Friday, January 13, 2012

WTF Friday.......

Gang is it just me or we all still trying to get over the Holiday Hangover Funk? I feel like I am trying to dig my way out of allot of "stuff".   I am not a procrastinator but I have been trying to schedule more preschool  appts and I must say I have been unsuccessful. Also I have noticed that it has been kind of quite and slow in BloggyDome. Does this happen around this time of year?   Friday will be spent on getting my paperwork done and cruising and visiting some blogs and reconnecting with some of my peeps. So let's get the ball rolling with some good ol' fashioned WTF's and get the weekend started right. 

  • I know that we all have thought about doing this at one point or another {don't lie you know you have thought about doing this} but you CANNOT DUCT tape your child and then take pics and post them on Facebook. Thinking about and actually doing it are 2 different things. The po po will come and take your ass and your kid away. 
  • Snooki  is coming out with fragrance and clothing line. Who the f*ck wants to smell and look like Snooki?
  • New for Spring fringe rock concert t shirts and feather earrings. WTF I should have never gotten rid of my 80's wardrobe. 
  • Chicks who take bubble baths with full on war paint on their faces? Really 
  • OMG OMG Beyonce has had her baby  STFU ENOUGH already -  seriousely I am going to friggin lose over her and her damn baby already. Heard her security staff were a$$holes to all the other mothers who delivered babies at the same hospital. I guess when you pay 1 million dollars to take over the floor you can do what you want. Money does talk. 
  • Keep your sick toddler at home when he is obviously sick. i.e. leaking green MUCUS , coughing his little butt off , looks glazed over from fever and saying over and over again "mommy I don't feel good" means he is SICK, not teething. 
  • In Georgia a teen tried to kidnap a newborn from local hospital by putting the baby girl in her purse. Wow I am amazed every day by the gall of some people. Can we say I will beat your ass as soon as I get my baby back. 
  • Why is it that no matter what you do you always have that one drawer in your life that never stays clean?  No matter how many times you clean it up. DAMN YOU drawer I will one day conquer you!
  • What the hell do they put in this damn Mr. Clean Magic Eraser  Sponge {and I don't want to know} but this sponge is the shit it cleans anything and everything. Will you marry me?
  • Yesterday I witnessed a customer be a total douche to his waitress.   Why do people feel that is OK to be like that. Does that make you feel like a bigger person? Being a food industry worker is hard ass work.  RESPECT that or next time you might just find a surprise in your soup!

Flo would have checked your shit
  • WTF Really! I would have kicked the ever living balls out of her

Woman bites children at Mountain View bookstore, police say

By Victor Gonzales
Daily News Staff Writer
Posted: 01/12/2012 06:19:29 PM PST
Updated: 01/12/2012 06:19:30 PM PST
A woman bit the faces of two children at a downtown Mountain View bookstore Thursday afternoon, police said.
At 1:02 p.m., a mother told police a woman attacked her two children inside the BookBuyers store at 317 Castro St., Mountain View police spokeswoman Liz Wylie said. The suspect walked up to the toddler and bit her cheek, then bit the cheek of the infant, Wylie said.
The suspect fled, but officers caught her at the Starbucks at 750 Castro St. The mother positively identified the suspect, Wylie said.
The suspect, 46-year-old Polly Beltramo, was arrested on suspicion of felony child abuse and will be transferred to county jail, Wylie said.
Both children were treated at the bookstore by fire department personnel and didn't need to go to a hospital, she said.

  • WTF they just came out with the top most dangerous baby items I have used 4 1/2 out of 5 holy crap bad mommy alert.
  1. Bumbo Baby Seat - Yep had one and my LDG loved it but it was on the list because of falls and skull fractures
  2. Baby Hammock - check 
  3. Warm Mist Humidifiers - check 
  4. Plastic Cover outlets - Chocking hazard 
  5. Crib Bumper - Had for a bit then started reading about SIDS freaked myself out  son I removed it
The below says it all 
Happy Friday 


Alexandra Rose said...

You're so funny. I have that messy drawer in my kitchen. I think it's mandatory. How can someone not have a drawer full of complete crap. That's what makes a house a home.

Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...
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Fifi @ AboutBloggingTime! said...

Haha!! loved it!!

Snooki scent = sex, hairspray, tanning oil, her stuffed animal Crocodilly and the musty odor from their bed sheets, No Thanks! You know they don't wash them nasty ass sheets in the shore house!

Umm, i desperately want a baby too, but I ain't gonna go steal one!! !!

Girl you always have me laughing with your WTF's! Have a lovely weekend!

Caffeinated OC Mommy said...

Darling... I LOVE you!!! xoxo

Michael Ann said...

I would also like to know exactly what is in the MR. Clean sponge. It is some kind of miracle cleaning product!!!

Amee said...

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Mommy2¢ said...

Oh how I've missed you! I'm so behind... geesh! Anyway, the whole Beyonce delivery thing makes me want to effn puke! Who the hell does she think she is?... Eve!!! No human being on this earth (unless you are Eve and basically birthed the beginning of mankind) is THAT important. Sorry! Get The Eff Over Yourself Beyonce! Your music sucks anyway.

Carolina said...

I'm just laughing here at some of the things you just wrote on your post, seriously: Snooki's fragance, omg. Yes we do have a secret place in the closet that is never clean enough, or like my husband says maybe I just have too much stuff...
New follower from MBC. I'd love if you could return the favor

Feeling the love......