Friday, January 6, 2012

WTF Friday......

Another week another WTF I am feeling a especially spicy and somewhat bitter this morning. Perche{why in Italian} you may ask? Because 42 years ago I was blessed with a VIP  pass to live on this awesome planet.  42 friggin years ago on this day I was born. I feel great but all that is going through my head is......42 your f*ckin old, botox, social security, face lift, walker, neck job, pre menopausal weight gain.....ect...ect...
So if I am extra bitter just humor me. Today I will be working out extra hard then I am off with my LDG to get my mani/pedi on....I love my gals at the nail salon they watch over my little one while  get some massage chair action and a little bit of ahhhh.  I am also trying to get my mind off that tomorrow I have my annual boob lube check up. This will be my second mammogram {I started at 40 and I suggest everyone does} but it always freaks me out a few days ahead and until I get the results. With my family history until I receive news that all is good I am on edge.  This year I am so thankful to have an awesome husband, family and some good choice friends and one beautiful little girl. I am also totally "stoked" that I have gotten to know so many cool people out in bloggy land. Peace

  • WTF...when did I become almost middle aged? When did I get old?

  • Why is it when your in a rush all the friggin traffic lights turn red?
  • Can someone PLEASE tell me WTF has happened to Fergie she used to be this beautiful exotic bad ass and now she looks like all the other plastic inflatable dolls in Hollywood? Stop f*cking with your face.
  • Which brings me to the next subject why the f*ck would you dye your hair blond when you are a killer brunette with blue and or green eyes. WHY? The combo of those two genes are a guys wet dream and such a unusual look.  I am so baffled by this? Once again WHHHHYYYYYY? 

  • Everyone is talking about the mom in Oklahoma  who shot her home invasion intruder - WTF is their to talk about?  She did what she had to do in order to protect herself and her 3 month year old baby. If you believe in guns or not the scum bucket had what was coming to him. The victim said "You have to make a choice, you or him. I chose my son over him,"  And I believe any other mom would have done the same if put in that position. I know I would!  Shit I got a can of Aqua Net, lighter and a pair of scissors all in hiding places in the bathroom just in case I ever need them and caught in a corner. Rock on bad ass mama people are sick and tired of being victims time to make a stand.

  • Why do people always feel the need to one up you?
  • Katie Perry and Russell BIG whopper shocker on that marriage ladies and gentlemen at least they made it to a year. I am so over people who get married just for the hell of it. STOP it!
  • What is wrong with people who adopt animals and then decide they no longer want them when they see how much work it takes to actually have to train and love them. You mean you actually have to walk them? You SUCK!
  • Ladies I make an appt to get my mani/pedi on so don't rush my lady by tapping your foot  when you come in and expect to get your shit done during your lunch break. Give her a break!
  • People who copy other peoples work. Designers in particular damn your a designer come up with your own shit don't go around and take pieces from other credible designers and make something you claim is your own. It will come back to bite you in the arse!

  • And the Dumb Bitch award for the week goes to the below piece of garbage Sarah Burge
the woman known as the "Human Barbie," gave her daughter Poppy a bizarre stocking stuffer this Christmas: a liposuction voucher worth about $11,000.The 7-year-old was reportedly excited about the gift this taken from the Huffington Post.
Of course the 7 year old is friggin excited she is not being raised in a friggin normal atmosphere she has a mother who thinks she is a f*ckin barbie doll and all she sees and hears is plastic surgery this and lipo this of course the little girl thinks this is what she wants and is normal. Shouldn't this kind of shit be some kind of child abuse. WTF is going on in this world?


joeh said...

42? 42 is friggin HOT to an old fart like me!!

Wait, my daughter will be 42 this year....ewwww...nevermind!

Cranky Old Man

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

MB Darling... Happy, happy Birthday!!! I'll wear my boldest lip color today in honor of your MILFy self! Blowing kisses and a BIG Cups Up! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 42 is SO young when you're in my shoes...I'll be a whopping 52 next month...crap!
Anyhow, thank you so much for your honestly brutal posts. You brighten my day with your humor!

Ronni @ Anywhere Is said...


And damn. I'd LOVE that lipo voucher. I actually got a quote for my stomach once. $3400. I'd have a huge amount left over!

And yeah. Traffic lights. Don't even get me started. Piss me off. You'd hate the ones in Chicago. Lord knows I do. They're every block. And while you're stuck at a red one, you can see the next one is green. By the time yours turns green, the next one is red. Imagine dealing with that for several miles. It's enough to make you scream.

Not Winning Mom of the Year said...

Bags, it is offical we do share a brain... I just wrote an entire post on this Sarah Burge and her gift of lipo and breast implants... damn I wish she were my mom. Kidding, so kidding.

Missy said...

Happy birthday to you! 42 is the new 32, so rock it!
I have never really seen the attraction to Fergie, personally. She's got a rockin bod, that's all to me! :)

Andrea said...

Yikes! Easy on the 42! I have been pretending that's not old since October! Our dog eats his own poop! Bleah!

Michael Ann said...

I know, be careful in saying 42 is old, some of us are much older than that! Don't start thinking this way because when you are 50 you will look back and wish you were 42. ENJOY it, you are still young!! And Happy Birthday!

Cyn said...

woohoo happiest 42nd -- i am right behind ya mama!

and 42 is the new 32 so WERK IT ya sexy bitch you!


Irene said...

Happy belated 42 mama! I love your hot sexy ass even though I've never met ya-lol! Thanks for keepin it real. I just turned 42 this past november, s'all good!

Hope you had a great day!

Susan said...

I hope you had the happiest of happy Birthdays MB! You are so smart and funny and I love the hell out of your posts! If I can rock 42 (which I'm pretending is a whole lot further off than it really is) half as well as I know you will, I'll be happy!
Blessings, light, and peace!
75% Hippie

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