italian family for the boys to be the favorite and the girls to be tossed to the side. Let me give you a little 411 on the situation - my dad decided to have an addition apartment built in the back of the main house where he will be living while my brother and his family move to the bigger house.

No problem right...Too me a problem because when all of this went down I was not even considered or was even asked  - Hey daughter would you be interested in AB and C. It was just decided one day and was told this is what is going to happen. I  was never brought to the table.   It was done... like I did not even matter. Even if the answer would have been no it would have been nice to been asked....... SO let's just say I am still quite upset about that.  Too me when my dad did this he basically told me that I was not capable enough to take care of him even though I had busted my ass to take care of my mom when she had cancer.

Now this is what happened yesterday that sent me over the edge {there have been other things that have happened in the course of all this but there are too many to list}...I call my father every single friggin day. To check up on him, too see how he is doing and too make sure all is well. EVERY FRIGGIN DAY....I live 45 minutes away and I try to get there once a week to see him which is sometimes hard with GG's school and activities schedule but I try. I asked when everyone one was moving in he told me sometime next week. I then tried to explain to him that I probably won't be coming every week to see him because no matter how much he thinks the house is still his IT IS NO LONGER HIS house it is now my brothers and quite frankly I don't feel comfortable hanging out in my brothers house when he is not there...btw my brothers hates my dogs and I bring them down every time I go there to have them run around the yard.  So on my only one day that I have off not running around and doing shit I am not going to bring my daughter, two dogs and all the shit required to stay there for a day and hang out in a 650 square foot apartment. Well let's just say he lost his shit...started yelling basically told me to stay in Marin and not even bothering moving down there (we have started house hunting to get closer so we could all be together)....Anytime I bring something like this up the first thing he says -  just stay in Marin. Which make me feel like total shit,  like he really does not want us there. I have gotten into arguments with my husband in order to speed up the process to move down near him and my husband and I rarely ever fight.I am doing this move primarily for my daughter to be closer to her cousins. I also think that if I do not move down there my daughter will be left in the dust as a grandchild I see it happening it already......Maybe I should try and make it down there more often but I need a break once in awhile....I have obligations, full activity schedule for my daughter, friends and just keeping up with our life. I am also going through some growing changes and no one ever asks me how the f*ck I am doing.  My husband works long hours and sometimes all we wanna due is chill. Is that so fu*cken hard to accept? I hung up on him because I really did not feel like arguing that day and  am basically done for right now. I have not called him and will NOT be calling him...I am tired of dealing with this shit and I am tired of having just stay in Marin thrown my way anytime I decide not to come down for the day. What is making me upset right now  is that he has not had even attempted to call to check on his granddaughter in the last 2 days. I don't care about me but at least call to see how GG is doing.

Maybe I am just being over emotional so be it but I needed to get this out. Every time something like this happens I begin to doubt if this move is going to be ok in the long run? So confused right now........I think I need to watch me some RuPaul Drag Race....I am so sad tight now.

Thanks for listening.......

Saturday, March 9, 2013


so tell me what has happened to doctors?  Yesterday I went in for my yearly 10,000 mile tune up. My regular super fantastic uber  awesome doctor is on maternity leave so I got whom ever her replacement was and let me tell ya did not like her or what she did one damn bit! First she has the personality of a wet rag did not like her at all and the woman had no bedside manners which is really important to me when it comes to a GP. Also when did doctors not do a actual touching your body physical and just type shit in a computer? WHAT THE F*CK is that all about????

For the first 1/2 hour that I was there that is all we did she asked me questions and she typed in a computer....She had no reaction to anything I said just a plain blank look on her face I don't even know if she cared one way or another about anything. I have been told that I am pretty funny and the bitch did not crack a smile at one of my weird off the wall sayings.  She did a  minute check up then she was out of there. I was left with an unsatisfying feeling of what the hell happened. Why did I feel almost betrayed by the doctor . You went to school for many years to do this in order to become a  doctor which I am sure you need a passion for and this is what you bring to the table? Thank God I had all my blood work done months ago and got results before I had to meet with this person. She left the worst taste in my mouth and if this is the road that health care is heading.... I feel really bad for this country. I understand that many doctors have become hesitant because of the many frivolous lawsuits that come there way but this cannot go on. How are you supposed to catch and help disease when the physical I received could have been given to me by my toddler with her play stethoscope.  The only thing she had to offer as in help for my peri meno symptoms was:
OH well as you get older your cycles begin to change that is it.......NO REALLY NO SHIT Sherlock I figured that shit out on my own and did not have to pay your happy depressing ass 200.00 to get that advice. I was looking for something a little more in depth A hole. OH and she advised that I go on birth control at 43 are you f*cking kidding me? Unreal!

Next week I have an appt with a homeopathic female doctor{I know really Californian here} who is supposed to be the best with women and issues that they face later on in life.  I have decided to go this route because one - I have nothing to lose and two I am sick of this type of treatment that I receive when I go to a "regular" GP.   So far I have talked to her via phone and she is pretty incredible....Fingers and toes crossed peeps!

Stay Fierce Mwah

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Just a Mom.....

so the other day I was in line at the mother ship{grocery store} just doing my weekly thing of getting stuff for the casa. Becasue I am a type A personality and a total organized freak I plan weekly menus and I am very to the T when planning ad preparing my families meals...yes I am that freak. I might have a loud mouth, an overwhelming personality and loud as f*ck but when it comes to throwing down the meals I am pretty much the most anal bitch out there. I am sitting there with my cart full of groceries, checking off my list and menu's and trying to control a very active toddler from wandering out the door and keeping her from the weekly toy area I was met with a very supportive smile from an elderly woman dressed to the nines in her Salvatore Ferragamo shoes, Chanel bag and a pair of sunglasses I would have killed for.....

She said to me:  Enjoy this time because they grow up so fast.
I said: Oh I know it just sometimes I wish I could get even a small break as I smiled back
She said: Do you work?
I said: Nope I am just a mom
She said: Darling (yep she used darling) don't ever say you are just a mom...being a mom is one of the most important jobs in the world that does not get enough respect now a days......
With that said she patted me on the back...that hang in there pat made my day.......

As I was walking to the car I took to heart what that nice lady had said to me and you know what I do bust my ass and it is hard work and sometimes I do wish some people who see it that way. I sometimes feel as a SAHM we get zero respect and thank you's are very few and far between. I see the look people give me when I say that I am a stay home.....Yes am I fortunate that I can stay home and raise my child - YES I know their are allot of women who wish they could. I might have it good in some peoples mind...but it is not easier I can guarantee that.   I feel that once you do decide to stay home with your little one you lose some sort of your own identity. People don't talk to me anymore they talk around me and no longer value what I have to say because I am just a mom. I am no longer in control of my life and your never number one on the list. I am a type A personality  - I can totally handle the work load ...Hate me if you want but my house is always clean, I plan all events, plan menu's, grocery shop and do all running of the house. Dinner is cooked and served every night by 5:30. My husband has not touched a piece of laundry in 3 plus years and I do all the decorating and buying of furniture. Run my child to all functions sports and events and take care of all her clothing ect.....I tend to get shit from allot of people who are like how do you do what you do through the day and shoot me a dirty look because I am so organized ..why am I like this because it is what I do for a living. I run my home and raise my child...I never stop I am always on the move. It is my job and I should never said that I am just a mom.....

As a mom we are

Engineer because I have had to come up with some McGyver shit to get little Barbie shoes out of many orifices throughout the house
Boo boo take carers
Scary monster chasers
The punisher because god forbid that daddy would do it...I am bad cop
Middle of the night Pee Queen
Laundromat operator because god knows their is always a shitload of laundry to do
Personal assistant to myself to keep up with all the activities my child is starting to participate in
Dog walker because let's face it the dogs are big hairy 70 pound children
Volunteer for Armed services and when I do have a little bit of free time I will be bringing flowers to our retirement  community in the area.
I am sure the list has many more parts but I could be here all day......Some day are a breeze and then some days just plain SUCK.

This is not a SAH vs. working mom post this is about what we do all day and how sometimes I feel that some people think all we do all day is eat bon bons and watch Jerry Springer{is that show even on anymore}? I guess I just needed to vent a little because I think I am going through some kind of identity crisis....GG is a preschool but in just a short amount of time she will be in kindergarten and that means full time so it has given me some time to think of what  want to do with the rest of my life. I will be pondering this question for a bit...and hopefully soon I will come up with an answer...In the mean time

Stay Fierce and Love

Monday, March 4, 2013

Oh Disney..........

I decided to re post this since their has been so much news about how some little girls have become - not so nice & sweet and just a little bit tarty... Especially with the massive amount of news on Lindsay the "wreck" Lohan - who BTW if I was the judge on the case would have already done some time. I do not believe that someone with so much talent and opportunities given to her she just threw it all away because she has not real guidance in her life. I do believe however that after a certain point you should be able to distinguish right from wrong and get your shit together enough to live your life- Hello Drew Barrymore.  This girl has been given many opportunities to turn her shit around and every time she has managed to f8ck it up so I really have no more sympathy for her. Hopefully one day she will "get it" but I think by that time it will be too late.   

so I was sitting here with my little one watching the damn Mickey Mouse Club/Disney Cult variety hour for the 20th time. Just because my daughter seems to like Disney does not mean I have to. I have never been a huge Disney fan and that will never change. Just the thought of having to soon make the trip to Disneyland with my offspring sends shivers down my spine. It's something that I ever "got". I have been to Disneyland and I was way more into/on the side the "bad ass" characters of the fairy tale stories instead of the doe eyed princesses who need a man to "rescue" them. I am more Freddy Krueger then Snow White. I was about to lose my mind because I have had to listen to the M-I-C-K-E-Y  M-O-U-S-E opening theme song so many times my mind begins to wander which tends to happen when I am bored to tears. I started thinking for such a squishy squeaky clean image these guys try to amp out they sure have had so major head cases.  I mean if you really think about......except for a few here and there TMMC/Disney has surely has  f*cked up some kids lives  {especially the females}.......Yes I believe TMMC/Disney gave them them an opportunity to do what some of these kids wanted too do but I also think the pressure of being on the shows grained some really messed up shit in some of the minds of these kids. Being over worked, stressed and not being able to have a child hood will eventually catch up with you. Let's take a moment and check out the list here shall we.........

The Class of Disney High

One of the most famous and I believe one of the most messed up........Brittney Spears.....I for one never like her and never understood her talent yes the bitch can dance but singing sorry not so much. She had a total nervous breakdown was diagnosed as bio polar and now is on a lifetime cocktail of pills and if you really look into her eyes you can see that she is medicated. The scary smile is also a huge hint that she is in la la land most of the time. She will never get back the innocence she lost during her huge working years. Remember be careful what you wish for........

Demi Lovato man this little girl has gone through allot... Nervous breakdown, cutting, anorexia, punched one of her back up dancers right in the face and just in general lost her shit all this at the ripe old age of 19.  She got out, she got help and looks like she is doing allot better and looks GREAT.   I am really happy for her and hope she continues down this get it together path. 

  • Lindsay Lohan the list on this chick is way too long to even go in and do. You know of her a promising actress who totally f*cked it up..and is continuing to f*ck up....period!
  • Christina Aguilera she has been so so lately with all her alcohol issues and being a bitch and all. Besides her little Dirty thing she has been pretty much the most well balanced? No?
  • Miley Cyrus.....The jury is still out on this one even through she did straddle a pole at the Teen Choice Awards but hey that is pretty tame compared to some of the other shit some of these dames have gone through. Take a look at the impressionable girls faces in the audience......Mom I want to grow up to be just like Miley...Nice example right!?!

  • Vanessa Hudgens have these little girls not gotten it yet...for being as tech savvy as some of these little darlings are she should have known and been smart enough NOT to take NUDE pics of herself and then sending them out over the big bad waves. Come on girls get a clue already. They will eventually  leak out everyone is in it to make their own $$$

I ask this question over and over again is the price of fame really worth it? 

Feeling the love......