Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It is unbelivable to me....

last night I was cruising cable after putting LDG to bed and because their was a limited selection on the "tele" I started to watch Juliana and Bill {I know shoot me}. On this particular episode Juliana is going through a very painful IVF procedure.....I mean painful. After she is done with the treatment she is required to go home and rest for a bit. During the time that she is at home during bed rest she starts to hemorrhage and is rushed to the emergency. Flash forward and we find out that during the IVF egg retrieval procedure the very long and sharp needle punctured her uterus and she started to bleed internally....Whoa that is intense. After the episode I sat there and thought....WOW look at the pain, time and emotional roller coaster ride a woman will go through in order to have a child...and we have certain mothers/fathers out there who can dispose of a baby like it was garbage. I watched the news this morning{which I am going to stop doing it has gotten sooooo depressing} and they had a father they had just arrested who dropped his son on top of a hot stove, some crackhead a few weeks ago decided to place her small baby in a microwave and this morning some mother decided it would be fun to go on a crime spree with her 4 month old baby. Who the hell does things like this? Oh...... and let's not forget the award for mother of the year. Casey Anthony...If you believe she was guilty or not guilty of her crime the matter still remains the same..... she did not report her child missing for 31 friggin days while she was out partying and living it up. I still do not believe she is out...I am going to stop right here because just the mention of her name makes my blood boil!

Anyway.....LDG will test my patience on a daily basis, she can drive me crazy on some days and I am quick to yell on others,  but I have to remember that I am one lucky SOB to have this little human in my life.

Mama loves you baby!

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