Friday, October 14, 2011

WTF Friday Week Numero 9......

My affair with Ashton Kutcher...Bet that got your attention....Buon Giorno Belle Donne! We are once again to my favorite time of the week Friday...Friday...Friday and I hope what is becoming your favorite extra on my blog WTF Friday.....Oh yeah baby we got some good shit this week so hold on to your bloomers ladies it is going to be a bumpy ride. If you offend easily do not read on if you don't then have a good time.

  • Dear Mr. Mail Carrier...are you seriously that lazy that you cannot come to my door to let me know that I have to much mail to fit in my box you are literately 10 paces away from my home and you know who I am and obvi know were I live...You are definitely not a Cliff Clavin....You suck
  •  WTF Lindsay Lohan what the hell is going on with your teeth...and you such talent so wasted.....Speed kills 
  •  WTF is wrong with me I watched the movie Showgirls AGAIN *putting head down on table*. This will be my 10th rodeo ride with this movie....Was I a stripper in my past life? This movie is so bad I just slapped myself *slap slap*
  • Did I just see a guy riding a bike and smoking a cigarette? Fo' reals..
  • Tube of hair gel + 2 dogs and a baby = Awesome just awesome enuff said
  •  After the hair gel fur monkey 1 got stung by bee this will be the third time to this event - here is you Benadryl....Bahahahah...I know meanie...but I keep having to shoo her away from that damn bee bar bush....yep I am thinking the Bees are hanging out just like they do in Pixars The Bee Movie...see what kind of thoughts I am dealing with here?
  • WTF ladies this is a play group not the initiation to a friggin country club will you just f*C*eN relax, take the stick out of your asses and smile once and awhile...Try welcoming new moms to the group instead of being rude assholes...remember where supposed to be in this together.

  •  OK if one more person ask me what my little man's name is I am going to deck them- for f*** sakes people my daughter is wearing PINK and ballet shoes are you really that blind? And I don't know....mmmmm maybe because she doesn't look like a boy. 

  • Poor Florence is going to have to get a good spring cleaning once the gang from Jersey Shore leaves...Wow
  • Ewwwwww did I just see a mother take her child's diaper off and have her child pee in the street - I saw this in downtown San Francisco the other day and I am still scratching my head as to why the F she would do this THE KID had a diaper on...why?
    • Jessica Simpson your a beautiful girl with a ton of money what the hell is it with the cut off shorts wearing everyday man com one time to make a change and BTW those shoes don't help the look either
    •  My biggest WTF comes from a very very good friend of mine....She posted this via her FB page and I am helping her share this news. This is what we are feeding our children through some of the school lunch programs -  WTF is wrong with this picture......This qualifies as fresh fruit in the Vallejo Unified School District. This picture doesn't even show the worst of it. The fruit MUSHED in your hands when you picked it up. When the school complained to nutrition services, they were told to serve it anyway. What can we do when the people in charge say, "serve it any way"? If this disgusts you as much as it does me, please share this picture. SOMETHING NEEDS TO CHANGE. 
     Happy Friday Friends..............


    Krissy said...

    I'm your newest visitor from Social Parade on Friday. :) Hopefully you can visit back and follow as well! Have a great weekend!

    Krissy @ Mommy Miscellaneous

    Babaloo said...

    Your cute, adorable daughter is definitely not a dude. I don't understand what's up with parents these days either (re: peeing in the street), yesterday I heard a mom telling what looked to be two 5-6 year olds to "get their shit" out of the car... wtf?

    joeh said...

    Another great WTF Friday.

    The lady in SF is training her baby to be homeless.

    There is a reason I ask "What is your BABY'S name." THough your toddler is NO boy. Of course that is what Cher said.

    Cranky Old Man

    Unknown said...

    I'm definitely wondering about Lindsey Lohen's nasty teeth too. I wish that girl would just go away.

    Fifi said...

    lol...Showgirls!!! hahaha!!
    Them girls and their big fancy nails!! lol!! Ver-sace....

    I needed a good laugh!! Thanks

    Mommy2¢ said...

    Did Lindsay Lohan get stung in the face by one of those bees in your back yard? (fyi... The Bee movie was a DreamWorks production!)LOL;)

    I think you have a secret love crush on Jessie! ;)

    I f*cking hate bitch moms who try and act all "too cool" with the new mom(s) on the block! Our old town was full of them. It's just their way of sizing you up to see if you're gonna be a threat or not; and once they realize you're not then you become worthy. If you are, on the other hand, then they just keep acting like you don't exist. Don't you just wanna punch em in the vag?!

    Jessica Simpson - it's like she got dressed in the dark after 2 bottles of wine.

    You're daughter is adorable!! Whoever is asking what "his" name is clearly needs to have their eyes checked!

    And that fruit! O.M.G!! Call the mf'n health department cuz that's just not right!!

    Michael Ann said...

    Another great WTF Friday! Your daughter does not look like a boy. That person needs glasses. What is Jessica Simpson famous for anymore? She really doesn't DO anything. Lindsay Lohan used to be so pretty with her freckles and red hair. It's all just a shame. Peeing in the street...I've heard it all now. The fruit is HORRIBLE.

    Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

    We must share a brain Bags, I was thinking the same thing about Lindsay's teeth. Though, I am not sure about the Show Girls movie.

    Sheri said...

    I love reading your WTF posts, always! Your daughter is so not a dude! *sigh idiots!

    I wouldn't feed those pears to my dog but maybe Lindsay has been eating them? Or the butt of a donkey, not sure which...

    Unknown said...

    BAHAHAH. I love your WTF posts.

    Melissa Sugar said...

    This is such an awesome blog. I am so happy I found you.

    I am visiting from pay it forward. I will be back to read more after I visit more blogs from the blogfest.

    It is nice to me you.

    S. Yissele said...

    Hi! I like your blog! It's so funny! I'm following your blog & twitter! I hope your visit! Have a great Weekend!


    Jeremy Bates said...

    missed the pay it forward blog, so stopping by fashionably late! nice to meet you :)

    i love this WTF friday week!great idea

    Unknown said...

    I love WTF Friday. I have to address the school lunch issue. We struggled for 2 years with school lunches. (My daughter was home schooled until 3rd grade). At the end of 4th grade, my best friend and I decided to send our kids (4 total) with homemade, organic, vegetarian lunches to school. The food was disgusting and after many hours spent watching kids throw so much food away (and who could blame them?), we couldn't be a part of it any longer. Did you watch Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution? It was a huge eye opening for a lot of people.

    I know it's not always easy to get up early (or do it the night before) to make your kids lunch with healthy and creative food; but it's worth it. I think that the only way to reach the school food industry is to take away their customers.

    Do a co-op with other moms. Get 5 moms together and you each take a day. That day, pack healthy lunches for all the kids and take a rest the other 4 days. Just ideas I've thrown out to other moms.

    Feeling the love......