Sunday, July 31, 2011


Mmmm...cake pops

Onesie Mania
Neighbor making statement with onesie
I am one tired ass puppy today. Hubby and I hosted a casual baby shower for our neighbor and friend Special K. It was intimate, fun and a good time had by all including LDG. Today I am pooped. My back is not the best so when I over push like I did yesterday my body tends to feel like it was run over by a mack truck the next day which is not a fun feeling. I tend to not pay attention when I pick up heavy items....Note to self  bend with the knees!
However {fancy but} I will work on the kinks by taking it easy today an kickin' my ass into gear at the gym tomorrow.
We had stuffed mushrooms, cheese platter, bruschetta I made a bunch of mini appetizers so everyone had a little something to eat.
My hubby made some killer lamb chop pops - dalish honey and it was topped off by some red velvet cake and yummy cake pops {lovingly made by Special K}. We did some onesie decorating and hung them on a makeshift clothesline with pins that I had placed against the wall - it looked great!

I hope Special K had a good time - next stop on the choo choo train of baby making - delivery. It looks like she is ready to pop and ready for the ride of her life. I get to do this all over again next weekend when planning my sister in laws baby naming ceremony event!

Ohhhhh totally off the subject. HELLLLLOOOO Mary Kate and Ashley  I get the "backpack" is made of a very exotic croc {from their brand the Row} but come on 39,000 for a backpack it is ludicrous. Now I have definitely been guilty in shelling out some dough for handbags {latest splurge Celine} but $39,000 dollars!???!! Come one guys you need to put in your time with the heavy hitters before you can charge that amount for money for a bag.  Also there is a pic of one of the twins with this huge very expensive back pack and she still carrying a bunch of shit in her hand. WTF........ for that amount of money I would use it to carry LDG until she hit puberty. But hey......I guess it is all relative when you are worth 1 billion dollars.

Happy Sunday......Peeps


mamma rock said...

Thank you for all of your hard work. It was awesome! Lamb chop pops were yummy too. Thank you and hubby for being such good friends to Special K and her hubby.


PS make sure that you do Core exercises to help your back.

Ciao Mama's said...

Thanks....will be starting yoga back up again I have been all about cardio for last few months

Felina Baltazar said...

Cute onesies! New follower from bloggymoms. :)

Ciao Mamas said...

Thank you Felina....I am also a new follower to your blog. Love the post on Lavender it is the BEST!

Feeling the love......