Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sex and The City.....

Can SUCK IT!  Don't get me wrong mamcita's I now love the show. I was a late bloomer to the  SATC train.  I never was the one to rush home to watch the show. All I knew is that it was on HBO and that I had allot of friends addicted to it. I believe originally the SATC crack was delivered on Sunday night because I vaguely remember that on Monday mornings that is all the gals and a few dudes were talking about. The girls could not believe I did not watch the show especially since I was so addicted to fashion and I that was the career path I chose. All I heard was.....Can you believe this.....and can you believe what Mr. Big did.......did you see the outfit Carrie was wearing? I was always out of the loop with the conversations during that particular time in my life, I was out living them - OK maybe without the designer clothes and outrageous $20.00 Cosmos but I was in my late late 20's early 30's, separated from my first husband.  I was out living life not home watching it on TV.  I did not start watching the show until one of my friends gave me the series on DVD and spent an entire weekend on the coach doing a  SATC say the least I got hooked.

As much as I love the show I have a problem with the shows over the top inflated paycheck lavish lifestyle. These ladies lived in high rent, high cost city of New York in the late 90's early 2000. I think maybe just maybe the only person that could possibly afford that type of lifestyle in the early episodes was Miranda Hobbes and that is pushing it.  It is f*ckin expensive living in that city or any city for that matter but NYC is on the same living expenditure of SF and all I know is that during that period of time in my life I was lucky to have enough money to scrape together to go out after paying bills and rent. I mean for f*ck sake my hubby and I's first apartment,  right in the mix of the party scene in SF was a 525 sq. foot dump above a club ~ Rent a mere $1,650 a month. I have friends who lived in Manhattan who paid that much and more for a studio so I do not know how Ms. Carrie Bradshaw was writing a sex column for some half assed free newspaper and was able to afford a phat apartment on a very nice street in I assume to be Manhattan - I mean the girl had a closet space bigger than most of the living spaces in New York.
Corporate Lawyer - Average beginning salary $94,000
PR $71,000
Now, don't let me get started on the accessories alone ....I mean REALLY Carrie must make a chunk of change at the paper she worked fo because girl had Fendi baguette bags for every day of the week (1,500 to 3,000 depending on make and model} and what about the Chanel,Gucci's, Choos, Manolo's oh my and WTF?  In real life Carrie would be making  a whopping $35,000 which means her happy ass would not be able to afford the luxury shoes, handbags and clothing she trots all over the city in...even if the she found them at a thrift store and let's face it you never get that lucky at a thrift store. The couture clothing, the endless parties, the VIP passes,the drinks, eating out every night of the week at high end trendy restaurants, bottomless Cosmo's, the cab rides all over town{ I do not believe any of the ladies ever took a subway}, the phat apartments in the best areas in town? It it impossible to live this way unless mama's were flinging their goodies on the side if you know what I mean.

Art Dealer $30,000 plus commission 
Sex column writer $35,000
I know the show is entertainment. But you would not believe how many young women I hear to this day say they want to move to New York and live the SATC life having no idea what is really in store for them. It takes money allot of money *or very rich man*to live the SATC lifestyle ladies so be ready for some major sticker shock if you think that is the reality. I  love the show because it does a pretty good job in portraying the awesome bond between the women but when it comes to the lifestyle sorry to say*shrug* it's some sorry ass bull shit.!

BTW the blue feather hairpiece Carrie wore on her wedding day in the movie is ugly I do not give a shit who the designer was!


Andrea said...

Yes indeed, Unreasonably Glamorous in the City!

Mariebop said...

Maybe they had sugar daddies on the side that we never saw. :P

Mommy Bags said...

It is just sooo far from reality don't get me started on SATC 2 that movie was an embarrassment to our culture. It made us Americans look like complete idiots.

Mommy Nuggets said...

It didn't do any of the cultures it represented a favor!!
Visiting from the Monday Mingle :)
Nice blog!

KERRY said...

It was so ugly it needs a different word!! I am a SATC fan, seen every. single. episode.
I love it, Mr Big, Carrie, Miranda (the other two annoy me a bit) and the 2nd movie was a tad over-rated!!
However, it is and always will be one of my fave shows ever ;)
Glad you caught on slow-coach!!

Feeling the love......