Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A place called a Vacation......Part I

I am BACK folks after 10 days of cruising and checking out Florida we are back and let's say - I need a friggin vacation from the vacation. Why is it every time you come back from what is supposed to be a restful and relaxing vacation you feel more tired than when you left? Besides trying to get my little one and my ass back on schedule the vacation was really kick ASS! We had a good time and I can tell you seeing GG's  face was worth me having to deal with a bunch of pink princesses. Getting to Florida was easy breezy....Can I say that first I LOVE VIRGIN Airline...always on time, always pleasant and they just rock. Non stop flight from SFO to Orlando  about 5 hours and  20 minutes.  I love that my baby traveled like a pro this time around. No crying, no fussing. She got her head set and watched about an hour of Dora on the plane awesome live direct TV and slept for the remainder of the flight. She was perfect on the way there and back. We got to Orlando picked up our SUV and started on the drive to St.Pete Beach to meet family and chillax at the amazing Don Cesar - {thank you honey for being a bigger hotel snob than me yep we are - we worked hard to get here and make no apologies for diggin luxury}.  Besides the amazing environment the history of the hotel is pretty awesome. This pic does not do it justice it was just breathtaking and just so damn relaxing. I could have stayed there all week.

Shot from my umbrella heaven
We saw dolphins and sting rays in the water. Just crystal clear blue water and white sand everywhere you turned. My SIL and her kids were in town so we all met up the next day at the pool and all we did was drink frothy drinks and swim in the pool. As you can see we got taken over by the bucket people....The tres amigos together for a couple of sun filled days....GG's cousins who love to be together.....And hello how cute is this man.....We also had the pleasure of my dad being there as well as my MIL. It was a big ol family reunion!

Now I tried to limit what I ate and drank during my 10 days of bliss but hell man this short rib over risotto to die for!  I could not damn good.....When I saw that sunset the first night total relaxation set in......I was in one of my happy places.

Ahhhhhhhhh Bliss

My loves 
 My daughter was so excited to have daddy for 10 days with my husbands busy work schedule it is sometimes hard for him just to relax. Even on vacation he was working but after the first 3 days he chilled out YAH!
The Gang
My daughter spent so much time in the water the first few days that she literally turned into a get her out of the pool and the ocean was pure torture.......but you know what all that swimming and activity by 8:00 pm she looked like this.......SUCESS...time for mommy to catch up on some reading!

Little blurry mommy had some vino that night
Tomorrow I will fill you in on Part II of the vacation and our road to Disney!


joeh said...

Welcome back!

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Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

I'm jelly, it sounds so nice. My kids love, love, love when my hubs is able to spend every minute with them on vacation. I know what you mean.

Feeling the love......